[Cinderella]Chapter 14 – Bomb Disposal Expert

  In the luxurious office on the top floor of the Ori Building, the two were kissing passionately.

  ”Lily, I love you. When this matter is over, we will hold a grand wedding.”

  ”Well, Shijun, I love you too, since childhood.”

  There was a knock on the door…

  The two got up, straightened their clothes, and shouted, “Come in!”

  I saw a thin boy walking in quickly with a laptop in his arms.

  ”Aren, what’s wrong?” Zhou Shijun lit a cigarette and asked.

  ”This core source code is encrypted.” Aren shook his head helplessly.

  ”Find a way to crack it! Find the top cracking expert!” Zhou Shijun was furious and took a deep breath.

  Wang Lihe, who was standing beside him, turned his eyes and raised his head to think. He immediately picked up the paper and pen on the table, wrote down a series of numbers, “010101”, handed it to Ah Ren, and said, “Try it, maybe this is it.”

  Aren took the note and looked at it, “Fuck, it’s really brilliant! Binary code. I knew that someone who wrote such a high-end AI core code had a very difficult password!”

  Zhou Shijun and Wang Baihe frowned, unable to understand what he was saying. Just watch him turn around confidently and walk out.

  The two looked at each other and nodded, thinking that there should be a result soon.

  Aren hugged the laptop and held a piece of binary code tightly in his hand. He came to the 19th floor and walked quickly back to the office of the Network Department. Just as he was passing by the marketing department, Fang Yifei noticed it curiously.

  ”When did such a skinny guy come to the network department? Could it be the new department manager?” Fang Yifei pondered curiously and gently followed.

  Passing by the entrance of the network department, she glanced inside. This Oli’s network department, it seems that it is not growing up, there will always be only eight people. However, these eight people are all new faces, and Yifei has never seen them before. I also heard two keywords, “code”, “crack”, and “010101”.

  In the office of the Network Department, Aren and several crack experts were staring at a string of binary codes in a daze. They all said to themselves: “The person who encrypts is a genius. There can be many combinations of such a string of binary codes.”

  ”Yeah, convert to octal, hex, 32, 64.”

  ”It’s not over yet, what kind of internal code, what language, what cipher is needed to analyze the converted data?”

  ”Damn, it’s a lot of work now. Let’s start it separately, first try converting it to the most commonly used 64-bit for analysis.”

  ”Okay! Come on everyone! We’re strong! We’re crazy! Come on, come on, come on!”

  Yifei was outside the door, a drop of cold sweat dripping from her face. Computer experts are all quirks!

  Sanying Network Company, in the living room on the third floor. Old Zhao was sitting in a daze, feeling anxious. What to do now? The core figures have been abandoned, and the investment projects have been negotiated. There is another Zuckerberg waiting to discuss cooperation!

  ”Boss Zhao, many employees are afraid to come to the company to work. The company’s current business operations have been stranded.” Lao Jianliang said helplessly as he walked up to the third floor.

  ”Double salary, dismiss if you don’t come! Recruit new people!” Lao Zhao slapped the table and shouted!

  ”Okay! Don’t worry, I’ll start right away!” Lao Jianliang patted his chest and went downstairs.

  Lao Zhao opened a bottle of wine, drank half a bottle, and poured it on the sofa, “My God…, is this going to kill our Sanying Company?!! All my belongings have been invested in!”

  ”Old Zhao!…Old Zhao!…”, a woman shouted and rushed to the third floor.

  ”Yifei!…” Lao Zhao quickly got up and went up to meet him.

  The two hugged each other tightly, tears welling up in their eyes.

  ”You scared me to death, but fortunately you went on a business trip. A few days ago, there were gunshots everywhere, the flames shot into the sky, countless casualties, terrorist attacks!” Yifei burst into tears.

  ”This is most likely the work of the Zhou family! But there is no evidence now! The company’s core source code has also been leaked!”

  Lao Zhao suddenly frowned, looked left and right, saw no one, and immediately pulled Yifei into the secret room.

  ”You have to be careful recently, don’t come to Sanying Company again, be careful to expose yourself.” Lao Zhao kissed Yifei’s forehead and said softly.

  Yifei leaned her head tightly in Lao Zhao’s arms, sobbed and said, “Okay, then come to my house at night and meet at home later.”


  ”By the way, how is Brother Jie? I want to go see him.”

  ”He’s blind, he was shot twice in the leg, and he can’t walk for the time being.”

  ”Ah! So serious! I thought he was hiding in the back room.”

  ”Hey, that’s a long story, let’s go. I’m just about to go over there. Let’s take you to see him.”


  The two Xiaoxiao came out of the secret room, left the back kitchen alley, and went to the hospital.

  ”What’s the situation? There are so many people at the door of the ward!” Yifei shouted in surprise.

  I saw that the news reporters of the major radio stations had blocked the water, and the cameras of various sizes had already filled the entire aisle.

  ”The core figures of Sanying Network are blind in both eyes, lose the ability to work, and the development of AI technology is seriously hindered…”, a reporter made a serious live broadcast.

  The two bowed their heads and squeezed in, came to the window of the ward, and looked inside. Xiao Su quickly opened the door and the two rushed in. Then a bunch of reporters blocked the door, trying to rush in.

  Xiao Su shouted, “Go away!”

  The frightened group of people took a few steps back, “Touch!” With a sound, Xiao Su closed the door and closed the curtains.

  ”Brother Jie!” Seeing Brother Jie like this, Yifei covered her mouth and forcibly endured her grief.

  ”Huh? Is it Yifei?” Brother Jie listened.

  ”Yes, come and see you, I hope you can recover quickly.”

  ”Okay, thank you. By the way, is there anything unusual about Ori’s company?”

  ”Huh?” Yifei raised her head and thought, “By the way, the network department has changed to a new person. There is a thin man who seems to be a manager. It’s sneaky, I heard them say that the source code, cracked, and returned. There’s 010101 or something.”

  Brother Jie nodded, “Sure enough, it’s them, does that thin man wear gold-rimmed glasses, Sven?”

  ”Yes, that’s right.” Yifei nodded.

  ”Notify Sir He and Sir Wu of the serious crime team that there is a clue!” Brother Jie clenched his fists with anger!

  The next day, the front page headlines of major newspapers and newspapers: The core figure of Sanying Network, who died in the near future, lost both eyes, and the AI ​​technology research and development was abandoned in the middle of the road!

  Zhou Shijun held a newspaper in his hand, exhaled a puff of smoke, turned to Wang Baihe on the sofa and said, “He is not dead, but there should be no threat.”

  Wang Baihe took a look at the newspaper and was silent.

  At this moment, in Oli’s network department, several cracking experts have tried various methods, but Jiang Lang was exhausted, but in the end they were unable to crack Jie Ge’s magical encryption method and gave up.

  Aren walked into the office with his head down and reported the results.

  ”What!?” Zhou Shijun’s eyes widened, his brows furrowed, and he threw the wine glass on the ground, “I can’t crack it!??”

  ”I’m sorry, Jay Chou, our team did our best.” Ah Ren shook his head helplessly.

  Zhou Shijun got up, looked at Sanying Network Company downstairs, gritted his teeth, “Is there any way to completely defeat them?”

  Aren rolled his eyes, looked up, and said proudly, “Publish the core source code, download it for free, and someone will always be able to crack it. At that time, the whole world will have the code, and there will be a steady stream of similar companies and products of the same kind. come out.”

  Zhou Shijun took a deep breath of cigarette, the corner of his mouth cracked, revealing an evil smile, “Good idea, you can do it right away!”

  Aren nodded, turned and left the office, and immediately released the AI ​​core source code on the public website, while hiding the IP address, making it impossible to trace. And leave a note: Sanying Network Company, AI technology core source code, uncracked version. Password cracking prompt: 010101. The Internet suddenly exploded! Major websites have reprinted each other.

  The most common message is: How funny, such a simple password still needs to be cracked! The password is: 010101.

  The next day, the headlines of major newspapers and newspapers:

  Sanying network AI technology, the core source code is leaked, netizens can crack the password instantly, and the Internet users have one copy!

  Lao Zhao was sitting next to Brother Jie, reading the newspaper aloud.

  Brother Jie shook his head again and again, “The one that was stolen is the second-level code of AI technology. I have just developed half of the third-level code and haven’t activated it yet.”

  Lao Zhao looked at Brother Jie and sighed.

  ”But I’m blind right now, so I have no way to continue research and development. If the third-level code can be completed, the second-level code that is flooding the market will immediately become garbage.” Jie Ge looked melancholy, and his fate was so unfair.

  ”The guy from Musk called in the morning and said that the investment plan was canceled and he was willing to file a lawsuit.” Lao Zhao looked downcast.

  ”Sanying, it looks like it’s over…” Both of them sighed at the same time.

  At this moment, Zhou Shijun is holding a wine glass and laughing wildly, “Hahaha! No one will know that Musk and I are working together to develop AI human brain interface technology!” He was secretly happy because this AI human brain interface Technology, he has other uses!

  At the gate of Oli Company, heavily armed security guards stopped a few people who wanted to break in.

  ”What are you doing? Ori’s company doesn’t come in casually!”

  ”We are He Dan and Wu Zhongqi of the serious crime team. We have a case to investigate, your network department.”

  ”Wait!” The security guard turned around and picked up the phone, and muttered for a while, “You can go up and hand over all your weapons. You are only allowed to move on the 19th floor.”

  The two Sirs looked at each other and cursed inwardly, “Fuck!”

  After handing over the weapon, he was accompanied by several security guards and went to the 19th floor.

  As soon as the two reached the 19th floor, Fang Yifei from the Marketing Department stood at the door of the office.

  When she saw the two Sirs coming to the company, she immediately reflected what was going on, and pointed to the inside.

  The two Sirs understood at a glance, walked in quickly, and saw the thin boy wearing gold-rimmed glasses at the entrance of the network department.

  ”We have a case that needs your help to investigate. What’s your name?” He asked, pointing to the skinny boy.

  ”Ah, Aren.” The skinny boy answered hesitantly.

  With Sir He’s years of work experience, he could see at a glance that there was something wrong with this skinny boy.

  ”Where were you on the day of the terrorist attack?”

  ”I, I work in a company.”

  He Sir looked up and down, and suddenly found that there was a small amount of white ash in the gap between the keyboard of Ah Ren’s laptop.

  Sir He rolled his eyes, this is a problem! As a professional technician, how can you allow your most important computer to have white ash? Moreover, Jie Ge described, a skinny boy, gold-rimmed glasses, laptop, all fit!

  Changed to Sir He’s temper, he had already taken action to arrest him, but after thinking about it, don’t startle the snake first, and then get the evidence. Catching big fish is his hobby!

  So I immediately took out my tools and a small plastic bag and took a sample. The corner of his mouth cracked and he smiled slightly, “Okay, thank you for your cooperation.”

  Ah Ren looked at the two Sirs and left just like that, confused. Frightened, frightened, a false alarm! He quickly went to the top floor to report to Jay Chou. Along the way, he always felt that someone was following him.

  Looking back suddenly, it was Fang Yifei from the Marketing Department. He rolled his eyes and felt that this was a bit strange…

  The two Sirs came out of Oli, and immediately came to the Sanying Network next to them, and ran directly to the third floor to compare the white powder.

  ”Let’s see how you quibble!”, the two Sirs laughed.

  ”This idiot knows at first glance that he is a part-timer, and there is a big boss behind him.” Sir He carefully collected the evidence.

  ”Yes! This is a big case. It seems that this terrorist attack is just a pretext. Everything was planned!” said Wu Sir, pointing to the big hole in the roof that was blown open.

  The two quickly returned to the police station, submitted evidence and applied for an arrest warrant.

  The next day, various search engine websites, such as Souji, appeared on the entire Internet of Things. com, search pig. com, Somao. com, various searches. The AI ​​search engine became rotten overnight, and everyone searched by themselves.

  ”Brother Jie! What should I do now? The whole world is searching!” Lao Zhao cried and cried beside Brother Jie’s bed.

  ”Hey!” Brother Jie sighed, “Give me a little more time, and I can upgrade the AI ​​to level 3 and wipe them out in an instant.”

  ”You should go back to rest early, things are already like this, and now we can only expect a miracle.” Brother Jie shook his head helplessly and said to Lao Zhao.

  Lao Zhao left the hospital in a dejected manner and went to Fang Yifei’s house.

  ”Baby, it’s me, open the door.” Lao Zhao called Xiao Su while knocking on the door.

  ”Hey, Xiao Su. There’s no one to take care of Brother Jie. You and Nini hurry over there. I’ll roll a sheet at Yifei’s house.”

  The door opened, and just as Lao Zhao turned his head, it was dark in front of him, “Ah!”

  ”Hello? Hello!! ~ Lao Zhao?”, Xiao Su’s eager shout came from the phone that fell on the ground.

  ”What’s the matter?” Nini asked with an anxious look at Xiao Su.

  ”Old Zhao called, but it didn’t respond…” He pointed to the phone, looking confused.

  ”Stupid?! Call the police!!”

  ”Oh! Call the police!”

  ”He just seemed to say he was at Yifei’s house, do you know the address?”

  ”I do not know……”

  At this moment, Xiao Su’s mobile phone received a text message from Lao Zhao’s mobile phone. The content is very simple, it is an address…

  The two looked at each other and felt that the matter was serious! Call the police immediately and provide the address. And set off immediately and rushed over.

  This is a residential building. Police cars, fire trucks, and ambulances have been parked downstairs. The cordon has been raised, and many police officers are maintaining order.

  The residents in the building are quickly evacuating, what’s the situation?

  ”You, you can’t go in, it’s dangerous!”, a police officer stopped Xiao Su and shouted.

  ”My brother is up there!”, Xiao Su pushed him away and rushed up!

  ”Hey! Hey! Stop!”

  In the confusion, Xiao Su rushed upstairs. Turning his head, he saw He Sir and Wu Sir standing at the door, and stopped Xiao Su, “Don’t go in!”

  ”What’s the situation!?”, Xiao Su looked inside! I rely on!

  Lao Zhao and Yifei were bound, leaning back to back. Take a closer look, “Damn it! What’s under them?”

  ”It’s twenty bombs modified from grenades.” Sir He said calmly behind his back.

  ”Xiao Su!…” Lao Zhao shouted with tears in his eyes.

  ”Old Zhao! Is the yellow thing under you pee? You were scared to pee?!”, Xiao Su shouted in surprise.

  ”Do you think I can go to the toilet like this?! I pee! I’m not scared!” Lao Zhao shook his head and said helplessly.

  ”There are so many things in your Sanying network. It was either stolen or bombed, and it also attracted terrorist attacks.” Wu Sir sighed on the side.

  Xiao Su was about to take a step forward, but was stopped by Sir He, “Don’t go in, the explosion can destroy the entire floor, wait for the bomb disposal experts!”

  ”Lao Zhao, Yifei, calm down! Experts are here to save you!”, Xiao Su shouted.

  ”I don’t trust experts!” Yifei cried.

  ”Come on, let’s go.” A deep and calm voice came from behind.

  Xiao Su hurriedly made way, turned around and saw a tall, tall man in explosion-proof armor, carrying a tool bag in his hand, and walked in.

  After he went in, he put down his tool kit, took off his explosion-proof helmet, and said calmly, “I’m Tian Kai, a bomb disposal expert of the major crime team. Look me in the eyes and do as I say. I will guarantee your safety.”

  This person has thick eyebrows, small eyes and a high nose bridge. He has short curly hair and a pair of glasses. He really looks like an expert.

  Although it sounds like a line, it is really useful to soothe nervous emotions. Both Lao Zhao and Yifei calmed down.

  I saw him walk around cautiously, squatted down and looked at the bomb under the stools of the two, and turned around and said calmly, “Balance the detonating device, as long as one of the two goes down first, it will explode! It has nothing to do with height and weight.”

  ”Has everyone in the building been evacuated?”, Sir He shouted.

  ”Everyone has been evacuated, you can move!”

  Tian Sir nodded, opened the toolbox, took out the bomb disposal tool, and squatted down to think carefully.

  ”No! It also comes with a timed detonation device. Even if two people come down at the same time, it will detonate after ten seconds!” Tian Sir shouted.

  ”Ah! What should I do?!!” Yifei cried.

  ”Can it be dismantled?”, He Sir shouted outside.

  ”One-way line device! It can only be detonated, not dismantled!” Tian Sir shook his head helplessly and said.

  Sir Wu picked up the walkie-talkie and shouted, “Pay attention downstairs, pay attention downstairs, immediately evacuate pedestrians within 500 meters, all evacuate!”

  Tian Sir stood up calmly, looked at Lao Zhao and Yifei with firm eyes and said, “I’ll come up first to replace one of you, who will leave first?”



  Lao Zhao and Yifei spoke in unison!

  ”No! Let her go first!” Lao Zhao shouted.

  ”No!…I’m not leaving! I want to be with you!” Yifei burst into tears.

  Tian Sir stood in front of the two, scratching his head, “Calm down, just let you go first, it’s alright.”

  ”No!…I don’t want…” Yifei cried and cried.

  Sir He shook his head outside, “Women, the critical moments are always so fragile.”

  ”Yifei! Will you marry me?! This is the second time I’ve proposed to you, maybe the last time!” Lao Zhao shouted romantically.

  The whole audience was dumbfounded!

  ”I’m willing, I’m willing! I have ten thousand willings!…”, Yifei washed her face in tears.

  ”Okay! Then you are my wife, listen to me and go first!” Lao Zhao shouted firmly.

  ”I don’t! ~ I don’t!…” Yi Fei shook her head and cried.

  The whole place was moved.

  I saw Tian Sir shook his head helplessly, took out a needle from the toolbox, stepped forward, and poked into Yifei’s arm.

  ”Ah!…What are you doing?!” Yifei shouted, and soon fell asleep in a daze.

  ”What’s wrong?!” Lao Zhao shouted.

  ”Calm down, this is a sedative, she will sleep for two hours.” Sir Tian greeted the two outside Sirs to come and help.

  Sir He and Sir Wu immediately ran in.

  ”I’ll sit up first, and you slowly lift her up and out.” Sir Tian said, pointing to the entire bomb device.

  ”Then what?” He asked anxiously.

  Tian Sir probed the probe from left to right, took a step test on the balcony in front, and said to himself, “The building is three stories high. It takes about 5 seconds to run to the balcony, so there should be no problem.”

  ”Place it right down on the balcony, place a cushioned air cushion, and after we get down together, rush to the balcony and jump off!” Tian Sir said calmly.

  Sir Wu nodded, picked up the walkie-talkie and shouted, “Pay attention downstairs, pay attention downstairs, just below the balcony, place a cushioned air cushion, put more, they will jump off in a while.”

  ”Yes, Sir.”

  A few people cleaned up the debris on the ground to make sure not to accidentally fall over, and opened the balcony door wide, fixed it, and used tool pliers to loosen the handcuffs and shackles on Lao Zhao’s hands.

  I saw Tian Sir take a step forward and slowly sit next to the sleepy Yifei.

  ”One, two, three, get up!” The two Sirs lifted Yifei and carried it out.

  ”Old Zhao! Don’t let your legs go soft! Think more about the days when you and Yifei are in bed! Don’t step on your urine and slip!” After Xiao Su shouted, she turned to help Yifei and went downstairs quickly.

  ”We have evacuated safely, it’s up to you!”, Sir He’s voice came from the walkie-talkie.

  Sir Tian turned his head calmly and said, “Move your hands and feet first, don’t move too much, don’t be stiff.”

  Lao Zhao gently shook his hands and feet, and said excitedly, “Okay, okay. I’m ready.”

  ”Okay, let’s practice first. One, two, three, go. One, two, three, go. That’s the rhythm, okay?”

  ”Okay, got it.”

  ”After we got down at the same time, we jumped off the balcony at the fastest speed, understand?”


  I saw Tian Sir pick up the walkie-talkie and shout, “Attention downstairs, we’re going to start moving.”

  ”Received! Good luck!”, the two Sirs’ blessings came from the walkie-talkie.

  I saw Tian Sir lost the intercom, turned back and shouted, “Are you ready?”

  ”All right!”

  ”It’s starting, one, two, three, let’s go!”

  The two of them got up and jumped down at the same time, landed in balance, turned and ran towards the balcony.

  ”Tick, tick…”, the bomb under the stool is rapidly counting down, five seconds, four seconds, three seconds…

  The two jumped out!

  ”Boom!!…”, with the loud explosion, it safely landed on the air cushion.

  The whole place is dusty! Smoke billows! The entire third floor is in ruins!

  ”Ah!” Lao Zhao screamed!

  Unfortunately, Yifei’s house, the cactus on the balcony, hit the head and fell to the ground…

  ”Can’t you put a TV or something on the balance bomb? Why do you have to play so exciting?” Xiao Su said helplessly, watching from a distance.

  News reporters from major TV stations downstairs were busy broadcasting live: “Residential community, a five-story building, was attacked by bombs and terrorist attacks. It was successfully detonated, no casualties!”

  The next day, the headlines of major newspapers and newspapers read: The terrorist attacks have been rampant recently, and the government has sent troops into the city to eliminate violence and maintain peace and order.

  Lao Zhao held a newspaper in one hand, fruit in the other, gauze wrapped around his head, and lay leisurely on the company sofa.

  ”Husband, your breakfast is here.” Yifei was wearing pajamas, holding her breakfast and smiling.

  ”Well, thank you, wife.” Lao Zhao got up happily and sat down at the dining table.

  The two ate breakfast together like glue, which is also a pair of lovers who have experienced life and death examinations.

  To be continued…

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