[Cinderella]Chapter 10 – Inner Ghost

  Xiao Su was in the back alley at the time, about to enter through the back door, when he heard someone set off firecrackers on the third floor, thinking that Brother Jie and Lao Zhao were celebrating something again. I ran in quickly, and as soon as I entered the back kitchen, I saw a man in black bumped up, covered in blood.

  ”Ah!”, Xiao Su shouted!

  But the man in black fell to the ground, motionless.

  ”Hey! The man in black downstairs, what’s going on! The smoke is rising upstairs, what’s the situation?!”, Xiao Su shouted to the third floor.

  ”Call the police! Block the scene!…” Lao Zhao shouted.

  The employees lying under the table got up one after another and started calling the police.

  Xiao Su quickly ran up to the third floor, only to see a mess. Wang Bingbing was hugging Brother Jie and crying, “Brother Jie! Brother Jie! Wake up Brother Jie!…”

  Old Zhao Qiang pressed his thigh and inserted a knife into it.

  ”What’s wrong with Brother Jie!!”, Xiao Su threw himself down beside the two of them, only to see blood dripping from Brother Jie’s body. Look at the computer room, the smoke is billowing!

  Wang Bingbing sobbed and said, “Someone destroyed the computer room, and even killed Brother Jie!”

  ”What!!” Xiao Su’s eyes widened!

  I saw six holes on Brother Jie’s body, three on his back, two on his butt, and one on his legs. The three holes below are spraying blood!

  Brother Jie took a deep breath, regained his senses, and turned his head with a strong smile, “The bulletproof vest that Lao Zhao bought is reliable! Should I wear bulletproof pants for Mao?”

  ”Brother Jie…!” When Wang Bingbing saw that Brother Jie was awake, she hugged him tightly and burst into tears, “Brother Jie, why are you standing in front of me, woo woo…? Brother Jie…”

  Outside the building, sirens blared, and several police cars and ambulances arrived.

  Xiao Su probed and saw that a team of special police had rushed downstairs and ran up to the third floor.

  Two young men in black suits led the team upstairs, looked left and right, and when they saw this, they immediately shouted, “Quick! Send first aid!”

  A group of special police immediately put away their guns and came up to carry Jie Ge and Lao Zhao downstairs.

  ”Brother Jie…Brother Jie…!” Wang Bingbing followed.

  The two men carefully checked the situation at the scene. One was tall and thin, black and black, with thick eyebrows and big eyes, and a work card hung on his chest, “Severe Crime Unit: Wu Zhongqi”. He was turning his head and shouting downstairs, “Don’t move! Protect the scene!”

  The other person is of medium build, with a muscular body and a flat head and a square face. At first glance, he is the type that can fight and kill. He was stepping up to shake Xiao Su’s hand, “I’m the leader of the serious crime team, He Dan. When did you arrive at the crime scene and what was the situation?”

  Xiao Su truthfully explained her experience, pointing to the man in black in the kitchen downstairs, and the two of them went downstairs and hurriedly called.

  Turning to look at the blue smoke coming out of the computer room, Xiao Su covered her mouth and nose with her sleeve and rushed in.

  ”Damn it!” Half of the small computer room was blown up, and the service center stopped working.

  He hurriedly ran to Brother Jie’s office next door, turned on the computer and checked the official website of Sogo, it was Offline! !

  ”It’s over!” Xiao Su collapsed on the chair, anxious.

  Turning his eyes, he found a business card in his bag, and called Lu Xiaofu overnight, “Hello! Xiaofu!”

  ”Maori Su? What are you doing in the middle of the night? I sell computers, not Viagra.” Xiaofu’s voice came from the phone.

  ”Damn it! The company’s computer room was bombed! Get up immediately and help me get a server, IBM, DELL’s high-end configuration, fifty units!”, Xiao Su shouted into the phone.

  ”Fuck, Oli’s computer room was bombed? Really?”

  ”It’s not Oli, it’s a long story, first help me find a way to get the goods, no matter how many, and immediately ship them to the Sanying network next to Oli.”

  ”Ah? Okay, I’ll try my best!”



  Xiao Su hung up the phone and rushed to the kitchen on the first floor. Sir He and Sir Wu of the serious crime team were taking pictures to check the dead man in black.

  ”The man in black’s equipment is very high-end, and he uses the latest projection invisibility device.” Sir He took off the man in black’s clothes and checked it, and said.

  ”Projection stealth device?” Xiao Su touched his head, looking confused.

  ”Yes, that is to take pictures of the surrounding environment in advance and store it in the device. Then the device can project a simulated environment to block the person carrying the device. But this device is very inhumane, it is installed inside the body, Several transformation operations have to be done, so these people are all dead servants and don’t want to die.” Sir He should have a lot of research and experience in high-tech criminals.

  ”This man’s face has been disfigured, and he is a professional killer. Only through DNA testing can we know who he is. But he doesn’t look like someone from your company, right?” said Wu Sir, taking off the mask of the man in black.

  ”So what?” Xiao Su was frightened in a cold sweat.

  ”So, there is an internal response in the company. The environment in the company was filmed in advance and given to him.” He said firmly.

  ”Damn it!”, Xiao Su collapsed to the ground in fright, “There are ghosts in the company!!??”

  ”On the third floor, there are only a few people, who would be the inner ghost? Apart from himself, Brother Jie and Lao Zhao, there are only Yifei, Bingbing and a few waiters. The waiters just came up to deliver a dish, and these two A weak woman, she doesn’t look like that.” Xiao Su pondered in her mind.

  ”Can I go? Go to the hospital to see my brothers.” Xiao Su asked after straightening her clothes.

  ”Okay, we’ll go to the hospital to make a record. Damn, at a critical moment, another case happens. I just got a big fish to be hooked!” .

  Xiao Su walked out of the kitchen and saw Lao Jianliang who was busy. He grabbed him and shouted, “Xiao Lao, you are in charge. Immediately repair the electrical and network cables and prepare for the resumption of operations!”

  ”Don’t worry, we have already started rush repairs!” Lao Jianliang shouted with a gray face, holding a pile of network cables and wires in his hands.

  Xiao Su walked out of Sanying Network Company quickly and patted the dust on her body.

  After asking the whereabouts of the ambulance, he called a car and chased after him.

  Arriving at the hospital, as soon as I went upstairs, I saw Old Zhao Zhu standing in the aisle with crutches.

  ”Are you all right?” Xiao Su asked, looking up and down.

  ”It’s okay, just a knife was inserted, the artery was not injured, and after a few stitches, I can move around.” Lao Zhao looked at the ward calmly.

  Xiao Su turned his head and saw that Brother Jie was lying on the hospital bed, and Wang Bingbing was feeding him, a scene of affection, like glue, and love.

  ”What’s the matter with Brother Jie? He can still eat, shouldn’t he be seriously injured?”, Xiao Su asked softly.

  ”Six bullets, two on the bulletproof vest, one on the shoulder, two on the butt, and one on the left side of the face. Like me, a knife was stabbed in the leg,” Lao Zhao said in a low voice. .

  ”Damn it, I was a false alarm. I thought he was going to die, and his life was huge.” Xiao Su breathed a sigh of relief.

  Xiao Su put her head to Lao Zhao’s ear, and told him the situation on the scene and the preliminary analysis of the serious crime team in a soft voice.

  Lao Zhao’s eyes widened, and the two stared at Wang Bingbing from outside.

  Lao Zhao said softly, “The inner ghost can’t be Yifei. Yifei has known each other before the establishment of Sanying Network, and from the performance in bed, there should be no problem. We are also truly in love.”

  ”Also, my gun is loaded with bullets. When I picked up the pistol and pulled the trigger today, the bullet was gone!”

  ”Then, it can only be this Wang Bingbing.” Xiao Su said softly.

  ”But there is no evidence, and you were not there just now. Under the gun, this Wang Bingbing stood in front of Brother Jie recklessly, blocking the bullets without hesitation. Now the two of them are close to each other, like glue inside, no matter how you look at it, it doesn’t look like it.”, Lao Zhao whispered in Xiao Su’s ear.

  The two pondered deeply, looking at Wang Bingbing in the ward, puzzled.

  Xiao Su walked in slowly, Bingbing was cleaning up the garbage after Brother Jie finished eating, looked up and smiled, “You guys talk, I’m going to wash the dishes first.” and went out.

  ”Bingbing, thank you for taking care of you so thoughtfully.” Lao Zhao outside the door praised with a smile.

  ”This is what I should do, you should pay more attention to rest.” Bingbing answered politely outside the door.

  Xiao Su looked at Brother Jie’s happy face, and really couldn’t bear to tell him suspicious events without evidence. He swallowed what he was about to say.

  ”What’s the situation in the company?” Brother Jie asked while lying on the bed, tilting his head.

  ”Half the computer room was blown up, the source server stopped working, and the website is Offline.” Xiao Su replied helplessly, bowing his head.

  ”Damn it! Carry me back to the office!” Brother Jie shouted while lying on his stomach.

  ”You rest first, I have purchased a new server, which will arrive soon today. Lao Jianliang is already repairing the company’s lines and network. I will carry you back to the office in the afternoon.” After Xiao Su finished speaking, he walked out of the ward and prepared to go back to deal with it. Servers etc. work.

  ”Strengthen the security, no idlers will enter, upgrade the equipment!”, Brother Jie’s roar came from behind.

  As soon as he walked out of the ward, he suddenly found eight policemen standing at the door, “What’s the situation?!”, Xiao Su asked.

  ”Protect the client.” Sir Wu of the serious crime team turned around and said. It turned out that they went to the hospital afterwards.

  Seeing that Sir He and Sir Wu entered the ward and talked to Brother Jie, Xiao Su quickly left the hospital with confidence.

  Back at Sanying Network Company, came to the third floor, and watched Lao Jianliang lead everyone busy, Xiao Su was very pleased.

  ”Maori Su is cutting!?” Xiaofu’s voice came from downstairs.

  Xiao Su probed and looked at it, “All servers have been brought up! How many?!”

  ”38 units! That’s all there are in the warehouses in the whole city!” Xiaofu shouted downstairs.

  ”Alright, come on up!”

  ”Got it!”

  The entire Sanying network is busy up and down, rushing to repair the data center, racing against time, and every second is a huge loss.

  ”Fuck, the computer room was bombed like this?! Have you fought here before?” Xiaofu walked into the computer room with a server and shouted in surprise.

  ”Stop talking nonsense, quickly help to pull the network cable!” Xiao Su held the network cable pliers, lowered her head and counted carefully, orange, white, blue, white, green, white, brown and white.

  Hearing the commotion downstairs, Xiao Su went out to take a look.

  A group of people, carrying Brother Jie, has come back and carried them up to the third floor.

  Brother Jie lay on the stretcher and was carried into the office swayingly.

  A group of people put Brother Jie directly on the ground, and then hurriedly removed the computer keyboard from the desk and put it on the ground.

  Brother Jie just lay on the ground and immediately started to resume operations.

  Wang Bingbing rushed over from the guest room, holding the quilt in his hand and gently covering Brother Jie, for fear that he would catch a cold.

  Xiao Su was deeply moved by this scene. He felt that he should not doubt Wang Bingbing, how much she loved Brother Jie. There must be someone else inside.

  Brother Jie turned his head and gave Xiao Su a look. Xiao Su stepped forward quickly and leaned closer to his head.

  ”In the wine cabinet in the secret room, there is a hard disk, which is a backup of the core source code. Take it out carefully and connect it to the server.” Brother Jie said softly in Xiao Su’s ear.

  Xiao Su nodded, hurried out the door, walked into the men’s bathroom, looked around, saw no one, quickly opened the secret door on the wall, and got in.

  Finally, after more than ten hours of collective efforts, the source server returned to normal and went online again. The synchronization of each cloud server was completed and operations were completely restored.

  Everyone was tired and lay on the ground, resting for a while and continuing to finish the work.

  There was a commotion downstairs, Xiao Su got up and looked around. Old Zhao Zhu came back with a cane, with ten soldiers holding AK47 behind him.

  ”What’s the situation!” Xiao Su shouted from the third floor.

  With a cigarette in his mouth, Lao Zhao raised his head and smiled calmly, “Mercenary!”

  ”Damn it! This is going to be a war?!” Xiaofu shouted in surprise from the side.

  I saw a burly man, looking around the company’s internal structure and environment, and slowly walked up to the third floor. This person has thick eyebrows, big eyes, attractive ears, white teeth, and simple curly hair.

  Walking to Brother Jie, who was lying on the ground, he said calmly, “I’m the commander of the mercenary army, Liu Bo, just call me Lao Liu. I’m in charge of your safety.

  Brother Jie looked up, nodded with satisfaction, and raised a big mother finger.

  The next day, the major media news exploded.

  The core computer room of Sanying Network was attacked, and the AI ​​search technology stopped working for ten hours. The field of AI technology has become a battleground for military strategists.

  Xiao Su, who was busy and exhausted, held the newspaper in his hand and walked slowly to his office of the Internet Department. It was already an afternoon, and he had come to submit his resignation letter.

  He casually passed by the marketing manager’s office and looked inside, Yifei was not there.

  ”Where’s your marketing manager Yifei?” Xiao Su grabbed someone and asked.

  ”The manager suddenly asked for leave and said something happened at home.”

  Xiao Su nodded and thought, “Well, it makes sense. If she still shows up in the office, it means that there is something wrong with the relationship with Lao Zhao.”

  There was a lot of chatter behind his back, and he pricked up his ears to listen.

  ”Hassenin. Yesterday there were gunshots and explosions.”

  ”Where? When?”

  ”It’s the building of the Haobuhao Western Restaurant where we often go to eat.”

  ”A lot of police cars, ambulances, and anti-terrorist units are here!”

  ”Well, it seems to be called Sanying Network now.”

  ”I heard that the boss used to open a western restaurant and changed careers.”


  Xiao Su walked into his network department, everyone was working hard, but Wang Baihe, who was beside him, looked at him with a smile and pointed to his desk.

  Xiao Su glanced at her and sat down at the desk inexplicably, with an envelope on the table.

  When he opened the envelope and saw that it was an invitation, Xiao Su’s eyes suddenly blurred.

  The wedding invitation of Mr. Zhou Shijun and Miss Zhang Nini!

  Xiao Su wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes, forcing herself not to shed tears, so embarrassing.

  There is a string of words on the back of the invitation. This handwriting is familiar to Xiao Su.

  ”Let’s see how I look in my wedding dress”

  Tears still flowed, uncontrollable. Xiao Su secretly wiped away her tears, sorted out her emotions, and turned her head to look at Wang Baihe next to her.

  To his surprise, Wang Baihe also wiped away the tears from the corners of his eyes with a look of sadness.

  Xiao Su Bai was puzzled.

  To be continued…

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