[How Goblins Are Made] Chapter 33

The next day was Monday. As soon as I arrived at the school, I announced the biggest happy event in my life to a few students sitting around. I bought a computer, and it was very high-end, MMX166, 32MB of memory, and 2.1GB of hard drive.
This made the classmates envious. They mumbled and urged their parents to buy a computer for themselves when they went back. That day, there was a wave of computer purchases in the class.
It’s very strange, no classmates proposed to come to my house to see the new computer and experience the gaming experience of a high-end computer for a while. Maybe everyone is not as new to other people’s computers as they were when the school started, and they only hope that they have one. After all, there are computer classes every day to go to the computer room to touch the computer, and playing with the computer is nothing new.
In front of the computer, I kept muttering that it was for learning, and learning was the main thing. But after having a computer, these have long been thrown out of the sky. Several students gathered together to study the purchase of pirated game CDs, how to install games, and which games are fun.
In addition to English and math classes, he didn’t sleep during other class hours. He discussed the games that he played in the dark Internet cafe before, and also made records, and went back to buy pirated CDs. Although I have never bought a pirated CD, it sounds like I am a thief, but I heard that there are some sold on the third floor of the electronic market. The price at that time was 25 yuan per piece, which was very expensive, but compared to Genuine CDs are still cheap.
I thought that if I bought a computer, I could stay at home every day and save a lot of money, but I didn’t expect the cost to get bigger and bigger. I only had six dollars in total, and it was a sin to ask my mother for twenty dollars to buy a pirated CD. I didn’t dare to go by myself. After all, I didn’t know what was going on there, so I finally went with the large group of the class after school.
I brought a few classmates who wanted to buy computers to Zhao Tianhua’s installation booth. He couldn’t stop laughing. After all, he brought several businesses. The classmates were obviously more sophisticated than me. After inquiring about the price and making a record, they went to several other installation booths to inquire again. Why didn’t I think to shop around and buy a computer in a foolish, desperate gamble. It’s so stupid.
Sure enough, there is competition in the market. Those stall owners watched the price inquiries from our students and secretly lowered the price, some by 50 yuan, and some by 100 yuan. I rely on it, if I knew that I would ask a few more companies, maybe it could be cheaper by more than a few hundred dollars. I just blame the young people for being too impulsive and regretting it too late.
As a result, several classmates went to a nearby installation booth and asked for a computer configuration sheet, saying that the price was cheaper. I have forgotten what computer company the booth is next to, but I only know that the boss is called Jin Jun, and he likes to chat with some students about everyday things, maybe for business. After reading the price of the configuration list written by him, I feel that there is not much difference. Zhao Tianhua told me that he is a liar.
As a computer student, I don’t know much about hardware and the market, so I’m very ashamed, but I understand one thing: doing business is all about cheating. Later, I learned that the two of them were half a pound. Except for the main computer accessories, CPU, memory, and hard disk, the others sold were some high-margin no-name brands.
With several classmates coming to the third floor of the electronics market, the place is obviously sparsely populated, and most of the booths are empty for rent. If I hadn’t come up with my classmates, I would have even felt a little spooky. In particular, there were a few rogue-like men sitting at the gates of the stalls that opened their doors, smoking and looking at us, just like those rogues in the arcade room who were ready to blackmail children.
There are not many stalls open on the third floor. There are less than ten stalls at a glance. Few customers are shuttled between several stalls. Some of them are wearing school uniforms, and it can be seen at a glance that they are from our school.
I walked past these stalls and looked around from the outside. Some were selling computer mice and keyboards, some were selling disks, and some were buying speakers. It didn’t look like they were selling pirated CDs at all.
A stall owner stared at us for a long time. He looked at us in green school uniforms and seemed to gain some confidence. He walked up to us and asked in a low voice, “Do you want to buy CDs?”
A few classmates and I looked at each other and didn’t dare to answer. Although we came to buy pirated CDs, it seemed like a serious illegal act. If we went out, we would definitely be caught by the police and put in jail.
Seeing that we didn’t answer, the stall owner should have acquiesced. He immediately greeted us with a smile and invited us into his stall.
“Come on, you all come in.” He whispered while inviting us into the booth.
When we walked into the booth, he immediately closed the door. It turned out that there was a compartment at the back of the booth, and all the covers of pirated CDs were placed. The covers were mainly printed with some game catalogues and software names and so on.
Many things don’t need to be explained, everyone understands that this is a booth that sells pirated CDs. There are so many CD covers. After choosing, tell the boss, and he will go to the secret place to pick up the goods, pay first and deliver the goods. Perfect.
The students read the cover of the pirated CD and whispered. Unexpectedly, the resources of pirated CDs are so rich, not only games, but also various software, systems, and even tertiary films.
“Tell me after you’ve chosen, the game CD is 25, the system CD is 30, and the third-level CD is 40.” The boss said that he opened the door in the evening and went out. He looked around outside the booth, watching the wind.
Several classmates held a pile of third-level film covers, gushing endlessly, “Look, look, Shu Qi!”
“Who is Shu Qi?” I asked stupidly.
“Damn it, you don’t even know that, a third-level movie actor! You are so hot, you haven’t even seen a third-level movie, have you?”, classmate Xiao Lu teased.
I blushed a little when they said that, I really haven’t seen it, and my mind is all about playing games, but after all, I’m an adult, I have to admit that I did have fantasies. If you have money, you must buy one and have a look. Of course, you will not come with them. You have to come alone, hehe.
And at this moment, what makes me tangled is which CD to buy. With so many games in front of me, it’s hard for me to choose. Many games have never even heard of their names. Could it be that during this year, have I completely decoupled from the times?
A lot of game covers are printed with the words on the hard disk version and the CD version, which makes me confused. It was only after the popular science of a few classmates that I realized that the original hard disk version is a game that can be run without inserting a CD after installation, usually some old games and remade CD version games with audio tracks removed. The CD-ROM version of the game is a complete game that completely replicates the content of the original CD, including the game’s background music, etc. When running the game, the game CD must be inserted into the CD-ROM drive for use.
My fucking computer science student, it seems that this year is a waste of time. My classmates don’t have a computer at home but they can figure it out. I thought that the skills and experience I learned in the dark Internet cafes were already awesome, but I didn’t expect that my classmates usually kept silent and secretly supplemented their computer knowledge.
He flipped through the covers of the game CDs one by one, feeling very emotional. This year has indeed been out of touch with the times. These new game graphics are beautifully crafted, and the design is novel and avant-garde, especially a real-time strategy game called Sweeping the Army. Judging from the cover, the stylish and beautiful Mecha God of War and the dazzling war pictures, I really want to buy it back and experience it.
But this is a CD-ROM version of the game, and the entire CD-ROM is just such a game, it feels too much of a loss. Now that I have a computer, I actually want to play the games that I used to play in the dark Internet cafes. Three Kingdoms IV, Warcraft Hegemony Kuroshio, Legend of Jin Yong’s Heroes, Legend of Taige Determination, etc., but I searched and searched but couldn’t find it.
Half an hour later, the boss came in and closed the door. He asked with a smile, “Have you all made your choice?”
“Boss, do you have top movies from Europe, America or Japan? How much is it?” asked Xiao Lu.
“I can’t tell that you are young and have such a strong taste. Of course, there are high-definition top European and American movies! There are also Japanese movies. They are 50 yuan a piece. They are not here. If you want, I will get them for you.” , the boss smiled and said softly.
“What is a top movie?” I asked again stupidly.
The classmates explained to me impatiently, “A third-level movie misses two points, and it’s about the plot. A top-level movie misses all three points! Pure bang bang bang!”
Wow, you stinky brats usually make you look serious, but I didn’t expect you to be so obscene in secret, and the top three movies are clearly classified. It’s just 50 yuan a piece, which is too expensive. If it was cheaper, I would buy one to “study”.
“Boss, I want the collection games of Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV and Warcraft Kuroshio.” I asked the boss stupidly.
“Those are all old games, and there are still people who want to play those old games. If I don’t, go to the booth next door and ask. Oh, by the way, who, do you want top movies? If you want, I’ll drop by. Bring it here.” The boss opened the door and turned to ask.
“I want the latest from Europe and the United States.” Xiao Lu replied in an old-fashioned way.
“Okay, no problem.” The boss smiled and closed the door and left.
Xiao Lu hasn’t bought a computer yet, so why are you rushing to buy a CD, and it’s still a top-notch movie. Only later did I find out that I was really out of date. This CD can be played on a CD player and can be watched directly on TV. Of course, I don’t know, because apart from a TV, there has never been any high-end goods such as VCRs, VCD players, etc. at home.
However, Xiao Lu immediately told us that his family is also going to buy a computer, next week, and he bought a Lenovo brand computer. Parents are willing to spend a little more money to buy after-sales service, money is self-willed.
Several classmates were envious and pondered, how to encourage their parents to buy them computers when they go back, what are the reliable routines and excuses, and in the end they are all for the same reason, in order to study…
Not long after, the boss opened the door and walked in, with one hand still in the chest of his clothes, covering it up, and looking around for a while before closing the door.
“This is your top film.” The boss smiled and handed a CD-ROM with a white cover to classmate Xiao Lu. He took 50 yuan and checked the authenticity under the light.
A few classmates and I were very curious and surrounded it. Why is the cover white? It turned out that the boss thought the cover was too dazzling, so he folded it back inside.
Wow, student Xiao Lu unpacked the CD and checked it out. Everyone was shocked. The back of this white cover is really shocking! A blond girl with big breasts and fat hips is holding a man’s radish in her mouth, and her face is full of intoxication! I, I am hard…
After Xiao Lu checked the CD, she carefully put it into her schoolbag, looking complacent. I rub it, and I will buy one later, but it is too expensive. It seems that I have to find a way to make money!
“This is yours.” The boss handed me a CD with three words printed on the cover, “Sutras Pavilion”.
The boss saw me staring at this cover for a long time, and continued to explain to me, “The Book of Scriptures is a game series, which is dedicated to collecting some old games, hard disk games, very classic, don’t miss every issue. Those you want The games are written on the back, and there are ten games on the list.”
I turned it over and saw that it was really good. The Legend of Jin Yong’s Heroes, The Legend of Taige, The Fourth of Three Kingdoms, Warcraft Kuroshio, Legend of Sword and Fairy, and so on. Full of memories, but how do I get this thing back?
I stuffed 25 yuan into the boss’s hand and asked stupidly, “Brother, how can I play this thing?”
After receiving the money, the boss was stunned by my question, “I only sell pirated CDs, I’m not responsible for technical support, and I don’t know anything about computers…”
“Ah!?” I was speechless. I thought that the seller of computer CDs must be proficient in computer technology, otherwise they would not be in this industry.
The boss invited us to check whether the CD-ROM has been hidden in our schoolbag before going out, so as not to be found when we go out, he will be imprisoned. This made us even more frightened. We didn’t expect to buy a pirated CD so frighteningly, for fear of being caught.
When we walked out of the booth selling pirated CDs, we still acted as if nothing had happened, but there were no management staff in the market, and the third floor was even more empty. Could it be that the boss was scaring us and raising the price for granted?
Going downstairs and preparing to go back, but the students came to the second floor and went to Jin Jun at the computer installation booth, wrote the computer configuration list, and prepared to take it back to their parents for review. It seems that the people who buy computers in the class will soon be more and more More and more.
This is a good thing. Later, we can exchange CD-ROM copy games with each other to save a lot of money, and maybe we can borrow the film from each other…
With excitement, he ran all the way home, thinking that when he was playing games in a black Internet cafe, that friend named Xiao Chen had a computer at home, and he looked complacent and aloof. Now I have a computer at home, and I will soon play the games I yearn for in the dark Internet cafes. If Brother Curly and their black Internet cafes are still there, they will definitely show off in the past. If Sister Zhang’s warehouse was still open, she would definitely show it off. It’s a pity that times have changed, and the past is like smoke. They have all become memories, full of memories.
Now I come back home and it’s empty. Although it’s a little quiet, it’s good. I can play games and computers quietly. There is already a dinner left on the table, and I haven’t seen my parents very much recently. After get off work, my father ate two steamed buns and set up a street stall. My mother didn’t return until 9:30 pm on the last bus. The whole family was burdened with debts and had to pay off the money borrowed to buy computers as soon as possible.
Sitting down in front of the computer at this moment, all I feel is happiness and the love of my parents for me. Turn on the computer and insert the newly bought Cangjing Pavilion CD into the CD drive. At first, I was a little confused and didn’t know how to operate it, but I immediately learned it without a teacher. There is a readme file in it. .
Finally, the knowledge learned in school this year is useful. They are some basic commands of msdos. According to the requirements of readme, first enter the msdos interface, copy the game directory to the hard disk, and then execute the batch file. , configure the maximum memory of dos.
When I quickly typed these commands, I suddenly realized that these were the operations that I watched Brother Curly Hair do before, and now I finally got it started myself, which is quite a sense of accomplishment.
The copy is complete, everything is ready, type the command, san4.exe, and press Enter!
Clang clang clang! Entering the game smoothly, that is a familiar voice, that is a long-lost picture, everything seems to take me back to the excitement I felt in a dark Internet cafe a few years ago. In the past, I used to play games in a dark Internet cafe against the clock, but now I sit at my own home leisurely, without worrying about time constraints at all.
Now I have become the same person as Brother Ming. After school, I play with my computer at home. My parents work outside to make money and don’t come back until midnight. My ears are clean. The two parents have nothing to do at home except quarrel. It is better to be separated from each other and spend less time seeing each other.
At first, I had some guilt. Buying a computer at such a high price would not make me feel dizzy.

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