[Cinderella]Chapter 16 – Battle of Ori

  ”What!? You missed?!” Zhou Shijun was furious!

  Wang Baihe took off his black clothes, put on a professional attire, and said calmly, “Yes, I missed it.”

  ”Why, why!? Your skill is one enemy hundred, why did you miss it?!” Zhou Shijun lit a cigarette, his face turned pale.

  ”My precious sister is protecting him, I can’t do it.” Wang Lihe poured a glass of wine and sat down on the sofa to rest.

  ”Hey, you little sister, I sent her to go undercover. You actually committed suicide!” Zhou Shijun took a deep breath and gritted his teeth.

  ”I tell you, don’t touch my sister!” Wang Baihe turned her head and roared.

  ”Okay, okay, I won’t move her. You have protected her since you were a child, she is your baby. Come on!” Zhou Shijun let out a breath of smoke, raised his head and thought deeply.

  Suddenly, his eyes turned, the corner of his mouth cracked, and he had a new plan.

  At this moment, in the laboratory of the police station, the report of this long hair came out.

  The two Sirs held the report, puzzled. According to the DNA matching results in the report, the hair belonged to an assistant to the chairman of Ouri. How could this weak woman kick a battle-hardened mercenary captain down the third floor? Could it be that this was a false clue left on purpose?

  ”This Ori company also has a lot of problems, hidden murder!”, He Sir said to himself.

  ”Yes! There is only one truth!” Wu Sir pointed to the report and shouted, “This assistant to the chairman is a hidden killer!”

  ”Nah, have you seen Conan too much?”, He Sir shook his head.

  The next day, the major newspapers and magazines had headlines again, and the common people had become accustomed to such headlines.

  Sanying network assassins visit, seven dead and eight injured.

  The core characters are safe and sound, containing mystery.

  ”Recent news is always made up, reading news is better than reading novels.” Passerby Jia said.

  ”Yes, there is a cat named Xilan recently, and his writing is good.” Passerby B said.

  ”Really? Look there?”

  ”On the Internet! Xixi, Lan Lan, Mao Mao, resist! It’s free.”

  ”Okay, thank you.”

  When Xiao Su and Lao Zhao heard the news, they rushed to Sanying Company immediately. Looking at the blood on the third floor, I felt helpless.

  ”Brother Jie, what’s the situation? Why can’t we keep off these thieves?” Lao Zhao sat on the sofa and lit a cigarette, helpless.

  ”Are all these people flying rocks and walking over walls?” Xiao Su looked at the broken window.

  Brother Jie calmly typed on the keyboard and said, “Just a few more days, and the development of Level 4 will be completed. At that time, AI technology will be used in robots. We will fully upgrade to machine security, and a mosquito will not be able to get in. ”

  ”Great, the company’s performance has been stable recently. Competitors on the same stage have also withdrawn one by one, and Ouli’s stock price has been falling, which shows that their business is getting worse and worse. I bought Ouli and returned to Nini. Promise.” Lao Zhao said calmly while looking at the company reports.

  ”Great, in the future, when playing World of Warcraft, you don’t need to download the dungeon alone. Playing four AIs together is perfect!” Xiao Su bit the watermelon and sat calmly on the sofa.

  Nini and Yifei are directing the employees up and down the company to clean up the messy post-war ruins on the third floor.

  ”Hello! Who are you looking for?” Lao Zhao asked when the phone rang.

  ”Zhang Nini.” A deep voice came from the phone.

  Old Zhao frowned, sneaky, dry hair! ? “Nini, I have a phone call for you. “

  ”Hello? Dad? Dad, where are you?” Nini answered the phone, suddenly nervous!

  The third floor was suddenly silent, everyone was paying attention, what happened?

  Zhou Shijun’s voice came over the phone, “Hey, Nini, I’ve missed you a lot since the wedding. Come to Oli to meet me. Remember, come alone, we’ll talk about a business.”

  ”Hey! Hey! How is my father? Hey!”, Nini was furious.

  ”Beep…”, but the phone has been hung up.

  Nini quickly picked up her bag and was about to rush downstairs, but was stopped by everyone.

  ”Can’t go! Dangerous!”, Brother Jie shouted and walked out of the office.

  ”I know who they are, don’t go, that’s going to die.”

  ”No, I have to go, I’m going to see my dad.”

  ”Xiao Su, bring the security guard with her.”

  ”No, he let me go alone.” After saying that, Nini rushed downstairs and ran to Oli next to her.

  Brother Jie shook his head helplessly, “Call the police!”

  Xiao Su quickly called the police, “Hey! Hey! I want to call the police!”

  ”Hello, how can I help you? Please speak slowly, what happened?”

  ”Me, my girlfriend just went to Oli Company!”, Xiao Su was furious.

  ”Oh? Then what?”

  ”Huh? Then, then there might be danger!?”

  ”What danger? Something happened?”

  ”No, she called daddy and rushed out.”

  ”Then what happened to her father?”

  ”This, this I don’t know.”

  ”Then why do you want the police to help you?”

  ”This…I think about…”

  ”Thank you for calling, beep…”

  Xiao Su looked at a loss.

  Nini ran downstairs to Oli Company, and the security guard was already waiting at the door, “Chairman, please go directly to the top floor, the office.”

  ”Got it! Get out of the way!” Nini pushed the security guard away and ran inside.

  ”Ding!”, the elevator reached the top floor.

  This is an environment that Nini is familiar with. She hurried to the left, kicked open the door of Zhou Shijun’s office, and shouted, “What do you want!”

  Zhou Shijun was smoking a cigarette with a cigarette in his mouth. The corner of his mouth cracked and he smiled, “Nini, you’re finally here. You’re still that impatient, haha, sit down.”

  ”Where’s my dad!? Did you beat him up!?” Nini’s eyes widened, frowning and shouting.

  Zhou Shijun smiled coldly, took a breath of cigarette calmly, and said, “Sit down and talk slowly.”

  ”What’s there to talk about!? We grew up together, but I don’t love you! You’re only marrying me for profit!” Nini yelled.

  Zhou Shijun picked up the wine bottle, poured a glass of wine, and handed it over, “Calm down, calm down, come, have a glass of wine first. We’re light on business.”

  Nini drank it dry and shouted, “Where’s my dad!?”

  Zhou Shijun let out a puff of smoke as if nothing had happened, and said, “I don’t have Uncle Zhang Bangjia, how dare I, he watched me grow up. I just played his previous recordings from the company. But I know where he is.”

  ”You’re crazy!” Nini yelled.

  ”I just want to discuss business with you. If I don’t do this, I’m afraid you won’t come.” Zhou Shijun got up and smiled.

  Nini put her hands on her hips and tilted her head, shouting, “There is no business between us!”

  ”Of course, you are now the chairman of Sanying Company, the only major shareholder. You hand over the source code to me, and we will work together to rebuild the glory of Ouri in the past. Together, we are invincible! Long live our friendship! “, Zhou Shijun showed an evil smile.

  ”Pus brain Watt?!” Nini turned and left the office.

  But suddenly my head was dizzy, and I fell to the ground.

  When she woke up again, she found that she was sleeping in her guest room on the top floor, and everything around her was so familiar. This was her bedroom in Oli, and she hadn’t come back for a long time.

  She got up quickly and was about to flee, but the door was locked tightly. Looking around the room again, there is no communication provisioning.

  ”Let me out!! You’re dirty! Drugs in the wine!” Nini kicked the door hard.

  Zhou Shijun’s voice came from outside, “Nini, calm down. We grew up together, I can’t bear to make you a big country, you just have a good rest in the room, and I will let you naturally when I get things done. go out.”

  ”You lunatic! Crazy!” Nini yelled at the door, picked up a vase and smashed it, “Boom…!”

  Zhou Shijun turned around helplessly, said to the four security guards, “Keep an eye on it, don’t be surprised!”, and then left.

  Right now, in the police station. Sir He and Sir Wu are giving their final speeches before the team leaves.

  ”Brothers! We are going out today, mainly for two tasks! First, capture the skinny boy Aren! If you resist arrest, shoot! Second, search Oli, there is evidence that they are hiding arms! Everyone pay attention to safety!”

  ”Yes, Sir!!!”

  The entire police station was dispatched in a mighty, mighty manner, with more than 30 people, and set off towards Oli.

  Xiao Su walked back and forth anxiously at the door of Sanying Network.

  Brother Jie and Lao Zhao looked at the time on the third floor. It had been an hour and they had not come back. Something must have happened.

  Suddenly, the window flew into a remote-controlled helicopter with a letter hanging on it.

  Lao Zhao tore off the letter and scolded, “This method is too old-fashioned!”

  Sure enough, four big characters were written on the letter, “Code replacement!”

  ”Something happened!” Brother Jie shouted, throwing the letter to Xiao Su downstairs.

  Xiao Su opened it and shouted, “Call the police!”.

  ”It seems that there is no need.” Lao Zhao said, pointing to the road.

  Xiao Su looked back and saw more than a dozen police cars, large and small, driving over and stopped at the front door of Oli.

  Sir He and Sir Wu calmly jumped out of the police car and led the police officer to the security guard at the door.

  Xiao Su cried and ran over, “Help! He Sir, Wu Sir!!!”

  The two Sirs turned their heads and looked, what’s the situation? !

  ”Oli’s chairman, Bang framed our chairman!”, Xiao Su shouted panting.

  The two Sirs looked confused!

  ”It has reached this point? The two company chairman heads up?!”, He Sir turned his head and asked.

  Sir Wu, turning his smart eyes, shouted, “Yes, there is only one truth!…”

  ”Shut up!” With a helpless expression on his face, He Sir turned to Xiao Su and said, “Is there any evidence?”

  Xiao Su held up the stationery, “Code substitution!”

  ”Okay, you come in with us! We are just about to search!” He Sir patted Xiao Su on the shoulder and said.

  I saw Sir He took out two police station orders and said to the security guard Oli, “Get out of the way, we will perform official duties, arrest and search!”

  Several security guards looked at the police station order, and then looked at each other, then stepped back to make way, and immediately called Zhou Shijun.

  Xiao Su and a team of police officers swaggered in.

  ”What?! I know!” Zhou Shijun was dumbfounded!

  He looked up at the ceiling, puzzled! So soon, the police know about his Bangjia people? impossible?

  Very familiar environment, Xiao Su has not returned to Oli Company for a long time, by the way, he will show the way for the two Sirs.

  ”You lead the team to start the search, and I’ll lead the team to the 19th floor to arrest Ah Ren!” Sir He turned his head and said to Sir Wu.

  ”Okay! Don’t worry! There is only one truth! Brothers, come with me!” Wu Sir waved his hand and led the police officers to search from the first floor.

  Xiao Su followed He Sir into the elevator and went up to the 19th floor.

  ”Ding!”, the elevator reached the 19th floor, everything was very familiar, Xiao Su passed by the office of the marketing department, looked inside, and an unknown man had already taken over Yifei’s manager position.

  Going forward again, passing a familiar toilet, it is the network department.

  Aren, a skinny boy wearing gold-rimmed glasses, just walked out of the office, turned his head and saw that a group of policemen were walking towards him, stunned!

  ”I’m He Dan from the serious crime team, and I’m instructed to arrest you now. You have the right to remain silent, but every word you say will be used as evidence in court.” Sir He showed a pair of handcuffs.

  Aren turned around and ran away, escaping upstairs!

  ”Chase!”, Sir He and his team chased out and went upstairs.

  Xiao Su looked left and right, all of them were unfamiliar faces, shouted, “Wait for me!”, and also chased out.

  Sir He and the others chased the top floor in one breath. Seeing that there was nowhere to run, Ah Ren took out his pistol, “Crack, snap!”

  Sir He swiftly rolled on the ground, dodged, got up and shot, “Crack!”

  Aren was shot in the leg and fell to the ground, “Ah!…Pain!…”

  A bunch of police rushed up, held him to the ground, and tortured him.

  ”Don’t, don’t arrest me! Jay Chou asked me to do everything, I’m just in charge of typing on the keyboard, I didn’t kill anyone!” Ah Ren yelled.

  ”Press him back to the police station!” Sir He shouted as he put away his pistol.

  The sound of gunfire alarmed Zhou Shijun and Wang Baihe on the top floor. The two looked at each other and felt that the situation was not good!

  Just when Sir He was about to carry Ah Ren downstairs, “Ah!…Ah!…”, two screams, and the two police officers fell to the ground with blood spurting!

  A golden light flashed in front of him, and a dagger appeared in the air. He Sir swiftly rolled on the ground and flashed past!

  ”Everyone, get out! There are invisible assassins!” He Sir shouted, and everyone left Ah Ren, turned around and ran downstairs.

  ”Ah!…Ah!…”, there were two more screams, and two police officers spewed blood and fell to the ground!

  Xiao Su had just climbed out of breath to hold back, only to see He Sir’s team rushing down, shouting, “Run!”

  Xiao Su gasped for breath and was stunned.

  ”Ah!…Ah!!…” There were two more screams, and the two policemen spewed blood and rolled down the stairs!

  ”Damn it!”, Xiao Su ran away. This was the first time he had seen a stealth assassin!

  Sir He and the others rushed to the first floor and escaped from Oli.

  ”Ah!!…”, there was a scream from behind!

  Everyone looked back, an invisible assassin appeared in the sun! Also burned the skin.

  ”Clap clap, clap clap…”, a burst of guns, the stealth assassin fell to the ground, spewing blood and died!

  On the balcony of Sanying Network Company next to him, Brother Jie and Lao Zhao were watching anxiously. Seeing this, they were shocked!

  Brother Jie rolled up his sleeves and said to Lao Zhao, “You stay and guard the base, and I’ll help Xiao Su and the others.”

  Lao Zhao nodded, turned his head and shouted, “Sanying Company has entered a state of combat readiness! Fire prevention, theft prevention, and assassination prevention!”

  Lao Zhao sent Yifei and Bingbing into the secret room, rushed out with a submachine gun, and shouted, “Lao Jianliang! Get out of the sofa for me! Get into the fight!”

  ”No! I’m a technician, not a fighter! You’ve exposed my position! You made me have to hide in another place!” After speaking, he quickly rolled out from the sofa and looked for another place to hide.

  At the door of Oli, Wu Sir and his team also escaped, panicking!

  ”What’s the situation!?”, Sir He grabbed Sir Wu and shouted!

  ”Earth, a tunnel was found in the underground garage. The tunnel leads directly under the Sanying Company opposite, and several tons of explosives are placed under it! I don’t know if it’s true or not!”, Wu Sir was so frightened that there was no truth!

  He Sir looked left and right, only ten of the more than thirty police officers, shouted, “Quickly call the special forces!! Quickly call the bomb disposal experts!!”

  Brother Jie walked with an infrared pen and calmly walked towards the panicked people…

  To be continued…

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