[How Goblins Are Made] Chapter 34

The new computer teacher used to teach the third grade of high school. Now, because of the death of Teacher Yin, he was temporarily dispatched. He wears a pair of gold-rimmed glasses, a suit and trousers, and he looks very gentle. The name is easy to remember. Wang Lele. The style of the class is also the same as that of Teacher Yin, discussing computer knowledge together in the form of casual chat, and was quickly loved by the male and female classmates in the class. He is handsome…
But he only took two weeks of classes, our first school year is over, and the happy summer vacation is coming. Everything is ready, I only owe Dongfeng, and I will wait for the summer vacation. I have a plan in my heart to stay at home and play games in front of the computer all day during this summer vacation. Does this still need planning? It’s a matter of course, otherwise why buy a computer? Do you want to take a look?
The most thankful thing is that there is no final exam. After all, this is a vocational high school. It is not as serious as a regular high school. It is simply perfect. Studying should be like this.
But after a few days of restlessness, I kept receiving harassing calls. Several of my classmates were about to buy computers, and I was invited to check out the electronics market together. I suddenly became a computer expert, just because I bought a computer a few days before them, and they all trusted me, actually I know shit, just to watch the fun.
The old cat at the same table, brother Jie at the front table, classmate orangutan and teacher Xiaobai bought a computer shortly after the summer vacation started. I accompany them to check in the electronic market, more eyes, more peace of mind.
It’s strange, when I bought the computer a month ago, there were very few customers in the whole market. Unexpectedly, after the summer vacation, the market became full of life. Zhao Tianhua’s booth was overwhelmed with customers, and Jinjun’s installation booth was also crowded with people. The most unreasonable thing is that in less than a month, the price of a computer with the same configuration is more than 500 yuan cheaper!
I couldn’t understand it, so I complained to Zhao Tianhua. But he explained to me with a smile that the hardware of the computer is updated very quickly, so the price of the computer is only one price per day. A month ago, my high-end cpu configuration mmx166 has been eliminated and the price has been reduced. Now a better one is mmx200, the price is only 50 yuan more expensive than the original mmx166, I wipe!
I fainted out of anger. If I bought a computer later, I could save a lot of money, but later I found out that the summer vacation had just ended, and the mmx200 was also eliminated, replaced by the mmx266. It seems that Zhao Tianhua didn’t lie to me. The computer hardware is updated too fast. It is never too early or too late to buy a computer at any time. It is just right.
During this short summer vacation, business in the computer market suddenly boomed. The bosses Zhao Tianhua and Jin Jun both opened branches and increased their scale. I really don’t know what happened. Suddenly so many people came to buy computers. Is there a trend of buying computers in the city?
After Accompanying Xue bought a computer, he walked up to the third floor to stroll around, and was suddenly shocked. The third floor was empty, but now it is full of dazzling array of stalls. Of course, those are all deceptive. In fact, they are all selling pirated CDs. Maybe there are more people who own computers, so the demand for software is greater, and the third floor has become crowded.
The eldest brothers who sold CDs were very busy, and they brought their wife and girlfriend to join the business and split up. Later, when I asked about it, it turned out that the price of CD-ROMs had also been reduced, from the original 25 yuan a piece to 20 yuan a piece, and he smiled and said to me, small profits but quick turnover…
In less than four months before and after, the electronics market has changed from desolate and desolate to full of life, and the IT industry has risen like this.
I remember that during the winter vacation, the classmates frequented each other and visited each other, but in the summer vacation, everything changed. Maybe it’s because everyone has bought a computer, so they all stay at home alone and don’t want to contact outsiders.
I thought that after everyone had a computer, they would often get together to discuss and research, but I didn’t expect that the actual situation was that everyone would not communicate with each other and play on their own. Even the orangutan classmate who has always loved Saturn Sony put down the remote control handle and replaced it with a mouse, CC classic Windows version, and had a great time playing. He wanted to take his Super Nintendo over, but he didn’t bother to talk to me and said no time.
Xiaobobo classmate, during the summer vacation is also a standard nine-to-five report, sitting beside the computer smashing melon seeds, watching me play games, I never get tired of it. It didn’t take long for me to find him annoying, too, so I lent him the Super Nintendo and let him go.
Later, his mother called me and asked me to immediately go and bring the Super Nintendo back, because Bobo has not slept since he had the Super Nintendo. In front of the TV, holding the game console handle, completely crazy. Of course, I didn’t go there, let him go crazy at home.
In the hot summer, the doors and windows of the house are wide open, but the heat of the computer is too high. Sitting in front of it is even more sweaty. Even a fan is reluctant to blow it, and the wind is too small to dissipate heat from the computer monitor. Even if there is no air conditioner at home, the voltage in the entire unit building is still unstable, and it trips from time to time.
Every power outage makes me terrified. A computer is a high-end and valuable item. And in those days, frequent power outages in summer were commonplace.
This made me suddenly think of the computer room of the school. At that time, the teacher told me that there was a large black cabinet behind the computer room of the school. Even if there is a complete power failure, the device will continue to supply power continuously, which can allow the computer to shut down normally without causing hardware damage to the computer that is temporarily powered off. The equipment is really awesome, and it must be very, very expensive. If you have one at home, you will not be afraid of power outages in summer.
Later, he bought an uninterruptible power supply, or ups for short, when he accompanied him to learn how to equip a computer in the electronic market. At that time, the price was 580 yuan, which was not a big thing, just like a small electric car battery. It is said that once the power is cut off, it will start to work and continue to supply power for about 15 minutes. During this time, the computer can be shut down normally without any hardware damage.
This thing is good or not, but the price is too expensive. I even went to Zhao Tianhua’s booth to ask the price and shop around. Unexpectedly, Zhao Tianhua said that there is a cheaper 280 yuan, and told me that the 580 yuan one is just because there is a brand, so it is very expensive, and the effect is the same.
I was persuaded by him at the time. Buying an UPS for 280 yuan to protect the entire computer is a very cost-effective thing. After all, playing with the computer every day makes me feel like a bow, for fear that the power will be cut off at home in the next second. If the computer hardware is broken and the computer cannot be turned on, move it to the electronics market to replace the hardware, and let’s talk about a few thousand dollars less.
Moreover, I recently found that ripples often appear in the lower right corner of the monitor. I heard from my classmates that it is because the voltage at home is unstable. If this continues for a long time, it will cause great damage to the computer. I don’t know if it’s true or not. Anyway, computers are now higher than life and more valuable than people. Only after they are settled can they sleep peacefully.
But after all, it costs 280 yuan, which is not a small amount, but in any case, it is much cheaper than 580 yuan. After I told my mother the detailed ins and outs, she immediately agreed and gave me 300 yuan. .
Although I felt very guilty, I asked my parents for money again, but this was for the safety of the entire computer, not just for entertainment.
Looking back now, I was really an idiot. Went to Zhao Tianhua’s booth and handed him 280 yuan directly. What brand of UPS did he buy? What is the power? Is there any after-sales guarantee? I don’t know at all.
I took the thing and opened it and took a look. It was a rectangular white object, the size of the battery of a battery car, and it was not very heavy. The wiring was also very simple. Insert the plug into the socket, and then plug in the computer power supply. This is the legendary UPS. ? Although there were some doubts in his heart, Zhao Tianhua patted his chest and assured that it was a miscellaneous brand, but it was very practical and inexpensive.
When I got home and connected the UPS, there was nothing special about it. I saw a green light flashing, as if it was charging. There has been no power outage for several days in a row, and I don’t know whether this UPS can be used or not, and whether it is reliable or not.
Ju Zhao Tianhua said that UPS can not only provide uninterrupted power supply, but also stabilize the voltage, but I don’t think it has any effect.
In desperation, I called my classmate and asked about the use of UPS, whether his 580 yuan thing was reliable, and whether it was working normally when the power went out. After listening to his reply, I felt that I was a Especially stupid people.
He said, “You pulled the electric switch in your home to see if it works properly. It’s a very simple matter. I have tested it and it works. There is no problem.”
Shit, why didn’t I expect that with such a simple principle, the physics class was all for nothing, and it was foolish to wait for the power outage.
After I hung up the phone, I immediately pulled the electric switch in my house to conduct a power outage experiment. Unexpectedly, just after the electric switch was pulled down, what I heard was the sound of firecrackers, “crack clap clap”! There were several loud noises in a row, and I was so frightened that I fell to the ground. What happened?
Quickly got up and rushed into the room to take a look, the smoke was lingering, and the smell was burning, could it be! Did the computer explode? This is nearly a million dollars! Is it so ruined? what happened?
Her legs trembled slightly, unable to support her heavy body, she knelt on the ground and crawled over. Taking a closer look, wisps of blue smoke lingered out of the computer case, and the display seemed to be fine. The lights of this UPS uninterruptible power supply were all off!
Is there something wrong with the UPS or with the computer? In any case, it’s still early, so hurry up and move to the electronics market and throw it into Zhao Tianhua’s booth, let him check it out.
He removed the ups, threw it into the bag, picked up the case with both hands, and rushed out the door. My parents were not at home, and I didn’t have enough money to take a taxi. In desperation, I could only tie the chassis to the back of the bicycle, put two pieces of foam on it, and rode the bicycle all the way.
The summer is scorching hot, the sun is in the sky, sweating profusely, and the heat is unbearable. None of this matters, at this moment the computer is more precious than my life. I don’t dare to ride fast along the way. When encountering potholes, I have to slow down and pass carefully, so as not to damage the chassis and hardware.
Along the way, tears filled my eyes. Tears and sweat intertwined and fell from my cheeks. This is my parents’ hard-earned money. May the Bodhisattva bless me!
After an hour of exposure to the scorching sun, he finally arrived at the door of the electronics market. He parked his bicycle, picked up the case, and rushed in. Zhao Tianhua was chatting with customers at the entrance of the booth, and when he turned his head, he saw that I was coming again with the case in my arms, and my face was pale and panicked. Most of them knew that the situation was not good.
“Why are you here again? What happened again?” Zhao Tianhua’s face was a little helpless. I felt like I was a customer with a lot of things. Not long after I bought the computer, I kept coming back to him with the case, annoying. are bored.
I put the case on his counter and shouted out of breath, “It exploded! It sounded like firecrackers, and there was a burst of blue smoke. The computer might have run out. The power outage occurred after the UPS was connected.”
“What? There is such a thing, why is your luck so bad? There are always problems, others use it well, why are you so special? Don’t panic, I will help you to see.” Zhao Tianhua said helplessly. , and then handed over the chassis to the big brother who installed it, and took out the ups from my schoolbag and began to think about it.
I waited anxiously on the side, staring at the big brother who installed the computer to check the computer, and I was entangled. This repair fee would not be another sky-high price. There was no money at home. If there is really no way, I can only use the computer.
The big brother who installed the machine checked it very carefully, raised his head and said, “The power supply is burnt and burned out. There seems to be no problem with the motherboard and other hardware. Change the power supply and test it.”
“This ups has also been burned. Why are you so unlucky?” Zhao Tianhua said to me while studying the ups.
I looked very helpless and at a loss, but I can’t really blame it. The things I bought from you exploded, and people are lucky to be alive.
“Which company supplies this UPS? Take it back and return it to him.” Zhao Tianhua walked into the booth with the UPS and chatted with an accountant.
The big brother who installed the machine was very quick, he changed the power supply in two or three minutes, and pressed the power button.
“Di!”, the computer turned on normally and entered the familiar screen, Windows 95. A boulder in my heart finally fell to the ground, the computer should still be used, thank you Bodhisattva for your blessing!
After checking the operation of other hardware and systems, the big brother who installed the machine reported to Zhao Tianhuahui, “Old Zhao, the power supply must have blown up. There are no other problems. It is estimated that the UPS is the problem.”
Damn, this is so fucking scary, it scared me to death, it seems that I just need to replace it with a new power supply, I don’t know how much this power supply costs, the UPS can definitely be refunded, So rubbish.
Zhao Tianhua is a bit conscientious in business, he patted his chest and said to me, “I’ll replace you with a new power supply for free. There should be no problems with other things. If you have any problems, come to me at any time. I’ll refund the UPS for you. I’ll give you a new one, but I think you’re a very unlucky person, so that I won’t come back to me with the case tomorrow.”
After speaking, he handed the 280 yuan back into my hand, patted my shoulder, and showed a consoling smile. It was fucking terrifying, and looking back now, it’s obvious that there must be something wrong with that motley ups.
But without the protection of the UPS uninterruptible power supply, what should I do if the power goes out in summer? In desperation, I asked the installation brother again.
The big brother who installed the machine looked a little helpless. He glanced at Zhao Tianhua and didn’t know what to say. In the end, he hesitated for a while, and said seriously to me, “If the power is cut off, just cut off the power. It’s impossible to be as bad as your explosion today. Fortunately, I blew up a power supply. If the motherboard and CPU are all scrapped, then you are all over. You should not use UPS. If you really want to use it, then add some money and buy a more expensive one. Bar.”
Zhao Tianhua was helpless when he saw that I insisted on getting an ups, and he echoed, “I’ll have a better ups later, I’ll let you know after the test is over. If the power is cut off, just cut off the power. Anyway, your students don’t have any important data to save. Let’s go back for a while.”
Listening to what they said, it seems to be very reasonable. Now it is a great fortune among misfortunes. If you go back with another ups, if something goes wrong, in case of heavy losses, you can only commit suicide by jumping off the building. And the computer can be used normally now. The only idea is to take it home quickly. I can’t stand the toss. If the power is cut off in the summer, let it power off.
After saying goodbye to Zhao Tianhua and the big brother who installed the machine, he picked up the chassis and went downstairs. After the back seat of the bicycle was set up, under the scorching sun, he rode slowly and cautiously back home.
scorching sun

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