[Cinderella]Chapter 11 – Giants grudge

  Xiao Su took out an envelope from her bag, threw it on Wang Baihe’s desk, and said simply, “Give it to Jay Chou!”

  Wang Lily was manicuring her nails and squinting, “Resignation Letter”, three words.

  ”Hmph.” There was a discriminatory sneer at the corner of his mouth, “Useless thing.”

  Xiao Su couldn’t understand Wang Baihe’s meaning at all, just casually, they have problems with their brains anyway. Turned around and walked out of the office, leaving Ori. Walked into Sanying Network Company from the main entrance and officially returned to the team.

  There are gun security guards at the entrance of the company, and the thick company gate is like a fortress.

  In the whole Sanying company, the top and bottom are busy, working and decorating. Xiao Su looked up and saw that bulletproof glass and explosion-proof doors had already been installed on the third floor, which was amazing.

  The commander of the mercenary army, Liu Bo, was sitting on the sofa on the first floor and playing games with a few team members. The whole company operates like a military base.

  Walking up to the third floor, old Zhao Zheng and Yi Fei were enjoying afternoon tea. Turning to see Xiao Su, he laughed loudly, “Haha! Xiao Su! The ten billion investment has arrived!”

  ”Damn it, no wonder it’s so extravagant!” Xiao Su was full of joy.

  Turning to look, Brother Jie was lying on the ground, just like lying on the beach by the sea, drinking a drink and typing a code. Wang Bingbing is cutting fruit on the side, a harmonious and happy scene.

  There was a sound of footsteps behind, “Who are you looking for?”, the security guard on the second floor asked.

  ”We are He Dan and Wu Zhongqi from the serious crime team. We are talking to your boss about the case.”

  ”Okay, please.”

  I saw He Sir and Wu Sir from the serious crime team came to the third floor with a report in their hands.

  ”The DNA analysis report has come out. This man in black is a member of a terrorist organization, a branch of mercenaries.” Sir He raised the report in his hand and said to Jie Ge, who was lying on the ground.

  ”It’s basically certain that it was hired by someone to perform a mission. The goal was to destroy the computer room and kill people.” Sir Wu said, pointing to the computer room.

  ”Who is behind the scenes?” Lao Zhao asked, handing over two glasses of wine.

  ”People are already dead, so there is no way to investigate. But the employer must be a wealthy person. Hiring these people costs a lot.” Sir He took the glass and said.

  ”I think your current security measures are very good, and ordinary thieves can’t get in.” Sir Wu calmly took a sip of wine and sighed.

  ”Then let’s go first. If there is any progress, I will come back again. I have to go fishing.” Sir He put the wine glass, turned and left with Sir Wu.

  Xiao Su turned around and sent the two downstairs, “Thank you for your help.”

  ”We can’t help much, you still have to rely on yourself. If something really happened, by the time we arrived, the game was already over. We were just here to clean up the battlefield.” Sir He replied calmly.

  Xiao Su said goodbye to the two Sirs from the serious crime team, went back to the third floor and sat down, picked up a piece of watermelon, and bit it sadly.

  ”Let’s go, Manager Su.” Yifei got up and straightened her evening dress, said.

  ”What?” Xiao Su was inexplicable.

  Yifei looked surprised, “Ah! Manager Su! Today is a big day for the children of the two presidents. Have a wedding! Zhou Shijun and Zhang Nini, you are the department managers, have you always received invitations?”

  Xiao Su lowered her head, not wanting to go to this sad wedding at all. But he recalled Nini’s words: Come and see what I look like in a wedding dress.

  So, he got up and went downstairs with Yifei. He wanted to keep Nini’s most beautiful appearance in his heart forever.

  The two came to the banquet hall on the third floor of Oli. The hall was already full of people, and the decoration was romantic and warm. The banquet was already prepared and full of friends. There are at least a hundred tables of banquets in this scene.

  A sharp voice came from behind, Xiao Su turned around and saw that it was Zhou Junan.

  ”Ah, Nini, I have watched her grow up since I was a child. In my heart, she has long been part of our Zhou family. I hate that today’s happy day is too late. It should have been done a long time ago.” Zhou Junan Yelling at a bunch of people.

  Turning around again, the two chairman of the board, Zhou Quan and Zhang Liang, were sitting on the main table toasting.

  Yifei sat down and chatted with her colleagues next to her. Xiao Su looked down and saw that there was a guest list on the banquet table with Fang Yifei on it. The handwriting was familiar. He picked up the name tag and saw it was Nini’s handwriting. This list was handwritten by Nini, but without him ‘s name.

  This is impossible! Xiaosu searched for a table by table, and finally found a name that looked like his own on the table closest to the stage. He picked up the nameplate and looked at it, which said four words: “My Xiaosu”

  Xiao Su’s eyes suddenly blurred, and there were tears in his eyes. He resisted it, sat down as if nothing had happened, and secretly wiped the corners of his eyes.

  The noisy banquet hall suddenly became quiet, and the two ace emcees of the company came on stage and started chattering clichés.

  The lights gradually dimmed, and four stage searchlights were aimed at the entrance gate behind.

  ”Next, we invite our groom to the stage. He is the only son of our company chairman Zhou, Mr. Zhou Shijun!”

  Everyone in the audience stood up and turned to look at the entrance gate.

  I saw Zhou Shijun in a white suit, holding flowers in his hands, and walked over with a serious expression and walked to the stage. Under the praise and flattery of the emcee, there was no smile, and he was calm and serious.

  ”Next, we invite our bride to the stage. He is the only daughter of Chairman Zhang of our company, Miss Zhang Nini!”

  Everyone turned to look at the entrance gate. Xiao Su took a step forward and stretched his neck, but there was no one at the gate for a long time.

  Just when everyone felt a little strange and began to whisper and whisper, Nini slowly appeared at the door.

  Four stage searchlights were aimed at her, a pure and elegant white wedding dress, pale red lips, eyebrows like green feathers, muscles like snow, waist like a bunch of plain, teeth like shells, but her hands were empty, what? Neither took.

  Nini was walking slowly over. Take a few steps, stop for a while, walk a few steps, stop for a while, everyone feels very strange.

  Under the strong light of the searchlight, Xiao Su could clearly see the corners of Nini’s eyes, with tears flashing.

  I saw Nini walking slowly to Xiao Su’s side, turning her head to look at him, tears welling up in her eyes, but she couldn’t help but two tears rolled down from her eyes.

  Xiao Su felt sad for a while, her vision blurred.

  At this moment, Nini’s eyes suddenly widened, her brows furrowed, and she punched Xiao Su’s chest.

  ”Wow…” There was an uproar in the audience!

  Immediately afterwards, Nini raised her hand again and punched it down again!

  These two blows opened up Xiao Su’s second line of Rendu! passionate!

  When Nini raised her hand again, Xiao Su grabbed her hand, turned around abruptly, pulled her and ran out!

  ”Ah…” The audience was shocked!

  I saw the two holding hands and quickly ran out of the banquet hall. There was a commotion in the banquet hall, all kinds of discussions, all kinds of guesses, all kinds of surprised expressions, and all kinds of panicked departures.

  As soon as the two ran out of the banquet hall, Xiao Su suddenly felt that the back was sinking and could no longer pull, so she turned to look.

  Zhou Shijun was holding Nini’s hand, staring, frowning, panting and shouting, “Nini, you can’t go! The world will be in chaos!”

  ”I don’t care!…” Nini violently shook off Zhou Shijun’s hand, and Zhou Shijun took a few steps back.

  The two turned around and continued to run away!

  ”Security! Stop the two of them!” Zhou Shijun’s roar came from behind.

  I saw more than a dozen security guards, swarming up and chasing after them.

  The two quickly rushed down the stairs and ran down a hallway leading to the back door.

  He ran to the end in one breath, turned right and pushed the door.

  But this door has been locked! Xiao Su kicked a few times, but the door didn’t move.

  A group of security guards are rushing downstairs, it’s over!

  Just in the nick of time, a calm voice came from behind, “Get out of the way.”

  The two turned their heads and looked, Wang Lily!

  I saw Wang Lihe holding a bunch of keys in his hand, calmly opened the door slowly, turned to look at Xiao Su, and smiled slightly, “Don’t thank me, I’m just helping myself.”

  Although the two were confused, they had no time to think about it, and ran out the door.

  While running, Xiao Su glanced back. I saw Wang Baihe looking at the two of them with a smile, and slowly closed the door.

  Xiaosu pulled Nini and quickly ran to the alley behind Sanying Network, and sneaked in through the back kitchen door.

  As soon as they entered the door, the two embraced and kissed. A group of cooks were chopping vegetables and cooking. Seeing this sudden situation, they were dumbfounded and stiff there.

  It wasn’t until the smell of burnt meat started to fill the kitchen that everyone came to their senses.

  The two kissed like no one else!

  The next day, the major newspapers exploded again! Headline headline: Oli’s marriage failed, and the grievances of the giants resurfaced.

  Nini took the newspaper and sat on Xiao Su’s lap, and the two of them had breakfast in the living room on the third floor.

  Brother Jie was lying on the ground and calmly typing on the keyboard. This kind of ending was long in his expectation. He had already known Nini’s true identity through Zhou Shijun’s computer, but he just didn’t want to tell Xiao Su for fear of seriously hurting his enthusiasm.

  When Nini just appeared in the network department as an intern, Brother Jie understood at a glance that this girl is Xiao Su’s dish, and there must be a story.

  This is also the reason why Xiao Su stayed in Oli. Brother Jie had a glimmer of hope in his heart at the beginning. Now, hope has come true, the best of both worlds.

  Lao Zhao got up, rubbed his eyes, and came to the living room. Seeing this situation, he suddenly woke up.

  This, isn’t this Ori’s princess! Without saying a word, he immediately sat down and picked up the computer.

  ”The market value is one trillion, half is 500 billion, and the other half is 250 billion. Wow! The company is going to make a fortune now!”

  The two turned their heads to see him smirking alone, confused.

  ”Introduction, this is Lao Zhao, Yiying from Sanying Company, and Fang Yifei’s boyfriend.” Xiao Su pointed at the smirk.

  ”Hello, Lao Zhao.” Nini got up and said politely.

  Lao Zhao got up quickly, took a step forward, held Nini’s hand and said, “We are waiting for your investment, you can buy it.”

  Nini looked confused and turned to look at Xiao Su, speechless and helpless.

  Fang Yifei took the newspaper and ran up to the third floor panting, just about to tell everyone that there was a big event. Suddenly seeing Nini in front of her, she suddenly became quiet, threw the newspaper on the table, and calmly sat down and took a sip of tea. She knew that she didn’t need to announce it any more, she already knew it.

  ”Manager Su, I can’t think of it. You really hide it! I’m in the same company, I didn’t know it at all!” Yifei teased happily while pouring tea.

  ”Yifei, how is my dad? What happened next?” Nini asked anxiously.

  Yifei took a sip of tea and moistened her throat, “Then the audience was in chaos. Jay Chou suffered a heart attack and was sent to the hospital. Zhou Shijun was furious and came back and overturned the table! With the news just this morning, Zhou Quan failed to He was rescued and passed away. Zhou Shijun inherited the family business.”

  ”Ah!!? What about my dad?!” Nini shouted.

  ”Director Zhang has nothing to do, he was drinking happily, and this morning he announced to sell all his personal shares and retire from the arena.” Yifei felt that all of this was unbelievable.

  ”Then now, the entire Oli belongs to Zhou Shijun alone?!!” Xiao Su shouted in surprise.

  ”Yes! That’s true. A lot of job advertisements were released today, and there are even hackers and crack experts. It seems that Zhou Shijun has made a big move.” Yifei took out a bunch of information from her bag and threw it on the table superior.

  Everyone picked up the data and looked at it. I rely on! What is this for? Recruit the world’s top hackers and crack experts.

  ”Big event!”, I saw Lao Jianliang rushed up again with a newspaper.

  Ouli’s share price was cut in half, and the stock market was turbulent.

  ”It seems that this Zhou Shijun is going crazy, and he is probably going to kill people and set fire to them.” Xiao Su shook his head helplessly, looking at the newspaper and said.

  Brother Jie knocked on the floor and said, “You two, come here, let’s have a meeting, we have to hurry up.”

  Sanying Network has resumed operations again. With the investment funds in place and a large number of online advertisements, the market share of users soared to 88%. Brother Jie is responsible for the technical core, Lao Zhao is responsible for market operations, and Xiao Su is responsible for company management. The three worked together, and the company’s performance improved by leaps and bounds.

  Soon, the headlines of the major newspapers came again. Sogoose engine, the latest breakthrough in artificial AI. New products, Sogo system, artificial AI to manage your computer, man-machine integration.

  Zhou Shijun slapped the newspaper on the table fiercely. Pointing to the newly recruited hackers and cracking experts in front of the table, “What are your countermeasures?”

  After a few discussions, a strategic report was produced and submitted to Zhou Shijun.

  I saw him holding a thick report, the corner of his mouth cracked, revealing an evil smile. He took a deep breath and let out a few circles leisurely.

  Soon, major newspapers, major media, and various expert interviews had two different voices.

  Against artificial intelligence! Oppose the Sogo AI system, kidnapping human thinking and stealing personal privacy. Artificial intelligence will destroy humanity.

  Support artificial intelligence! Support Soge AI system to facilitate human life and share human information. Artificial intelligence will evolve humans.

  Demonstrations also took place in major cities, with huge crowds at the gates of the government, shouting slogans. Ask the government to step in to regulate anti-human research and development in private enterprise.

  At the door of Sanying Network, a host took the microphone and asked Brother Jie, “So, as the CEO of the company, can you talk about the future prospects of artificial intelligence?”

  Jie Ge, who had recovered from his body, stood there calmly, “Artificial intelligence is like other tools of human beings, it is just a tool. Tools can help human beings to complete their work conveniently, or they can destroy human beings. Artificial intelligence itself is not a problem, the problem is How humans use it.”

  Soon, the headlines of the major newspapers were fried again.

  Musk announced at a press conference that he would invest in the Sogo AI system to jointly promote the development of human science and technology.

  Zuckerberg announced at a press conference that he would invest in the Sogo AI system to jointly promote the development of human social interaction.

  Soon, the company received invitation letters from the world’s top rich people to discuss detailed investment plans.

  Sanying Company, the top and bottom are rejoicing. Celebration banquet for three days in a row. Afterwards, Lao Zhao and Xiao Su set off to go abroad to discuss detailed investment plans.

  At the airport, a private jet is warming up its engines.

  ”Your visit this time is related to the important strategic development of the company in the future. You are also the core figures of the company, you must pay attention to safety.” Brother Jie and Lao Zhao Xiaosu hugged and said goodbye respectively.

  ”Don’t worry, I will take good care of them.” Nini dragged a large suitcase onto the plane.

  Several people waved goodbye after getting on the plane. The plane accelerated and ran on the runway, slowly rose, and disappeared into the night sky.

  Unexpectedly, the company has grown so fast, and in a blink of an eye, it has changed from a western restaurant to a large international enterprise.

  If this investment is negotiated, the next big move will be. To rent a larger office building, more security, more advanced equipment.

  The third floor of the company was unusually quiet, and now there are only two people left, Brother Jie and Wang Bingbing.

  A pair of slender hands hugged Brother Jie from behind, and a gentle voice came from his ears, “Want something to eat? I’ll go down and make it for you.”

  The pink lips rubbed against Jie Ge’s cheeks. Dry wood and fire, love between men and women, on the verge of breaking out, hugging each other and kissing each other, the wind and the moon are always new.

  To be continued…

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