[Cinderella]Chapter 13 – Twin Sisters

  Before his death, Brother Jie used all his strength, turned his head and shouted in the direction of the secret room.

  ”Wang Bingbing! Tell Xiao Su, the password is your birthday!”

  Suddenly, the man put down his gun, turned around and typed on the keyboard, 010101, enter!

  The explosion-proof door of the computer room was opened…

  fuck! What’s happening here? Brother Jie’s eyes widened, confused!

  I saw this man take out the walkie-talkie, “The door is open, act!”

  A loud bang! A large hole had been blown in the ceiling, and the entire third floor was filled with smoke.

  I saw a small ladder put down, and a young and thin guy came down from it. He was covered, wearing a pair of gold-rimmed glasses, and holding a laptop in his hand. He looked polite.

  He looked left and right, followed the instructions of the man in black, and entered the computer room.

  Then I heard a sentence, “In the source code copy, 5 minutes remaining.”

  After hearing this, the black-clothed woman nodded, turned around and raised her gun at Brother Jie, looking at the situation, she wanted to kill him with one shot.

  At this moment, someone suddenly jumped out of the office and blocked in front of Brother Jie.

  Look down, Wang Bingbing! She pushed open the wall door of the secret room and rushed out recklessly.

  ”Don’t! Don’t kill him! Please!” Wang Bingbing shouted to the woman in black.

  The woman in black put down the gun, frowned, and said coldly, “Get out of the way! I don’t want to hurt you.”

  ”Sister, please! Don’t hurt him!” Wang Bingbing shouted with tears in her eyes.

  Brother Jie’s eyes widened and his mouth opened wide on the ground, what! What the hell is going on here?

  ”Have you forgotten the kindness of the Zhou family for raising us? They sent you to be an undercover agent. Not only did you fail to complete the task, but you also moved your true feelings!” The woman in black walked over slowly.

  ”Sister, he blocked six bullets for me! I love him, please fulfill us.” Wang Bingbing got up with warm eyes.

  ”That’s what you deserve! The Zhou family wants to kill you! Get out of the way!” The woman in black grabbed Wang Bingbing and threw her back.

  Wang Bingbing, who was thrown out, did a backflip and kicked back.

  The woman in black blocks with both hands! Turn around and a dragon swings its tail.

  Wang Bingbing did a quick side flip, dodged, and kicked back with a sweeping leg.

  The black-clothed woman rose into the air, and a raised leg pressed it down.

  The two women were inextricably fighting, regardless of whether they were superior or inferior!

  Jackie was stunned! The glasses he wears, the upper right corner shows that the combat power of the two is 3000, which seems to be true!

  Just as the two were fighting, the thin man came out of the computer room. Seeing that the situation was so chaotic, he climbed the small ladder, went to the roof, and simply said two words, “It’s done.”

  When the black-clothed woman heard this, she immediately used her grappling skills to push Wang Bingbing to the ground. At the same time, he took out a grenade from behind, opened the insurance with his mouth, and threw it at Brother Jie.

  While she was shooting, Wang Bingbing kicked her back foot and kicked her wrist, changing the direction of the grenade and staying away from Brother Jie.

  ”Boom!…”, a loud noise! The shock wave shattered the glasses that Brother Jie was wearing, and the fragments pierced his eyes!

  Brother Jie rolled on the ground covering his eyes, “Ah!!…”

  Wang Bingbing appeared in the smoke, she rushed over, hugged Brother Jie tightly, and shouted, “Brother Jie! Brother Jie! Don’t die! Woohoo…”

  Wang Bingbing burst into tears, “No… Brother Jie! Don’t die!”

  On the first floor, Sir He and Sir Wu led the anti-terrorist unit and came in. There was only one member of the mercenary army commander, Liu Bo, and he himself was shot several times, lying behind the bunker.

  The two Sirs and the anti-terrorist force suppressed their firepower, “Da da da… da da… da da…”.

  After a fierce shootout, it finally quieted down. Captain Liu Bo stood up staggeringly and looked at the bodies of his teammates all over the ground with tears in his eyes.

  ”All get down! Don’t move! Anti-terrorist troops!”

  ”Clear on the first floor!”

  ”Clear on the second floor!”

  ”Kill all the terrorists!”

  ”The third floor?”

  ”Report, the third floor is locked!”

  I saw the explosion-proof iron door on the third floor slowly opened, Wang Bingbing rushed out with Jie Ge in both hands, and shouted, “Save people!”

  There was chaos outside the Sanying Network Building, and the parade had dispersed. Police cars, ambulances, fire trucks, armored vehicles, and various vehicles were parked.

  News reporters from several major TV stations appeared one after another, holding microphones in their hands to broadcast live, “The Sanying Network Company building was hit by a terrorist attack, and the police dispatched anti-terrorist troops, and the exchange of fire lasted for half an hour. “

  Xiao Su and the others were in the transfer hall of the airport, and when they saw the news, they immediately turned pale!

  ”Fuck! Quick! Change the ticket! Go back to the company!” Lao Zhao shouted and rushed to the airport ticket office.

  Zhou Shijun stood at the window, looking down at the Sanying Network Building downstairs, in chaos and sneering.

  ”The core source code has been obtained.” A young man’s voice came from behind.

  Zhou Shijun exhaled a puff of smoke proudly, turned around and said, “Very well, let’s start our own project.”

  ”Okay, let’s start right away.” The man turned and walked out of the office with several technicians.

  Wang Lihe wiped the dust off her face and walked in, picked up the cup, and took a sip of water.

  ”Baby, you are fortunate.” Zhou Shijun took a step forward, put his arms around Lily, and kissed lightly on his forehead, “Human, kill it?”

  Wang Baihe hesitated for a while, then turned around and said, “I threw a grenade at him, he should be dead, and he will be disabled if he doesn’t die.”

  ”Hahaha…!” Zhou Shijun showed a perverted smile, drank the wine in his hand, and walked out satisfied.

  Sir He and Sir Wu stood in the lobby on the first floor of Sanying Network Company, looking at the ruins around them, shaking their heads, “Why is this little Sanying Network Company so troubled?! I don’t even have time to go. fishing!”

  ”Name, company position, what were you doing at the time?” Sir Wu took notes one by one.

  ”Lao, Lao Jianliang. Position: Technical Department. I was hiding under the sofa at the time…”

  ”Don’t move! Don’t leave the living ones, come one by one!”, He Sir shouted.

  (Note: Can the dead leave?)

  After taking the transcript, the two Sirs surveyed the entire site.

  ”The core computer room is fine, the office is clean, and there are countless casualties at the scene. It seems that this is a typical terrorist attack. The Sanying network is really unlucky, and everything can be spread.” The two Sirs nodded to each other. said the head.

  The next day, the headlines of major news newspapers and newspapers: Internet companies were attacked by terrorists, with more than 100 casualties. The national security level was raised to the highest level.

  Lao Zhao, Xiao Su and Nini returned to the company non-stop, only to see the scorched walls at the gate, and the ground had been cleaned up.

  When I walked into the company again, I didn’t know him anymore. There are broken walls and broken walls everywhere, the ground is full of potholes, and the walls are full of craters.

  ”Fuck! It’s been a war!” Lao Zhao shouted.

  Seeing that Lao Jianliang was leading some people and doing repair work again, he turned his head and saw Xiao Su and ran over.

  ”You guys are finally back. The fight here was so intense yesterday that it was almost time to use a cannon!” Xiao Lao wiped the sweat from his body.

  ”Thank you, you are always busy with repair work.” Xiao Su patted Xiao Lao on the shoulder.

  Several people came to the third floor and saw that the computer room was intact. They were very curious. Is it really just a terrorist attack? It’s not for our computer room. This is so unfortunate, isn’t it? For Mao attacked us here, lunatic!

  ”Where’s Brother Jie?” Nini asked after looking around the office.

  ”I was taken to the hospital, I was dying!” Xiao Lao looked serious.

  ”What!? Go! Go to the hospital!” Lao Zhao shouted.

  Several people hurried downstairs and went to the hospital.

  A burst of pain came, Brother Jie shivered a bit, and the anesthesia woke up.

  ”Ah… it hurts!” He slowly sat up, probed the probe left and right, showing a blank expression, and then stretched out his hand to touch the air a few times, “Why can’t I see anything? ?!”

  ”Brother Jie! You’re finally awake! Woohoo…” A woman next to him hugged him tightly.

  Familiar voice, familiar body fragrance, he shoved the woman away, “Go away! Go away!… How long are you going to lie to me!”

  Wang Bingbing was pushed to the ground, and she didn’t dare to exert any force, for fear of hurting Brother Jie. Sitting on the ground and crying.

  ”I, I…” Wang Bingbing was speechless, stood up silently, stood in the corner, looked at Brother Jie from a distance, and burst into tears.

  The sound of two footsteps approached, and Brother Jie turned to the door and listened.

  ”We are He Dan and Wu Zhongqi from the serious case sister. We want to make a transcript to understand the situation of the case.” The two sat down next to Brother Jie, checked his injuries, looked at each other, and shook their heads silently. .

  Ji Ge lowered his head and said nothing.

  ”Excuse me, at the time of the incident, the explosion-proof door on the third floor was locked. What happened inside? We found six bodies on the third floor.”

  Brother Jie was confused and said nothing.

  ”Is there anything to hide?” Sir He asked, still holding his beloved fishing rod.

  ”Three, the roof of the third floor was blown open, and a skinny boy came down, wearing gold-rimmed glasses, holding a laptop, entering the computer room, and stealing the source code. There were also two invisible men who perished with the four mercenaries.” , Jie Ge said hesitantly.

  Sir He carefully recorded the situation and asked, “Do they know the password of the computer room in advance, or did they force you to say it?”

  Jack paused for a few seconds, “They forced me to say it, and then gave me a grenade.”

  The two Sirs looked at each other and nodded, “So, the man who stole the source code, can you see what he looks like?”

  ”No, he has his face covered. I can’t see now, even if I stand in front of me, I don’t know.” Brother Jie shook his head helplessly.

  ”Okay, do you have anything to add?”

  ”No, no more.” Brother Jie said, ready to lie down.

  Sir Wu turned to look at the girl in the corner and asked, “You took him out, I can’t tell, you are so strong, what were you doing inside?”

  Wang Bingbing’s eyes filled with tears, and she looked at the ground without saying a word.

  ”She, she hid in the secret room and came out after the battle. She didn’t know anything.” Brother Jie turned his head and added.

  The two Sirs looked at each other and shook their heads, “Well, let’s do this first. You can rest well, and if you make progress, I will contact you later.”

  After that, the two Sirs got up and walked out.

  ”Brother Jie…” Wang Bingbing’s sobbing whisper came from the corner.

  ”I won’t forgive you!” Jack yelled, turning his head away.

  ”Woo woo woo…” Wang Bingbing’s bitter cry came from the corner.


  ”Brother Jack!…”

  ”How are you? Jackie!”

  Lao Zhao, Xiao Su and Nini rushed into the ward.

  Brother Jie got up slowly and calmly said four words, “Blind, lame.”

  ”Ah!?!” The three of them turned pale in astonishment and sat down beside Brother Jie, at a loss.

  ”The core source code of the computer room was stolen.” Brother Jie shook his head helplessly.

  ”Ah!!!”, the three of them widened their eyes and were extremely surprised!

  ”How is the investment discussion?” Jie Ge turned his ear and asked.

  ”Musk’s human brain interface cooperation plan has been negotiated, and the 50 billion investment will come immediately.”

  Brother Jie shook his head and sighed with pity, “But then, I can’t do anything anymore, everything is over!”

  ”Don’t worry, we will definitely find a way!”

  Hearing the sobbing sound from the corner, Xiao Su turned her head and saw that it was Wang Bingbing, who was in tears, washing her face with tears.

  ”Don’t be sad, Bingbing, Brother Jie will be fine.” Xiao Su comforted.

  ”Let her get out, don’t show up in front of me again!”, Brother Jie shouted.

  Several people’s eyes widened, “Why, why?!”

  ”She’s an undercover agent! The combat power is 3000!” Brother Jie looked angry.

  ”Brother Jie, are you confused?” Nini patted Brother Jie’s head and said helplessly.

  ”No, I have long suspected that she was an undercover agent. Did you unload the bullets in my gun?” Lao Zhao turned his head and asked, squinting at Wang Bingbing, who was in tears in the corner.

  I saw her nodded slightly and said nothing.

  ”Ah! Then on the third floor, the stealth assassin’s simulation equipment, did you do the environmental scan?” Xiao Su stared at Wang Bingbing in surprise.

  Wang Bingbing raised her head, looked at Xiao Su silently, nodded her head, and had a speechless expression.

  ”Tell me, what’s the relationship between you and the woman in black?” Brother Jie listened with a serious expression.

  ”Woman in black?” Several people looked surprised and turned to look at Wang Bingbing.

  Wang Bingbing in the corner sobbed and said, “She is my twin sister, her name is Wang Baihe. Our parents are Father Zhou, Zhou Quan’s personal bodyguards. We have been in love with each other over time. But it didn’t take long for him to protect Mr. Zhou. During my father’s actions, both my parents died. We grew up in a mercenary barracks, and the Zhou family treated us very well and nurtured us.”

  ”Damn it, Wang Lily? No wonder when I first saw you, I felt that you were so similar to her. You were like a model. One was cold, the other was pure, and there was a beauty mole on the corner of your mouth. I thought you were the same. It came out of the hands of a plastic surgeon.” Xiao Su’s eyes widened, her brows furrowed, and she said in surprise.

  ”Damn it! So, Zhou Shijun got the source code! Put her together and hand it over to the serious crime team!” Lao Zhao shouted.

  ”Don’t, let her go. You can’t beat her.” Brother Jie shook his head and said.

  ”Ah?”, a few people looked confused!

  ”You and the Zhou family should be very familiar, you haven’t met their two sisters?” Xiao Su turned to ask Nini.

  Nini frowned and thought, “When I was a child, there were two little girls at Zhou’s house. We played together, but I didn’t see it later, and I forgot about it. It turned out to be their sisters!”

  I saw Wang Bingbing sobbing, walked slowly out of the ward, slowly turned around at the door, and took a last look at Brother Jie. Then he turned his head to look at Xiao Su and said softly, “Xiao Su, can you take a step to speak?”

  Xiao Su nodded and walked out quickly.

  I saw Wang Bingbing put her head close to Xiao Su’s ear and whispered a few words. Xiao Su suddenly widened her eyes, turned her head to look at Wang Bingbing, her face tangled, and finally nodded.

  Then, Wang Bingbing turned around and left. Xiao Su shook her head helplessly and walked back.

  ”How?” Lao Zhao asked.

  Xiao Su said nothing, but shook his head helplessly.

  To be continued…

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