[Cinderella]Chapter 18 – Finale

  Battalion commander Zhang Dajie and more than 100 team members were descending from the helicopter to the top roof.

  I saw a woman in black standing on the rooftop, holding a bazooka. The corners of his mouth lined up, he smiled slightly, and pulled the trigger.

  ”Boom!” With a loud bang, a helicopter was hit and crashed with people.

  The people downstairs scattered, shouting, “Fuck, the plane fell!”

  The soldiers who had already landed on the rooftop shot at the woman in black, “Da da da da da da da da da da da.”

  But the woman in black stood there, motionless and smiling.

  ”Fuck, what’s going on? Is King Kong indestructible?” battalion commander Zhang Dajie shouted in surprise.

  ”Boom!”, there was another loud noise, and another helicopter was hit. Circling and falling down.

  ”What’s the situation? Where did the missile come from?” Battalion Commander Zhang Dajie was at a loss.

  ”The personnel have been airborne, the transport planes are evacuated, good luck.” The remaining two transport planes turned around and dodged.

  More than seventy soldiers on the rooftop raised their guns at the woman in black, waiting for orders.

  The battalion commander, Zhang Dajie, pointed his sight at the head of the black-clothed woman and shouted, “Don’t kill me if you hand over the gun!”

  It’s a pity that the woman didn’t have a gun on her body, she just smiled. There was thick smoke around, and ten identical women in black appeared.

  ”I wipe, what’s the situation?” The soldiers took a few steps back, “Is this a fucking science fiction movie?”

  I saw ten women soaring into the air and flying towards them.

  ”Free fire free fire!” battalion commander Zhang Dajie shouted while firing.

  The ten women moved in different ways, mixed in the crowd, slashing and fighting. The entire rooftop has been messed up.

  ”Ah, ah, ah!” With screams, the soldiers fell to the ground one after another. Either their throats were cut or they were accidentally injured.

  A woman in black appeared in front of the battalion commander Zhang Dajie. Without hesitation, he raised his gun at the woman and pulled the trigger, “Crack, snap!”.

  Strangely, the woman was uninjured, but the comrade-in-arms behind her was accidentally injured and fell to the ground with two shots.

  ”Fuck, this is holographic projection technology!”, he suddenly reacted.

  ”Attention to all units, only one of the ten women in black is the real body, the rest are projections, don’t be fooled.”

  ”Ah, ah, ah!” The screams came one after another, and the soldiers fell to the ground one by one.

  Brother Jie and others, surrounding the walkie-talkie, were extremely anxious when they heard the screams coming one after another. It seems that the situation on the roof is not good.

  Battalion Commander Zhang Dajie looked around the rooftop and found many projectors quietly erected in the corner. I rolled my eyes and figured it out!

  ”Brothers! Destroy the projectors around first and find it.”

  ”Clap, pop, pop, pop”, after a few shots, the surrounding projectors were destroyed one by one, and the avatars of the woman in black also disappeared one by one, and finally only one remained.

  ”Finally found you, I’ll call you.” Battalion Commander Zhang Dajie pointed at the woman in black and shouted.

  ”Da da da da da da da.” The soldiers raised their guns and fired. But the black-clothed woman was as light as a swallow. After a few backflips and sideflips, she ran into the pile of soldiers, slashed and killed, and many soldiers fell to the ground.

  The panicked soldiers fired again and again, accidentally injuring many brothers.

  ”Don’t shoot by accident, brothers! Change it to melee combat! Get the bayonet!” Zhang Dajie shouted, pulled out his saber and rushed forward.

  ”I don’t believe it, more than a hundred people can’t beat you as a woman!”

  But it is true that so many people are not the opponents of this woman. They were kicked out one by one, or they fell to the ground with broken hands and feet.

  Zhang Dajie managed to squeeze to the front, only to see the woman rise into the air, a whirlwind leg kicked him and several brothers out.

  After he fell to the ground, he rolled on the ground three times in a row, stood up tremblingly, widened his eyes, and shouted, “Damn it! The dragon swings its tail.”

  Seeing that more than a dozen brothers rushed up, were pushed by the woman, and all flew out, he shouted again, “Damn it! Eighteen palms to subdue the dragon.”

  He rolled up his sleeves, picked up the sharp knife, rushed up, and shouted, “Nine Swords of Dugu!”

  With the brothers going up as meat shields, he finally slashed the black-clothed woman with a knife, but the black-clothed woman turned around and punched the ground!

  Immediately! The ground trembled and the smoke billowed. He and his brothers were ejected and rolled on the ground several times.

  He stood up tremblingly and said to himself, “Damn it! It’s overwhelming.”

  Brother Jie’s eager cry came from the walkie-talkie, “Don’t fight her, just do your business first, destroy the top-floor signal tower. You can’t beat her, she has a combat power of 3,000!”

  The battalion commander Zhang Dajie was confused after hearing this. He didn’t understand, but he knew one thing. Destroy the signal tower first. So he took out a grenade, pulled the insurance, and threw it at the signal tower.

  In front of the grenade flying in the air, an afterimage suddenly appeared, a woman in black appeared, and a side kick kicked the grenade back.

  ”Damn it!” Before he finished speaking, he heard a loud bang and was knocked unconscious to the ground, unable to wake up.

  There was a scream from the walkie-talkie, “The battalion commander is hanging up, there are no leaders.”

  A middle-aged man, Svenwen, wearing a pair of glasses, descended from the armored car downstairs. He picked up the walkie-talkie and said, “I’m the deputy battalion commander, Chai Jiaping. Now I’ll take over the command. Everyone listens to my order and storms in.”

  I saw more than 400 people who had assembled on the first floor and shot and killed them inside.

  There were constant gunshots and screams everywhere, and someone could vaguely hear someone shouting, “Invisible man!”

  Brother Jie picked up a submachine gun and rushed in, turned around and said, “I’ll deal with the invisible man.”

  With a cigarette in his mouth, Lao Zhao picked up a submachine gun and shouted, “Let’s go, I’ll go with you!” and rushed in.

  ”Husband! You are so heroic! Be careful, come back alive! I love you!” Yifei shouted with tears in her eyes.

  Xiao Su also picked up the gun, rushed in, turned around and said, “I’m going to find Nini.”

  Officer He and Officer Wu also picked up their guns, rushed in, and shouted, “Today, that kid Aren must be brought back.”

  Everyone rushed in…

  Hundreds of people crowded in the corridor, the water was blocked, and the casualties continued, and the corpses were piled up like mountains.

  ”Ding!” Brother Jie turned his head and saw that the elevator door behind him opened, and a bunch of zombies rushed out with weapons.

  ”I’ll wipe! Brothers, turn around and fire, and you’ll be overtaken by the back!” Jie Ge shouted in horror.

  The brothers turned their heads and opened fire, fighting with the zombies.

  ”Ding!”, the elevator door opened again, empty!

  Jackie yelled! , “Open fire, they are all stealth assassins!”

  ”Da Da Da!… Da Da…”, several invisible assassins appeared and fell to the ground!

  With a flash of golden light, “Ah…!!!”, with a few screams, many soldiers fell!

  Brother Jie is holding a gun, sniping at stealth assassins, one shot at a time!

  ”Long live Harry Potter!”, everyone shouted and continued to advance upstairs! Every step of the way has to bring down a soldier, and the price is heavy!

  More than 400 people rushed in, and now only less than 200 people have been saved. Trapped in the corridor, a dilemma!

  ”Flying Eagle No. 1 and No. 2, have reached the target range, please instruct.” An exciting voice came from the walkie-talkie!

  Battalion Commander Chai on the ground floor looked up at the top floor and shouted with a walkie-talkie, “Destroy the signal transmission tower on the top floor.”

  ”Flying Eagle received! Prepare to attack, target the signal tower on the top floor!”

  ”No, I’m locked!”

  ”what’s the situation?!”

  ”An anti-aircraft missile is raised on the top floor!”

  ”I wipe! Ah!…”, with a scream, a loud bang, a fighter jet exploded in the air!

  ”Eagle 2 has launched a missile and returned to the base!”

  ”Boom!” With a loud bang, the signal tower was blown up.

  ”Ah!…!” There was a scream and another loud noise from the walkie-talkie, and when I looked up, another fighter jet was also exploding in the air!

  Camp Commander Chai shook his head, “A sinner! Everyone else, follow me!”

  After the signal tower was destroyed, the zombies in the building fell to the ground one after another, and it was finally quiet!

  The rest rushed up in a hurry!

  In the middle of the journey, I saw Aren who was struggling on the corridor.

  Sir He took a step forward and said, “I am He Dan from the serious crime team, and I am ordered to arrest you now. You have the right to remain silent, but every word you say will be used as evidence in court.” Another pair of handcuffs appeared.

  ”Okay, big brother! I just beg you, don’t leave me alone this time!” Aren cried.

  Several people stepped forward, picked Aren up, and went downstairs!

  Xiao Su, Brother Jie and Lao Zhao were kicking open the doors one by one, looking for Nini.

  ”Nini!…Where are you?! Brother is here to save you!”, Xiao Su shouted all the way!

  Captain Zhang and others led the troops all the way to the top floor! They kicked open the door of the top floor, and the scene in front of them shocked them!

  There were corpses scattered everywhere on the roof of the top floor, broken hands and feet everywhere, and the ground was stained with blood.

  A masked woman in black was sitting on the pile of corpses, sorting her hair!

  A tall man, carrying a leather bag, stood beside her, looking up into the distance.

  Everyone turned their heads and saw that a military armored helicopter was flying over here!

  ”Don’t let them run away!” Captain Zhang shouted, and more than 100 people rushed out and surrounded them both!

  Captain Zhang put away his gun and shouted, “Go up and catch them alive!”

  More than a dozen people swarmed up, and just rushed to the front, only to see the woman stepped on one leg, the ground shook, and the hands pushed, and the wind was blowing!

  More than a dozen people were instantly bounced back by the airflow, vomiting blood, and dying!

  ”I wipe!” Captain Zhang was stunned! He took out his gun again, “I will kill her for me!”

  ”Da da da… da da!!”, gunshots rang out.

  The black-clothed woman was as light as a swallow, and after a few flips, she jumped into the crowd with a flash of golden light! “Ah!…” There was a scream. Several soldiers separated first and foremost! Blood spurts!

  ”Don’t hurt the brothers by mistake, take the knife and cut it for Lao Tzu!” Captain Zhang pulled out his sharp knife and rushed up!

  Along the way, I saw the brothers flying back one by one!

  It’s not a broken hand, it’s a broken foot, it’s not a head, it’s a broken hand!

  Captain Zhang’s eyes suddenly darkened, and no one saw it, and was knocked into the air.

  Xiao Su and his party were on the top floor, continuing to search for Nini from room to room, when they were suddenly shot by several security guards, “Crack, crack, crack!!…”

  ”Ah!…Ah!~” With two screams, Brother Jie and Lao Zhao fell to the ground. Fortunately, they had bulletproof vests, so they didn’t hurt the vital part, but they couldn’t move on the ground for a while!

  Suddenly, two grenades flew over Xiao Su’s head, “Boom!”, and two explosions! Several security guards were blown away!

  Xiao Su turned her head to look, “Damn it! Lao Jianliang!”

  Xiao Lao, who was holding multiple grenades, appeared behind him and shouted, “I can only throw eggs!”

  ”Thank you!”, Xiao Su got up and rushed up, “Crack, snap, snap!”, making up for the security guard who fell to the ground with a few shots.

  He kicked open the door of the room behind the security guard and shouted, “Nini!”

  Nini was crawling out from under the bed, tears streaming down her cheeks, she turned to give a tight hug, and cried, “Xiao Su! Woo…you’re finally here!”

  ”Yes! Brother is here to save you!” Xiao Su picked up Nini and rushed out of the room.

  ”Xiao Su, you put me down, I can go…” Nini turned her head and said.


  The fierce battle on the top floor continued, and more than a hundred people were quickly saved by half, and they were kicked away one by one!

  The dying Captain Zhang Lu picked up the walkie-talkie and shouted, “A man and a woman on the top floor need support! The woman is too fierce! She looks like Wonder Woman!”

  The commander of the Chai Battalion downstairs shouted angrily, “Damn it! You guys have rushed in and there are almost 600 people! Still can’t figure it out?! If the woman can’t beat him, beat the man first!”

  Captain Zhang Lu staggered to his feet and shouted, “Brothers! Come with me! Fuck that man!”

  Several people rushed up and threw the man down! Pointing a gun to his head, he shouted, “Don’t move! I’m going to touch you!”

  ”Hahaha!!…” The man let out a terrifying laugh! Uncover clothes.

  Captain Zhang Lu and others were taken aback!

  This man had a device implanted in his chest, and it kept flashing green light!

  ”If I die, the bomb downstairs in Sanying will explode. The bomb is controlled with my life! Hahaha!” The man laughed wildly, “Come on! You have the ability to kill me! “

  Just when Captain Zhang Lu was in a daze, the man took out his pistol, “Crack, snap!”, twice. Captain Zhang fell to the ground!

  Captain Zhang Lu was dying, picked up the walkie-talkie tremblingly, and shouted, “Women can’t fight, men can’t. What’s going on?”

  ”Ah?!” The Commander Chai downstairs was stupid!

  ”That man has a device on his body, and if he dies, he will detonate several tons of bombs downstairs in the Sanying Company!” The cry of Captain Zhang Lu came from the walkie-talkie!


























  Wang Baihe frowned, gritted her teeth, and exerted her last strength to resist Zhou Shijun, pushed him into the helicopter, and shouted, “I love you too, Shijun!”.

  ”Da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da!”

  Xiao Su and others rushed to the top floor and saw the helicopter taking off slowly in the hail of bullets! The cabin door is slowly closing!

  Just in the nick of time, two more grenades flew over Xiao Su’s head and flew directly into the crack of the cabin door!

  Xiao Su turned her head to look, “Fuck it! It’s you again! Lao Jianliang!”

  With Xiao Lao shouting, “I can only throw eggs!”

  ”Boom!”, this military armored helicopter exploded in the air!

  Then, there was a loud bang, and the ground shook! Turn around! The fire is soaring!

  The shock wave knocked everyone to the ground! Smoke billows!

  The tons of explosives under Sanying Network Company exploded!

  The whole world suddenly became so quiet and the air was so warm.

  Xiao Su opened her eyes and stood up swayingly, only to see the top floor was miserable, with countless casualties.

  In the distance, he saw someone still struggling and walked over quickly.

  This person is Wang Baihe. She was hit by more than 100 bullets, vomited blood, and was dying.

  But she smiled slightly, looked at Xiao Su, panted and said, “Su, Manager Su, can you do me a favor?”

  Xiao Su took a step forward and sat down in front of Wang Baihe, “Go ahead.”

  I saw Wang Baihe spit out a few mouthfuls of blood and said intermittently, “Within an hour after I die, I will transplant my eyes to my sister. Tell her that my sister loves her.”

  Wang Baihe slowly closed her eyes and died.

  Xiao Su was immediately moved to tears, picked up Wang Lihe, rushed downstairs, and shouted, “Brother Jie! Bring Bingbing! Go to the hospital! The police car is on the way!”

  Downstairs, reporters from major TV stations broadcast live: Sanying Network disappeared instantly. Oli Building, Zombies! Counter-Strike, corpses everywhere! The government army has been wiped out!

  ”As the supreme commander at the scene, can you tell us about the situation at that time?” A reporter was pointing the microphone at Battalion Commander Chai.

  ”I can’t comment, the process is too complicated, too thrilling, too exciting! It’s just a sci-fi film! No, it’s a gunfight film! No, it’s a martial arts film! No, you should go online and watch it yourself, the pinyin of Zeylan cat, click Resist!”, Battalion Commander Chai calmly answered the reporters’ interviews.

  Old Zhao Zheng limped out of the building with a cigarette still in his mouth.

  ”Husband! You are so heroic! I love you! Don’t be brave in the future!”, Yi Fei rushed up with tears in her eyes, and the two embraced each other affectionately and kept kissing.

  ”Hero, hero, can you say a few words?” The reporter interviewed Lao Zhao with a microphone.

  Lao Zhao cleared his throat and said solemnly, “Thanks to the party and the country for nurturing me!”

  ”I heard that the last blow was done by you. Who are you? So powerful?” The reporter was holding the microphone and interviewing Xiao Lao.

  ”I, my name is Lao Jianliang, I’m an employee of Sanying Company. I can’t be considered very powerful, I can only throw eggs.” Xiao Lao scratched his head and smirked.

  Brother Jie was injured and rushed to the hospital with Bingbing non-stop.

  ”Brother Jie, are you alright? Why go to the hospital in such a hurry?” Bingbing asked while stroking Brother Jie in the car.

  ”I’ll tell you later, do an operation first.” Brother Jie said calmly.

  ”Okay, listen to you.” Bingbing leaned against Brother Jie’s arms and was puzzled.

  The next day, the major newspapers and magazines reported the incident in detail with their headlines on their front pages. The common people have become accustomed to such headlines.

  ”Recent news is always made up, it’s better to read novels than to read news.” Passerby Jia said again.

  ”Yes, there is a cat named Xilan recently, and his writing is good.” Passerby B said again.

  ”Really? Look there?”

  ”On the Internet! Xixi, Lan Lan, Mao Mao, resist! It’s free.”

  ”Okay, thank you.”

  A week later, in the ward of the hospital, Brother Jie and Xiao Su were sitting beside Bingbing after the operation.

  The doctor was removing the gauze around Bingbing’s eyes, and Bingbing frowned and slowly opened her eyes.

  She looked around, tears streaming down her face.

  Leaning in Brother Jie’s arms, tears streaming down his face, he said softly, “I know, these are my sister’s eyes, she’s dead. Woohoo…”

  ”What did my sister say before she died?” Bingbing washed her face with tears, looking at Xiao Su and asked.

  ”Your sister said that she loves you.” Xiao Su paused for a while, then continued, “Your sister also said, let you have something to say and don’t hit anyone.”

  Jackie, “…”

  Bingbing wiped her tears, sobbed and said, “Okay, I’ll listen to her, and I won’t hit anyone in the future.”

  Jackie, “…”

  In the police station, the Medal of Honor was being awarded, and the chief read out the lines aloud on the stage, “Officer He and Officer Wu, after a month of investigation, led the team to solve a major criminal case, and issued a medal of honor! Next, please They came up to speak.”


  Sir He came to the stage, cleared his throat, and said calmly, “I’ll go fishing after I’m done, and the bonus will be credited to my account!”


  Wu Sir came to the stage, pointed to the sky, and said simply, “I believe, there is only one truth!”


  A month later, on the first floor of the restored Oli Building, Nini and Zhou Junan were sitting on the negotiating bed.

  ”Aunt Zhou, our family has come to this point, and things have backfired. You are now the only heir of the Zhou family group, and now Oli is on the verge of bankruptcy. Please agree to my request, please.” Nini handed over a purchase contract.

  Zhou Junan smiled and nodded helplessly, “Nini, I have watched you grow up since I was a child. I really hope that you will become part of our Zhou family, but fate cannot be forced. Oli can’t be destroyed in my hands, I hope you are well. Run it and bring it back to its former glory.”

  ”Thank you, Aunt Zhou.”

  ”When recruiting, don’t accept that kid who threw my eggs.”


  The two signed the acquisition contract, and the audience burst into applause!

  ”Dad!” Nini rushed out with tears in her eyes.

  Zhang Liang was standing in the hall, looking at his daughter’s achievements and smiling.

  The next day, the major newspapers and magazines had headlines again: Oli was acquired, Sanying Network moved the capital to Oli! The research and development of Sogoe AI engine level 5 has been completed, which can simulate the virtual world story and be immersive!

  Standing at the original site of Sanying Company in ruins with a cigarette in his mouth, Old Zhao recalled his own western restaurant business and had mixed feelings.

  ”Hello, I am from Zhengda Wealth Management Company, Zheng Dali, specially for you to master financial management!” A voice came from behind!

  ”Stop talking nonsense! Speak straight!” Lao Zhao took a deep breath.

  ”The insurance claim has been settled, and this place can be rebuilt. What are your plans?”

  Lao Zhao raised his head and thought for a while, then rolled his eyes, “Building a nightclub, striptease + bar, the name is called, the men’s gang!”

  Zheng Da Financial Management’s eyes lit up, “Okay! Good idea! I want to apply for the position of general manager!”


  One year later, a major press conference of Sanying Network Company! Sanying Network has occupied 95% of the global market share!

  At the press conference, three Yings from Sanying Company sat on the stage and accepted questions from reporters.

  Nini is sitting in the middle, Brother Jie is sitting on the left, and Lao Zhao is sitting on the right!

  What about Xiao Su? !

  He is eating watermelon in the audience, watching the fun!

  It turned out that, from start to finish, he was just a pseudo-protagonist.

                The end

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