[Cinderella]Chapter 15 – Sisterhood

  In the police station, the chief is giving a serious lecture.

  ”The government attaches great importance to the recent terrorist attacks in our city, and has dispatched troops to the city to maintain law and order! All units must solve the case as soon as possible! Eliminate violence and peace!”

  ”Yes, Sir!”

  Sir He and Sir Wu, in the house of Fang Yifei, who had been bombed beyond recognition, carefully collected the debris of the explosion.

  ”I have a hunch that this incident must be related to Oli. The two companies seem to be in a relationship.” Sir He said to Sir Wu confidently.

  ”You’re right, we need evidence. I believe the evidence is in the wreckage here.” Sir Wu smiled calmly.

  The two collected a lot of samples, especially the grenade fragments that exploded at the scene, and submitted them to the laboratory department.

  In the rehabilitation center of the hospital, a nurse was supporting Jie Ge in rehabilitation training, and Jie Ge took a trembling step by step.

  ”Mr. Su, everything you asked for has been arranged.” The doctor whispered in Xiao Su’s ear.

  ”Okay, thank you very much, Dr. Zhang.” Xiao Su stepped forward and helped Brother Jie back to the ward.

  ”Lie down.”


  ”Open your mouth.”

  ”Ah? Why?” Brother Jie opened his mouth stupidly.

  ”Eat it.” Xiao Su put a chocolate in Brother Jie’s mouth.

  ”Well, it’s delicious.” Not long after, Brother Jie fell asleep.

  Brother Jie slept very sweetly, and didn’t wake up until he felt that his eyes were itchy.

  ”Don’t scratch your eyes with your hands!” Xiao Su grabbed his hand and shouted!

  ”Damn it, my eyes are itchy.” Brother Jie tore off the gauze.

  Suddenly, it was so bright that he couldn’t open his eyes. Eyes closed, eyebrows furrowed.

  Slowly, he opened his eyes little by little, turned his head to look at Xiao Su next to him, then looked at the surrounding environment, and shouted in surprise, “I see! This is not a dream!”

  ”What happened?! How can my eyes see!?” Brother Jie grabbed Xiao Su and asked.

  Xiao Su lowered her head and said nothing.

  Brother Jie got up full of joy and went to look in the mirror. I thought a miracle had happened.

  Soon, his smile disappeared. He looked at his big watery eyes, so familiar and so kind.

  ”No!” He burst into tears, turned around tremblingly, looked at Xiao Su, and asked, “Where is she?”

  Xiao Su lowered her head and pointed to the ward next to her.

  Brother Jie turned around, kicked the door, and rushed out.

  When he pushed open the door of the ward next door, he saw a familiar figure sitting quietly on the hospital bed with gauze covering his eyes. She was very quiet, not noisy or noisy, just sat there obediently.

  Brother Jie’s eyes couldn’t hold back the tears, and he burst into tears.

  He stepped forward quickly, hugged her, and cried, “Bingbing! Why are you doing this?!”

  There was a smile on Bingbing’s mouth, and she knew that this was Brother Jie.

  ”Uuuuu…” Brother Jie hugged Bingbing and cried.

  Xiao Su stood by the door, and she was in tears as she watched.

  Wang Bingbing stretched out a hand, stroked Brother Jie’s cheek, smiled happily, and simply said seven words, “I love you without saying anything.”

  ”Ah…!” Brother Jie was heartbroken and in pain.

  He held Wang Bingbing tightly in his arms and cried, “In this life, I will never allow you to leave me!”

  Wang Bingbing smiled happily in Brother Jie’s arms, and said mischievously, “I can’t see anything now. I can only lie down and eat and drink every day. You have to raise me like a kitten.”

  ”Well, I’ll treat you as a zealot cat, raised fat.” Brother Jie said sobbing.

  ”What is a zealot?”

  ”It’s just a cat who has nothing to do when he’s full, and tells stories all day long.”


  In the laboratory of the police station, Sir He and Sir Wu received the result report.

  ”Sure enough! The wreckage of the grenade in the explosion is the same as the wreckage of the Sanying Company! It was the same batch of grenades and the same organization!” Sir He pointed at the report and nodded proudly.

  ”Yes! There is only one truth!” Wu Sir rolled his eyes and said, “Skinny boy Aren is a member of the organization, and that organization is in Oli Company!”

  ”Report to the director and apply for a search warrant! This time, we will not only arrest people, but also search for arms!” The two Sirs walked to the director’s office with evidence.

  ”This organization is well-equipped and has stealth assassins! It won’t be so easy to capture.” Sir He was a little worried.

  ”We have to apply for some equipment that can be confronted, otherwise we must not act rashly.” The two Sirs nodded to each other and reached a consensus.

  Sanying Company has finally been repaired. Although it has returned to its original state, many employees no longer dare to come to work.

  Lao Jianliang is interviewing new employees on the first floor, expanding Sanying’s team again.

  As soon as Jie Ge returned to the company, he turned on the computer and nervously invested in the research and development of the third stage of the AI ​​search engine.

  Wang Bingbing sat obediently next to Brother Jie, listening to music and eating fruit. The two were as glued as paint, inseparable.

  ”Musk stopped investing, Zuckerberg ignored us, and our capital chain is about to break. Next, even if Jie Ge successfully developed a three-level search engine. It will be difficult for us to promote it in the market.” , Lao Zhao and Xiao Su are studying market countermeasures in the living room outside.

  Nini and Yifei are in the back kitchen on the first floor, learning how to cook from the chef. A good wife and good mother is their common goal.

  Suddenly, a gentle man appeared at the door of the company, with a black suit, a trendy bipartisan, and a pair of glasses.

  After being searched by the security, they came to the third floor.

  ”Excuse me, Zhang Nini, are you there? I have something to ask for Zhang Nini.” This person spoke gently, with a serious look on his face, it didn’t seem like he was joking.

  Nini ran up from the first floor and asked out of breath, “I am Zhang Nini, who are you?”

  ”Hello, Miss Zhang Nini. I’m Zheng Dali from Zhengda Wealth Management Company, and I’m here to help you manage your finances.” This person took out a document from his bag and threw it on the table.

  ”Ah? What kind of money do I manage? I don’t have a penny.” Nini asked curiously with wide eyes.

  ”Your father Zhang Liang, entrusted our company to manage your 50 billion funds.”

  ”Oh my God!” Lao Zhao almost fell off the stool when he heard it, tightly holding Xiao Su’s hand, and said, “You are a great hero of the company!”

  Xiao Su’s face was blank and completely incomprehensible.

  Brother Jie also rushed out of the office, “Zheng Dali, right? Please take a seat, please take a seat.”

  ”Where is my father? How is he?” Nini was very anxious.

  ”Don’t worry, Mr. Zhang is very good and healthy. He retired from the world and became a seclusion.” Zheng Dali took out a pen from his bag and handed it to Nini.

  ”You sign this power of attorney, then we can officially manage your property.”

  Nini picked up the pen and signed, “I want to see my father, can I see him?”

  ”Not now, he said. The day you bought Ori was when your father and daughter were reunited.”

  ”What?! My dad wants me to buy Ori.” Nini’s eyes widened.

  ”Yes, the 50 billion is the start-up capital for you.”

  Lao Zhao got up in a hurry, stepped forward and said, “Our company is lacking a chairman.”

  Nini turned to look at Brother Jie and asked, “Are you confident?”

  ”Definitely!”, Brother Jie replied confidently.

  As expected, Nini invested in Sanying Company on the same day and became the chairman.

  Combined with this investment, the company is even more powerful. Jie Ge quickly completed the research and development of the third level of the intelligent AI search engine.

  The major news, newspapers, and magazines have fried the pot again.

  Sogoe intelligent AI search engine is the third level. Leading the advanced civilization of mankind. Not only can you search for data, but also organize the data, make the results directly, and complete all your work directly. The AI ​​system self-upgrades, manages and maintains.

  Sanying Network regained 90% of the market share, and major investors once again focused on the Sogo AI engine!

  Zhou Shijun held this newspaper and gritted his teeth.

  ”What’s wrong? Your face is so ugly?” Wang Baihe asked while sitting on the sofa leisurely.

  ”It seems that this person must die!” Zhou Shijun slapped the table and shouted.

  Wang Baihe got up calmly, walked over slowly, picked up the newspaper and read it, and said coldly, “Tonight, take Yizute.”

  Zhou Shijun lit a cigarette and nodded in satisfaction.

  Since Sanying Network Company suffered a terrorist attack, it has strengthened its defense, with three layers inside and three layers outside. Each floor is separated by explosion-proof doors, just like a tower defense game.

  Employees are no longer working in three shifts, because the AI ​​system is now self-upgrading, managing and maintaining. In Sanying Company in the dead of night, except for Brother Jie, who stayed up all night to work and develop the four-level system, there were only security guards and mercenaries.

  The recovered mercenary army commander Liu Bo was playing games with several security guards on the third floor.

  The night was dark and windy, and the wind was cold.

  The explosion-proof door on the third floor was quietly closed and locked! A few people were playing PK games, and they didn’t notice it at all.

  Suddenly, “Ah!”, a sound! Blood sprayed on the game screen!

  Liu Bo turned his head and saw that the brother next to him had his throat cut! Covering his face, he shouted, “Shina!”

  An air current is approaching! Years of combat experience made him dodge subconsciously.

  I saw a flash of golden light in front of my eyes, and a dagger appeared out of thin air!

  Captain Liu tumbled three times on the ground swiftly, one of them flipped up and shouted, “There are assassins!”

  Six security guards rushed out back and forth from the third floor, “Where?!”

  The voice just fell, “Ah!!~Ah…ah!”, a few screams. The six security guards fell to the ground one after another, blood sprayed in the air, and a ghost was clearly visible!

  Captain Liu quickly raised his gun, “Crack, snap!” The ghost fell to the ground after being shot! He stepped forward and looked at it, “Chen Nanniang B, an invisible person!?”

  The sound of gunfire alerted the security guard downstairs, and they went upstairs quickly, “Damn it! Why is the third floor locked again!??”

  Brother Jie got up and walked out of the office, “Damn it, what’s wrong?”

  ”Invisible Assassin! Be careful!”, Liu Bo shouted.

  Brother Jie suddenly found two invisible people standing in front of him! “Damn it! I saw them!”. It turns out that Bingbing’s eyes have been improved and can be anti-invisibility!

  ”Whoosh!…”, the golden light flashed, and the dagger came! Brother Jie fell to the ground in fright, dodging a blow. Get up immediately and quickly climb back to the office to get the gun.

  The two invisible men quickly chased after them, “Crack, snap, snap, snap…” At a critical moment, Brother Jie pulled the trigger and fired the entire magazine!

  The two invisible men were shot and revealed, struggling on the ground.

  ”Crack, snap!” Captain Liu stepped forward, fired two shots, and ended them.

  Before he could catch his breath, “Bang!” The window on the third floor shattered. Fly in a masked man in black!

  Captain Liu turned his head to look and was startled, “Poke that mother! Martial arts movie?!”

  ”Crack, snap, snap, snap!” Captain Liu shot the man in black just a few times, finishing the entire magazine.

  But the man in black was as light as a swallow. A few flips diddge bullets, and he was already in front of Captain Liu. A side kick kicked him away!

  Captain Liu flew back to the living room from the office, stood up swayingly, and the man in black chased after him.

  The two fought in the living room. Captain Liu was obviously not an opponent. After a few rounds, he was kicked out of the window by a trick of the dragon, and he said goodbye.

  After seeing Captain Liu being kicked away, Brother Jie didn’t panic, and didn’t rush to change the magazine. He just sat down calmly and continued typing the code on the keyboard.

  With the figure and movements of the man in black, Brother Jie knew very well who she was. He sat down and continued to work, not to give up resistance, but to conclude that the man in black did not dare to hurt him.

  The man in black flipped forward, picked up a pistol on the ground, stepped forward, and faced Brother Jie’s head. However, she hesitated, why is Brother Jie typing on the keyboard so calmly? Isn’t he blind?

  Suddenly, there was a movement from the corner, and the man in black immediately turned around and raised his gun.

  A woman with gauze wrapped around her eyes was slowly leaning against the wall, walking step by step, and said softly, “Brother Jie, are you alright?”

  The man in black looked at the woman, his whole body trembled, his hands softened, and the gun fell to the ground.

  This body type! This sound! That beauty mole on the corner of the mouth!

  The man in black stepped forward, hugged Wang Bingbing tightly, and burst into tears!

  ”Bingbing! You…you…what’s wrong with you?!” The man in black saw Bingbing’s eyes wrapped in gauze, and looked back. Brother Jie’s big watery eyes said, “No!!…”, sad Desire!

  ”Bingbing, you, why are you so stupid! Woohoo……”

  ”Sister, we are all equally stupid. Please, don’t hurt him.” Wang Bingbing pleaded in the arms of the man in black.

  ”Ah!!!…”, the man in black burst into tears, stood up with a sob, and walked unsteadily to Brother Jie, “Take care of my sister, if you dare to bully her, I will kill you!”

  Brother Jie was already deeply moved by this scene of deep love between sisters, tears welling up in his eyes, he looked up at the man in black and smiled, “Don’t worry, I love her, and I will take good care of her in my life.”

  ”Boom!” With a sound, the explosion-proof door on the third floor was blasted open, and a group of secret people rushed up and aimed their guns at the man in black.

  ”Don’t shoot! Let her go!” Jack shouted.

  All the security guards put down their guns, only to see the man in black jumped lightly, flew out of the window, and disappeared into the night.

  Soon, police cars and ambulances all arrived at the door of Sanying Network Company.

  Sir He and Sir Wu got out of the police car, they looked at each other and shook their heads helplessly, “This Sanying network is endless? Why does it keep happening! It hurts me to fish half of every time I fish!”

  The two turned their heads and suddenly found someone crawling towards them in the distance, so they immediately walked over.

  It turned out to be the commander of the mercenary army, Liu Bo. He was dying, raising a hand tremblingly.

  The two Sirs widened their eyes and studied for a long time, only to discover that Captain Liu has a long hair on his hand!

  ”This, this is that, the hair of the man in black.” After speaking, Captain Liu turned his back.

  The two Sirs nodded and put away the long hair, this is the final clue!

  To be continued…

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