[How Goblins Are Made] Chapter 35

It’s been almost two months since my birthday. If I want to be considered an adult, I’ve been an adult for more than two months. No wonder I have an uncontrollable urge to keep my dick in check. This is a symbol of adulthood, right? ? It’s time to lift the veil and learn about the evolutionary history of human beings, otherwise how can we be worthy of our adulthood and parenting grace?
Well, that’s settled, tomorrow will be an extraordinary day.
I originally planned to go there early. In that case, there would be fewer people in the market, so it would be easier to talk to the boss about buying movies. But because I had been staying up late to play games, it was already 10 am the next day when I opened my eyes. My parents had already left for work. What was left on the table was the lunch and dinner, and a note.
“Combining work and rest, eating seriously.”
He changed into ordinary clothes, put on a sun hat, and rushed out with 100 yuan in his pocket. I don’t want people to recognize it. This ordinary dress, drowning in the sea of ​​people, should be unknown. It’s better than wearing a green school uniform. Besides, who would wear a school uniform during the summer vacation, crazy.
Under the scorching sun, I rode a bicycle to the electronic market for almost an hour. My panties and eggs were soaked with sweat. There are a lot of bicycles parked in front of the market. A few days ago, I heard Zhao Tianhua say that summer vacation is the peak season, which seems to be true. At a glance, there are actually several colleagues in green school uniforms in the crowded market, which is really fucking crazy.
I rushed to the third floor of the electronic market, which surprised me. I haven’t been here for a few days, and it was even more lively. Many stalls were empty before, but now they are full of shelves, and there are very few free stalls on the third floor.
Of course, these booths are all a routine, selling computer accessories on the front, and selling pirated CDs inside. It’s just that it’s no longer the same as before. Now it’s open and aboveboard, and the doors of each stall are open, allowing entry and exit. The boss and the bosses stand at the door and shake their fans to attract customers, shouting loudly, “Come on, come in and take a look at the CD! The latest arrival, the game software vcd, the price is low.”
The crowd was surging, and there was an endless stream of people. They wandered into a booth at will. The walls inside were covered with covers of various CDs. Most of the customers were young people like me, gushing about the game CD covers on the wall.
I actually saw a piece of white paper pasted on the wall with a few large characters written clearly, “One piece is 15 yuan, two pieces are 25 yuan, and three pieces are 30 yuan. It’s cheaper to buy more.”
Fuck me! The market has changed so dramatically in just two months. The piracy business is not only booming, but also has reduced prices, making small profits but quick turnover. Is piracy already legal? impossible? So why is the third floor of the electronics market so arrogant now? Selling pirated CDs is like selling vegetables, and shouting about business…
Anyway, this is a good thing, things are cheap, you can buy more. I walked around several stalls in a row, and there were many people picking CDs, and they didn’t see them leaving after waiting for a long time. When I was planning to have no one, I asked the boss in a low voice if there were any top movies, but there has never been a chance for such a lively scene now.
Wandering around on the third floor, every time I pass a booth, I will be warmly invited. The boss and the bosses are also very competitive outside to solicit customers, casting various spells.
The eldest sister who winked at you and called you eldest brother just invited you in to see the latest CD.
There is a big brother who calls you a brother and calls you a buddy. He just wants to send you a CD and invite you to choose.
There is also someone who is close to you, calling you brother-in-law. Not only does he sell you CDs at a discounted price, but he also encourages you to bring more friends to his booth to spend and share it with you.
All kinds of routines, all kinds of strange, soliciting customers and grabbing customers, without neglect.
There is a lively and thriving scene of prosperity, a flourishing and dazzling piracy prosperous age.
“You’re here! I haven’t seen you for a long time!”, I was suddenly hugged by someone on the shoulders, which shocked me. When I turned around, I looked a little familiar. It was the one who greeted us when I came to buy CDs with classmate Xiao Lu. That big brother.
“Well, that, yes.” I replied hesitantly.
The big brother laughed so hard that he hugged me and dragged me into the booth, mumbling constantly, “The latest CD-ROM, the most fun game, the most useful software, everything.”
I was dragged into the booth by him, feeling a little overwhelmed, so I could only helplessly smile and say to him, “I’ll take a look first.”
“Okay, okay, take your time. Tell me if you’re optimistic, and I’ll give you something cheaper.” The elder brother smiled and went out to solicit customers.
Looking around, the walls are covered with covers. In fact, it is similar to other booths, just some games and software, which are similar. There is also a woman of the same age as the elder brother with heavy makeup and light makeup. It should be her girlfriend or wife. She is putting discs one by one into plastic bags, wrapping the covers, and putting them in cardboard boxes.
Wow, I was shocked when I saw the stacks of CDs. It turned out that the pirated CDs were packaged and sold by themselves, without any technical content, but I don’t know where they purchased them. There should be a wholesale market for pirated CDs, right?
“Young man, do you want the latest game or software? A batch of games has just arrived. Look, I’m packing it.” She spoke to me a bit like the eldest sister in the market. Combined with the way she packs the discs, it’s like sorting some vegetables and telling me that it’s the freshest and just arrived.
The sale of pirated CDs on the third floor of the electronic market is the same as the business in the vegetable market, except that it is not sold by pounds, but by Zhang.
Several customers paid for the CD and left, and there were only me and her left. After struggling for a long time, he mustered up the courage to ask, “Is there a movie?”
Unexpectedly, she didn’t feel any shyness and replied loudly, “Do you want top-tier or third-tier? Europe, America, Japan, or Hong Kong and Taiwan?”
I wiped, my face turned red from this fucking question, and I didn’t even know how to answer it. Since you want to watch it, of course, you should watch the top-level, third-level films, so there is nothing to see.
Seeing that I didn’t answer, she raised her head and seemed to have noticed my shy expression. She turned around and called the big brother outside to come in.
no! I can’t be so shy, as if it’s the first time I’ve bought this kind of CD, I’ll definitely be slaughtered by them, I should pretend to be as sophisticated as Xiao Lu, so I might be able to bargain.
“This young man wants to buy porn, take him to see it.” She turned to her eldest brother and said, from the tone of her words, she felt that buying porn was like buying an ordinary VCD. This has subverted my visit. I didn’t expect the society to progress so fast and open so much. I’m really lagging behind.
After listening to this, the big brother laughed even more happily. He took my shoulders and took out the booth. He walked to the depths of the third floor. There were many booths in that place with their doors closed. It turned out that inside was their warehouse.
The big brother unlocked the door of the booth and took me through the front display area, which were all keyboards, mice, mouse pads, and so on. Then he pushed open a large cabinet, and there was indeed a cave in the back, and the compartment behind was full of CDs.
He quickly took out three boxes, turned his head and said to me, “This box is for European and American infantry, that box is for Japanese cavalry, and the other box is for Hong Kong and Taiwan Class III, you can choose slowly.”
Wow, my God! I remember that when Xiao Lu was buying a top-notch film in the first two months, the boss was still secretive and folded the cover upside down. And now it is so bold and open to directly sell obscene CDs. Looking at the naked babes on the cover, the blood boiled immediately, and the body began to be out of control.
But I was a little confused, so I asked, “Big brother, what is a cavalry? What is an infantry?”
After hearing this, the elder brother laughed, lit a cigarette, and told me popular science, “You are a novice and don’t understand the market. The cavalry is on horseback, and the cavalry has horses, that is, mosaics. Infantry does not have horses, That is, there is no mosaic. Europe and the United States are infantry, Japan is cavalry, Hong Kong and Taiwan are not leaking.”
Fuck me! It’s such an allusion, it seems to make sense. Of course, I have to buy infantry, the cavalry is secretive, look at the fart! But there are more than 100 different covers in front of me, which makes it difficult for me to choose. I flipped through a few of them, and each of them was full of breasts and buttocks, blonde and blue-eyed. Just looking at the cover makes one’s blood boil. This is the first time to see a naked picture, not only flushed, but also sweating.
“It’s almost enough, just pick one, the content is similar.” The elder brother exhaled a puff of smoke behind him, as if he was a little impatient to wait. After all, business is so good now that he is also a very busy person.
What the eldest brother said makes sense. From the cover, the content is indeed similar, so I randomly picked a girl who was pleasing to the eye, got up and prepared to pay.
“Brother, now the price of CDs has been reduced, isn’t it cheaper?” He asked hypocritically while taking out the money.
The big brother put three boxes of CDs back under the cabinet, turned around and said to me, “Yes, it’s cheaper, but this kind of CD is still very risky, so it can’t be too cheap. Well, 35 yuan a piece. You If you buy more, I’ll give you a cheaper price, 30 yuan.”
“Oh, but brother, you just said that the content is similar, so I think one is enough.” I handed 100 yuan to my brother and greeted him.
The elder brother was stunned for a while, and found that what he said was a bit contradictory. Finally, he asked me for 65 yuan, and added another sentence, “You child doesn’t understand, the content is similar, and it’s from a different person, hehe.”
After the transaction was completed, I took off the cover and left it directly in his booth, for fear of taking it home and being discovered by my parents. The elder brother rushed me out, locked the roller shutters of the booth, and continued busy.
I carefully put the CD in the pocket of my clothes. This is a memorable day in my life. I actually completed such an important transaction independently. Awesome, grown up!
Instead of wandering around in the electronics market, I got on my bike and ran all the way home, not wanting to waste a minute or a second. I was excited and fancied along the way. Although I was sweating like rain under the scorching sun, my heart was cool and refreshing. Refreshing.
When I got home, I felt a sense of ritual. I took a cold shower and washed myself clean, as if I was going to have the most important first time in my life. Then I also pulled up the curtains at home to prevent people on the opposite floor from looking over and discovering my special private life.
Putting the CD into the CD-ROM drive, his hands trembled slightly, his emotions were too excited, his heart beat like thunder and his breathing suddenly stopped. A blond beauty appeared on the screen. I didn’t expect that there were title subtitles, title, director, actors, etc., making it the same as a regular movie. I didn’t expect that the production of raw films is so particular. I thought it was just a simple process of human reproduction.
As the story progressed and entered the theme, my brother couldn’t hold it any longer and started to be naughty. I held it down with one hand, but it became more and more hysterical. In desperation, I started with it. mutual blog.
This is also the first time I have seen the physiological structure of the opposite sex. I didn’t expect that human beings reproduce in such a variety of ways, and there are scenes where several people work hard at the same time for fear of reproduction failure. But what puzzles me is why it is unscientific to put all the important factors of reproduction in my mouth…
In order to meet the theme of the article, 10,000 words are omitted here.
After several rounds of shelling, I looked down and saw corpses lying all over the writing desk, not to mention the sins of hundreds of millions of people who had the chance to become human beings. It took me a long time to clean the battlefield, the trenches were filled with a strong fishy smell, I didn’t know how to remove it, and I ended up using my mother’s perfume.
After that, I read it almost every day until the CD-ROM became stuck. It is estimated that the CD-ROM will be damaged. I took out the CD and saw that it was full of scars. Sure enough, this thing could not stand how many times it was read. I figured out a way to copy the entire VCD to the hard drive, perfect! Smooth and fast!
This is the first raw film I bought in my life, I still remember it fresh, the film is called “Legend 5”. That was also the last raw film I bought in my life, and I haven’t bought it since then, so it can be seen that I am a very single-minded person.
More than 20 years later, when I browsed the P site by chance, I saw this film again and downloaded it without hesitation. I didn’t expect to watch it again, and I was still full of enthusiasm, and I even felt like I had traveled back to 20 years ago, as if I was young again.
Soul torture, do you remember the name of the first gross film you watched? Can you still find it now? It’s not just a raw film, it’s also a person’s youth.
The pleasant two-month summer vacation came to an end soon. It was also the happiest summer vacation in my life. My parents left early and came home late, and I was allowed to run around at home.
On the first day of the second year of high school, the impulsive feeling of last year was gone. I already had computers at home. I couldn’t think of a reason to go out to school. Maybe it was just to finish my studies and get a diploma, so I could go out and find a job.
When I came to the school by bicycle, I suddenly found a lot of new faces. Only then did I realize that I was already a sophomore in high school, and a large number of freshmen joined the school. Their school uniforms are the same style, but the color is red, which is better than our green ones anyway.
These juniors and juniors are running around in the school, excited, just like when we first entered this school last year, full of longing for the future, full of expectations for the school, I believe that in a few days, they will Despair like a dog.
What the school teaches is backward computer knowledge, the basic courses make students lose their way, the food in the cafeteria is a pity and tasteless, and even the most beautiful teacher in the school has passed away, I really can’t find anyone here to stay reason. If there must be a reason, maybe it’s just to meet some like-minded friends…
When I walked into the classroom, the students got together and chatted. I didn’t expect that many students in the class bought computers during the summer vacation. Later, I did some statistics. There were 48 people in the class, and 30 people bought computers. I really don’t know how they fooled their parents. .
But no matter what, most of the people in the class have computers, so the topics that go to school every day are unified, talking about games, exchanging experiences, and exchanging CDs. I thought the second year of high school would be a happy time, but the hard days finally came to an end, but I didn’t expect the head teacher to enter the classroom and announce the important policy for the second year of high school.
“Second year of high school is the most important turning point in life. Many students sitting here have not been admitted to key high schools, but they still have the opportunity to be admitted to key universities.” The head teacher spoke sternly on the podium, but why did these words sound particularly familiar.
“The school will strengthen the basic education for senior two students, so that they have the opportunity to sprint hard in senior three and get into their ideal university. At the same time, when entering senior three, the school will re-classify the college entrance examination class and employment class. In one year, don’t give up.”
I’m rubbing it, and I’m going to be tossing again. Can you directly put me in the employment class? I don’t want to go to university, and I can’t even afford to go to university! Many students in the class don’t want to go to college, they just want to spend the past few years in peace, play games to cultivate their bodies, and after graduation, they will enter the society and go into the world. This is our last youth.
Looking back now, I really don’t know how the school arranged it.

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