[Cinderella]Chapter 17 – Three captures of Aren

  Nini heard the sound of gunfire just now, and was shocked! Something big is about to happen! Hide under the bed now!

  ”What are you doing here! It’s dangerous here!”, Xiao Su grabbed Brother Jie and shouted!

  ”I’m here to help you.” Jie Ge said calmly.

  ”Ah?!” Several people turned their heads and looked at the person with a laser pointer in his hand, how to help?

  ”I, can, see, arrive, hide, body, object, body!” Brother Jie said word by word very slowly and clearly, and everyone finally understood.

  ”Impossible! Why?!”, Sir Wu shouted.

  ”Because, the whole story, only I know the truth!” Brother Jie said calmly.

  The audience was amazed.

  Soon, the special forces arrived. There were two cars and fifty people. The captain jumped out of the car and ran over!

  The bomb disposal expert’s car has also arrived, and it’s still that Tian Sir!

  ”I am the Special Forces, number 0571, Captain Zhang Lu. What’s the situation with you here?!”

  ”I’m Tian Kai, the bomb disposal expert of the Major Crimes Unit, look me in the eyes, do as I say, and I’ll keep you safe.” Fuck, this turned out to be a line!

  ”The suspect resists arrest and is on the run, and the bombs are all over the place!”, He Sir is simple and clear.

  Captain Zhang turned around and made a gesture, “The soldiers are divided into two teams, and ten people escort the bomb disposal experts. The rest will follow me upstairs to arrest the suspects!”

  ”Xiao Su, you and the bomb disposal experts. If you can’t dismantle it, let everyone in the company run away!”, Brother Jie turned his head and patted Xiao Su on the shoulder.

  ”Okay!” Xiao Su rushed in with the bomb disposal team.

  ”Follow me, where my laser pointer points, you hit there!”, Brother Jie shouted, rushed in and walked in the front.

  As soon as he entered the door, Brother Jie shouted, “Fuck me!”.

  In his eyes, more than a dozen stealth assassins have appeared, lined up in front.

  Brother Jie picked up the laser pointer, pointed to the front and shouted, “Fire!”

  The audience was silent, no one responded, and there were whispers from the players behind him, “Brained in your head? Think you are Harry Potter?”

  Only Sir Wu slowly raised the gun, facing the empty front, “Crack!”, and fired a shot! Because only he believes, there is only one truth! That is what Jie said, only he knows the truth!

  ”Ah!…” With a scream, a stealth assassin was shot and revealed! Fall to the ground!

  ”Wow!!!!……”, the audience was shocked! !

  ”Fire! Follow Harry Potter’s wand!”

  ”Da Da Da… Da Da… Da… Da Da Da…”, a burst of fire!

  The stealth assassins in front of them were shot and made their appearance, spewing blood and fell to the ground!

  There was a flash of golden light in the darkness, and several daggers flew over!

  ”Ah!!…” After a few screams, several special forces fell to the ground.

  In all directions, there are stealth assassins, surrounded!

  Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, A, B, Jay’s magic wand is too busy to point to.

  Gunshots, screams, fighting, chaos.

  Brother Jie picked up a gun and decided to do it himself, pointing and pointing, you are all too slow to react! !

  On the other side, the bomb disposal team has reached the basement where the explosives have been placed.

  Everyone squatted at the door, only Tian Sir, who was wearing explosion-proof heavy armor, walked in calmly!

  ”I’m Tian Kai, a bomb disposal expert from the Major Crime Squad. Look me in the eyes and do as I say. I’ll guarantee your safety.”

  ”Fuck! Big brother, there’s no one inside, just bombs!”

  ”Ah? I’m sorry, I’m used to it…” Tian Sir shouted back.

  After careful research, “One-way line device! It can only be detonated, not dismantled!”, Tian Sir shook his head helplessly and said.

  ”Fuck! Big brother, you say that every time! You said it last time, and I believe it. You still say it this time? Are you a bomb disposal expert or a detonation expert? Do you have any proof?!”

  ”No! It also comes with a remote detonation device. Now it’s activated!” Tian Sir yelled.

  ”Hurry up and notify the personnel of Sanying Company above to evacuate all!”

  Xiao Su turned around and rushed out, running back to Sanying Company!

  Passing by the hall on the first floor, there are already corpses everywhere. He quickly stepped over the corpse and rushed out of the building!

  He shouted all the way, “Don’t shoot! Your own people!”

  ”What’s the matter?!” Lao Zhao asked on the balcony.

  Xiao Su panted and shouted, “There are several tons of explosives underground in the Sanying Company, and it will explode at any time. Evacuate immediately!”

  ”Fuck!” Lao Zhao’s eyes widened after hearing this, and the cigarettes fell to the ground!

  He turned around and shouted, “Open the gate! All evacuate!”

  The people in Sanying Company fled in a rush, and Lao Zhao and Yifei hurriedly helped Bingbing out.

  Everyone gathered at a distance of 500 meters and counted the number of people.

  ”Report! One less person!”

  ”Who?” Lao Zhao was furious!

  ”Lao Jianliang!”

  ”Fuck! This idiot is hiding there again!” Lao Zhao turned around and rushed back!

  ”Husband! Be careful, go and come back quickly, forget it if you can’t find it!” Yifei shouted with tears streaming down her face.

  Old Zhao looked annoyed and rushed back to Sanying Company.

  ”Shit! Under the sofa?! No!”

  ”What are you! In the filing cabinet?! No!”

  Lao Zhao rushed to the third floor!

  ”Shina! In the closet?! No!”

  ”Defeat! Under the bed?! Not even!”

  ”Lao Jianliang! Where the hell did you go?!! This time you hide so well!!! I can’t find it!!!” Lao Zhao shouted!

  Lao Zhao ran downstairs again, and suddenly found that the back kitchen was full of food. When he ran over, he saw that it was all in the refrigerator.

  He yanked open the refrigerator! “Fuck! You made me find it so hard! Lao Jianliang!”

  ”What?! You found it so soon!?” Xiao Lao was shocked!

  ”Run, it’s going to explode here!” Lao Zhao yelled and ran away in a hurry.

  ”Wait, wait for me, my legs are freezing!”

  Lao Zhao ran back again, picked up Xiao Lao, and walked out, “You are really a sinner!”

  ”Husband!…You are so heroic!! I love you!!…”, Yifei shouted from a distance.

  I saw Lao Zhao carrying Xiao Lao, walking back calmly with vigorous steps, just waiting for a loud noise behind him and the flames soaring into the sky to match his heroic appearance!

  But the bomb didn’t explode.

  ”what’s the situation?!”

  ”This bomb really can’t be defused. He is remotely controlled, and it receives a signal every second. If the signal is gone, it will explode immediately.” Tian Sir shook his head helplessly and stood up.

  ”Let’s withdraw and wait for the explosion.” Tian Sir put away the toolbox, turned around and walked out.

  ”Ah!? Are you sure!?” Several special forces followed and left.

  Passing by the hall on the first floor, there are corpses everywhere! Several special forces turned their heads and went upstairs to support.

  Harry Potter took the special forces all the way to the top floor, no, it was Jie Ge.

  Although the special forces have been reduced by half, but for the justice of the law, follow He and Wu sir and move forward bravely.

  When they climbed to the last floor, they found Aren lying on the stairs with an expression of pain.

  ”I’m He Dan from the serious crime team, and I’m here to arrest you. You have the right to remain silent, but every word you say will be used as evidence in court.” Sir He showed a pair of handcuffs again.

  ”Fuck! Do it again?” Aren raised his head and looked at He Sir and said helplessly, “You guys just ran away in a hurry, and threw me down heavily. It hurt so much that I broke my bones!”

  The four special forces stepped forward and picked him up, “Go! Take him downstairs.”

  ”Wait a minute!” Brother Jie shouted, “There is still Nini who has been kidnapped and needs to be rescued. The situation here is so complicated, she must be more fortunate than fortunate.”

  ”You take him down, this task is handed over to me.” Captain Zhang waved his hand, led the special forces, kicked open the side door and rushed in.

  ”Excuse me! Let me ask, is the hostage to be rescued, is it a man or a woman? What does he look like?” Captain Zhang ran back and asked.

  ”I’m faint! I’ll go with you.” Brother Jie turned around and rushed in with Captain Zhang.

  ”Special Forces! Get down! Don’t move!” Captain Zhang led someone and rushed into a large office and shouted.

  Everyone was shocked by the sight in front of them!

  There are more than 100 people in the office, working quietly. Some get up to copy documents, some get up to make coffee, and some are picking up the phone to contact business.

  In the midst of gunfire and chaos, he worked so calmly.

  Captain Zhang roared as if he hadn’t heard it.

  Everyone put down their guns and looked at each other with blank faces. Is this another space? Why are you isolated from the outside world?

  ”What’s the situation? Who is in charge here?” Captain Zhang grabbed a passing employee and shouted.

  I saw the employee smiled calmly and said, “Hello, this is the international business department on the top floor. Who are you looking for? How can I help you?”

  Although very polite, everyone saw that this person’s eyes were dull. Although his eyes are open, they have no light, just like sleepwalking.

  After the person finished speaking, he maintained this action and stayed there, motionless, like a robot.

  Everyone felt that the situation was not right, and when they looked around, they found that every employee at work was in the same state, with dull eyes and expressionless, like sleepwalking.

  Seeing that the situation was not right, Brother Jie said quickly, “I’m sorry, we went wrong.”

  The stunned employee responded, raising his head and smiling slightly. “Thank you for coming.” He turned to work.

  When he turned around, everyone could clearly see the back of his head with a chip inserted.

  There is also a standard on this chip, clearly visible.

  ”Damn it! This is Musk’s brain interface chip.” Brother Jie shouted.

  Just then, a voice came from the building’s radio.

  ”Attention to all units, attention to all units, the Ori Building has been invaded, and the Ori Building has been invaded. All employees, their work status is adjusted to F1. All unregistered personnel will be cleared.”

  ”What do you mean?” Captain Zhang turned his head and asked.

  All the employees put down their work, unified their eyes, and turned to look at Captain Zhang’s group of people.

  ”What’s the situation?” Captain Zhang watched these people staring at him, a little flustered in his heart, and slowly raised his gun.

  Sudden! These employees acted in unison, opened the drawer, took out the gun from the inside, and raised it to fire a burst of fire.

  ”Da da da da da da da da da da.”

  ”Damn it, crazy!” Brother Jie and Captain Zhang quickly got down! A few players standing behind, before they could react, fell to the ground with several bullets, spewing blood and died.

  The other team members returned fire with their guns, and the office instantly turned into a battlefield.

  Brother Jie and Captain Zhang crawled out of the chaos. Seeing that the situation was outnumbered, they shouted, “Retreat! Brothers!”

  It was too late, most of the special forces brothers had fallen in a pool of blood. And these zombie-like employees have already rushed over in great strides.

  ”Run!” Jack yelled.

  The remaining few people ran downstairs in a hurry, and ran down from the top floor again.

  He Sir and others were carrying Aren downstairs when they saw Brother Jie passing by in a panic and asked, “What’s the matter?”

  Brother Jie and the others have long since disappeared, only to hear Brother Jie’s voice from downstairs, “Run! Zombies!”

  ”What? Zombies? Have you watched too many zombie movies?”, Sir He and Sir Wu looked up and saw the crowd upstairs was surging like a flood.

  ”Damn it! Run! Brothers! The zombies are coming!”

  After a loud roar, he threw Aren casually and fled downstairs. Aren was slammed to the ground again and broke again.

  Ah Ren cried on the ground, “Damn it, are you arresting me, or are you going to maim me?”

  The zombies came surging from behind, nimbly jumped over Aren, unscathed. Aren nodded. Fortunately, I am a registered employee.

  Old Zhao and the others were anxiously looking at the exterior of the Ouli Building, when they saw Brother Jie rolling and crawling, and escaped from the inside in panic.

  ”What’s the situation, why did you escape again?” Lao Zhao shouted as he grabbed Brother Jie.

  ”Run! This time it’s a zombie.” Brother Jie shouted and ran away in a hurry.

  Lao Zhao turned his head and saw a surging zombie rushing out.

  Lao Zhao, who never watched zombie movies, had his legs softened, and Lai fell to the ground, dead.

  ”Husband! Get up quickly, don’t fall to the ground.” Yifei’s hoarse shout came from behind.

  At this critical moment, several zombies who rushed out of the building suddenly fell to the ground unconscious. The other zombies didn’t dare to come out after they stopped.

  Lao Zhao saved his life and crawled out of the corpse.

  ”Hey, hello, I’m the Special Forces, number 0571, Captain Zhang Lu, I’m asking for army support.” Captain Zhang called on the walkie-talkie.

  There were very few people left, standing at the door with their guns aimed at the zombies in the building, for fear that they would rush out in one breath.

  At this moment, several zombies who had just fallen to the ground slowly woke up, touched their heads, and stood up.

  ”Me, where am I? What’s wrong with me?”

  ”What’s wrong? Why are they pointing guns at us?”

  ”Ah, my head hurts, what’s in the back of my head?”

  ”Remember! We’re plugged in, smart chip.”

  ”That thing isn’t a smart chip, it’s controlling our brains.”

  ”Yes, it is the signal of the transmitter on the roof.” Several employees pointed to the top of the Oli Building.

  ”So it is!” Everyone suddenly understood.

  ”Fuck, this guy Musk stopped cooperating with us. It turned out to be cooperating with Oli Zhou Shijun to develop such a harmful device.”

  ”Not necessarily, maybe Zhou Shijun changed the technology privately and used it for himself.” Brother Jie said, wiping the sweat from his face.

  ”The support troops are here!”, Xiao Su pointed to the four helicopters and ground tank armored vehicles in the sky.

  ”Hey, hello, I’m the garrisoned unit, 1818 battalion, battalion commander Zhang Dajie. What’s the situation, what’s the plan?” The voice of the support unit came from the walkie-talkie.

  ”Airborne soldiers, go directly to the top floor and blow up the signal transmitter.” Zhang Lu, the leader of the special forces, shouted into the walkie-talkie.

  ”Roger that!”

  Four military transport planes hovered on the roof of Oli Building.

  To be continued…

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