[Cinderella]Chapter 12 – Terrorist Attack

  ”Who are you looking for?” asked Liu Bo, commander of the mercenary army on the first floor.

  ”Is Maori Su here? I’m Xiaofu. Send me some servers.”

  ”Someone! Move something.” Liu Bo turned his head and shouted.

  Lao Jianliang and a few people came over immediately and helped move more than a dozen servers to the office on the third floor.

  Brother Jie got up, counted the server and kept records, “Thank you for your hard work, Xiaofu, right?”

  ”Yes! Where’s Maurice?”

  ”He went on a business trip abroad to talk business.”

  ”Oh, okay, then please, pass this to him.” He slightly took out a pair of strange glasses from his bag.

  ”A pair of glasses?” Brother Jie weighed curiously.

  ”No, this is a toy, you can try it with you. It can analyze the muscles and physique of the human body, find anti-analog signals, and anti-invisibility. It can also watch people naked.” Xiaofu read the instructions one by one.

  ”So amazing?” Brother Jie took off his glasses and put them on.

  ”Yeah, new products are only available on the black market. Maurisu mentioned to me last time that there is something that can be anti-invisibility. This is the thing, try it out, it’s multi-functional.”

  ”I rely on, there is a combat power estimate, show your combat power, 35!” Brother Jie said in slight surprise.

  Then he turned to look at Lao Jianliang, who was busy moving things on the ground, “Damn it, fighting strength 33!”

  Then he looked up at Liu Bo, the mercenary commander standing beside him, “Fuck me, the combat power is 250!”

  ”This toy is awesome, is it reliable?” Jie Ge asked in surprise.

  ”I don’t know, try it out, it’s just a toy.”

  Wang Bingbing walked into the office with tea, Brother Jie pressed the naked mode of his glasses, looked at Bingbing, frowned and stared! Said, “Well, it’s reliable!”

  But suddenly found that the upper right corner shows that Wang Bingbing’s combat power is 3000!

  Brother Jie shook his head, took off his glasses, threw them into the drawer of his desk, and said to himself, “This toy is reliable when naked, other functions are just nonsense.”

  After writing a check to Xiaofu, Brother Jie went into the computer room and added a new server. Also reset the new computer room security door password.

  Meanwhile, abroad. Xiao Su and Lao Zhao are meeting with Musk to discuss cooperation plans and investment funds.

  Sogo AI technology will try to combine with Musk’s human-brain interface plan, coexisting artificial AI technology and brain thinking, and working together to develop 97% of the brain space that humans have not yet enabled.

  With an investment of 50 billion in the first phase, the two parties hit it off and signed a contract happily.

  As soon as the news came out, the major newspapers and media exploded again.

  There were again big marches in major cities, holding banners. “Artificial intelligence combines the brain to control human meaning and enslave human freedom!”

  Of course, there are also many supporting voices, “Artificial intelligence combines the brain, develops the human brain, evolves the human mind, and accelerates human development.”

  A parade with an estimated 10,000 people is slowly approaching Sanying Network Company.

  Soon Sanying Network Company was surrounded by three floors and three floors, and the traffic was blocked.

  ”Protest, protest, protest!”

  There was a lot of noise outside the company’s door. Mercenary soldiers stood at the door, armed with submachine guns, maintaining order.

  News reporters from major TV stations arrived at the scene and could not enter at all. Because the whole scene has been surrounded by thousands of people and the water can’t drain.

  Brother Jie stood on the third floor, looking out the window, helpless. Look at the dozen or so mercenaries downstairs. If these lunatics really rush in, they probably won’t be able to stand it.

  At this moment, on the top floor of the Ouli Building, Zhou Shijun was also looking down at the magnificent parade and the chaotic scene downstairs from the window.

  A puff of smoke was exhaled, the corners of his mouth cracked open, and he smiled slightly, “You can act now.”

  The night fell slowly, and the parade did not retreat.

  Not far from the parade, a police car was parked. In the serious crime team, Sir He and Sir Wu really smoked cigarettes and drank coffee, observing the changes in the situation.

  ”Mom, there are so many things to do, I should be fishing now after get off work!”, He Sir scolded while stroking the beloved fishing rod in his hand!

  Wu Sir smoked a cigarette, looked up at the starry sky, and said to himself, “There is only one truth.”

  ”Come on, let’s have dinner.” Wang Bingbing put the tray on the desk.

  Brother Jie is so anxious, what appetite do you have to eat? Who knew that a small Internet company could cause an uproar in the world.

  ”Protest, protest, protest!”

  The sound continued until 12 o’clock in the middle of the night.

  Captain Liu, the mercenary, was sitting on the sofa on the first floor, calmly playing with his mobile phone. He had seen such a small scene many times before. I was born and died with my brothers. We fought not in positional battles, but in street battles. We jumped from planes or cliffs!

  Suddenly, Brother Jie found that their slogan had changed!

  ”Holy war, holy war, holy war!”

  It’s weird, what’s going on? Brother Jack got up and walked to the window and looked down.

  Captain Liu also heard the change in the situation! He has experienced hundreds of battles in battles, big and small, but he has never experienced any holy war! What are you doing?

  ”Brothers, get up, let the bullets go to the court to prevent mutation!” Captain Liu shouted, and the mercenaries immediately got up and took their places.

  Suddenly I saw several masked people, in the crowd, throwing burning gasoline bottles at the company gate!

  After a few loud bangs, the company’s gate was full of smoke! The mercenaries fired warning shots to the sky.

  ”Da-da-da, da-da-da, da-da-da!”

  Jackie was in a cold sweat.

  ”Shina! Is this going to be a riot?!” Captain Liu looked bewildered.

  At the same time, in the distance, Sir He and Sir Wu of the serious crime team took out the binoculars and looked forward.

  ”Damn, why did you shoot?! Call the anti-terrorist troops for support, something is going to happen!” Sir He picked up the fishing rod and pointed to the front and shouted.

  ”Hey, hey, we need the support of the anti-terrorist troops here, there is a riot in the parade, a suspected terrorist attack!”, Sir Wu shouted with a walkie-talkie!

  ”Da-da-da, da-da-da!”

  In the crowd, a few points of fire suddenly flashed, and someone shot!

  ”Ah!!…”, a few screams! Several mercenary soldiers at the door were shot and fell to the ground!

  ”Damn it! What’s the situation?”, Brother Jie shouted.

  ”Close the door!” Captain Liu yelled!

  The two players quickly stepped forward and pushed the door hard. Just as the door was about to close, two grenades rolled in!

  ”Boom!”, a loud noise! The first floor door was blown open!

  ”Shina! Brothers, look for cover!” Captain Liu shouted, rolled over and hid behind the pillar.

  I saw some masked people rushed out of the crowd, armed with submachine guns, and rushed into the lobby on the first floor of the company. A fierce gunfight began.

  ”Da da da da da da da da da da…”

  There were gunshots on the first floor, and employees fled to the second floor. The mercenary soldiers rose up in resistance on the first floor.

  ”Boom! Boom!”

  The first floor is full of smoke, I rely on it! Grenade!

  The mercenary commander Liu Bo and the four soldiers rushed to the third floor quickly, grabbed Brother Jie and shouted, “Close the security gate on the third floor! Cut off the entrance! Hide!”

  ”You four! Be responsible for Brother Jie’s safety.” Then he immediately turned around and rushed downstairs to fight.

  Brother Jie was standing there in a daze, a few bullets flew over his head, and he was so frightened that he turned around immediately, closed the explosion-proof door on the third floor, and locked it! Lock again!

  On the first floor there were constant gunshots and explosions, and the battle was extremely fierce.

  Captain Liu was agile, rolled back and stood up, raised his gun and said, “Da Da Da Da!…”. The two masked men in front fell to the ground.

  But the terrorists were numerous, and they came in in another wave, each with a submachine gun, “Da Da Da Da Da!!…”, shooting in all the way, shouting slogans, “Holy war, holy war, Zeyland cat, Zeeland. cat!”

  Captain Liu threw out two grenades, turned around the anti-crane gun, and shot violently at the door!

  ”Boom! Boom!”, a bunch of terrorists were blasted away!

  ”Da Da Da…!!… Da Da Da!…”, a bunch of terrorists were killed!

  ”RPG!!”, Team A shouted!

  ”Whoosh, whoosh!”, twice. I saw two things flying in with smoke!

  ”Boom!!”, the ground on the first floor shook!

  Captain Liu climbed out of the rubble and scolded, “Shina! Terrorists here and there? It’s like an army!”

  The door was smoky and blurry, and a few black shadows rushed in again!

  ”Shoot! Brothers! Don’t be a coward!” Captain Liu shouted.

  ”Da da da… da da da… da da da!!…”

  The corpse was piled up like a mountain at the entrance, and the first floor was huddled together, with enemies on the front, back, left, and right. Captain Liu and his brothers have already started hacking with knives!

  Brother Jie immediately ran back to the office, grabbed Wang Bingbing’s hand, dragged her to the side of the secret room, opened the wall door, pushed her in, and shouted, “Hide inside and don’t come out!”

  ”No! Brother Jie! I want to be by your side!” Wang Bingbing shouted.

  ”Be obedient!” Brother Jie yelled, closing the door of the secret room.

  Just as he turned around, he heard the sound of shattering windows in the living room outside. Brother Jie took a look, and a tall, masked man flew in from the window! A roll on the ground, get up!

  ”My God! Martial arts movies?!” Brother Jie said to himself.

  In the living room, two mercenary soldiers had just raised their guns at the masked man when they fell to the ground screaming and hung up.

  Brother Jie was surprised to find that three windows were broken in the living room. But there was only a masked man standing in front of him! He suddenly realized that there are two more invisible people!

  He hurriedly turned around, scrambled to his desk, and opened the drawer. Take out the small toy glasses and put them on!

  ”Damn it!” Jackie shouted. Through this toy glasses, it is clearly visible that two invisible men are rushing towards him!

  He picked up the food and soup on the desk and poured it on the two invisible men.

  ”Ah!” With two screams, two invisible men appeared. The two mercenaries beside them were shooting at them, da da da da.

  The two invisible men fell to the ground several times in their lives, vomited blood, and died of convulsions.

  Brother Jie rushed out of the office with two mercenaries and turned around to see a masked man in black groping for the explosion-proof iron door of the computer room.

  ”Shoot!” Jack yelled.

  The two mercenaries fired at him, da da da da da.

  But this black-clothed man was as light as a swallow. After several consecutive side flips and a few front flips, he rose into the air, dodging all the bullets! Another 360-degree turn in the air, a dragon swung its tail and kicked two mercenaries!

  Brother Jie watched a mercenary hit the wall, fell to the ground, and tenaciously tried to get up. The upper right corner displayed, Combat Strength, 200!

  Turning around, this man in black has a combat power of 3,000!

  ”Damn it! Let’s go together!”, Brother Jie shouted!

  The three of them swarmed up, one hugged his feet, the other hugged his waist, and Brother Jie hugged his chest!

  Brother Jie suddenly hugged him from behind, and hugged the man in black tightly!

  Suddenly, my chest felt so soft, and Brother Jie was surprised! This person is a woman!

  At this moment, she made an over-the-shoulder throw, and Brother Jie flew out, hit the wall, and then fell to the ground, unable to move!

  With two screams, both mercenaries were kicked and flew to the corner, dying.

  Brother Jie looked down, holding a face towel in his hand in a panic. Looking up again, the man in black has already revealed his face!

  fuck! so beautiful! It looks exactly like Wang Bingbing, and also has a beauty mole on the corner of her mouth! Look high and cold!

  But this person was cruel and cold, and he took out his pistol and was shot twice, “Crack, snap!”

  After finishing the two dying mercenaries, he turned his gun and faced Brother Jie, and asked coldly, “The password to open the door?”

  Brother Jie got up slowly, looked left and right, and there was no one else on the third floor. On the first floor, there was still fierce fighting, and gunshots were heard everywhere. The staff on the second floor screamed and screamed for help. I just locked the explosion-proof door on the third floor, and locked it! Ruined!

  Seeing that Brother Jie didn’t respond, the man pulled the trigger, “Crack, snap!” and two more shots.

  ”Ah!” Brother Jie screamed and fell to the ground. He was shot twice in the upper part of the thigh, and the blood flowed. I wipe! The stab wound on the leg was just right, and a new gunshot wound was added!

  ”Say the password and let you die happily.” The man raised his gun and aimed at Brother Jie.

  Brother Jie clutched his thigh, the pain was unbearable, he knew that it was over and he was dead.

  To be continued…

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