[How Goblins Are Made] Chapter 36

When a person reaches middle age, looking back on the past, everyone has countless regrets, and even grows up in regrets. The reason why you think it’s a pity is because you didn’t feel that unknown plot. Maybe it was a tragedy that passed you by, but luckily avoided it, or maybe it was the perfect happiness that you want in this life, but it is out of reach.
In the first week of the sophomore year of high school, our shift was assigned to the whole school. I’ve never experienced this before, but I’ve seen other classes do it all the time. It’s also a weekly rotation, the whole school cycle. Some people have calculated that it may be rotated three times in three years of high school. It sounds like a daunting task, and the high-end atmosphere is high-end. In fact, it is the chores of cleaning, tidying up the campus, managing order, and so on.
But there are also good things. During this week, I don’t have to go to class, and I don’t have any homework. I’m all full-time, haha. I went to school early in the morning and started working, and I was busy until school was over. The workload was not very large, so everyone had no complaints and enjoyed it.
The 48 students in the class have to be assigned to all corners of the school to do various jobs. A fair, just and reasonable assignment is a nerve-racking thing. The male strong and the black girl took the school’s job distribution list and struggled for a long time before they went to the podium to announce.
“Brothers and sisters, the assignment of jobs is indeed a bit of a headache. Some jobs are heavy, some are troublesome, and it’s unfortunate who gets assigned, but someone has to do it, and I can’t do anything about it. Don’t blame me.” , The male Zhuang stood on the podium, cleared his throat, and said to everyone.
“So we figured out a way to randomly assign jobs and coordinate privately. Jobs are assigned according to student numbers, whatever is assigned, and then you can coordinate privately. If you want to exchange positions, come to me to register and make changes after negotiation. .”, Hei Niu said helplessly to everyone with the student number list in one hand and the job position in the other.
There is no disagreement in the audience. After all, they are all adults, and there is no such thing as a mother-in-law. In other words, as long as you don’t go to class, you are happy to do anything.
Afterwards, the male strong and the black girl were on the podium while applying for a student number and assigning jobs, and the task was quickly solved. I thought the private coordination meeting would be very lively, but I didn’t expect this to happen. Everyone took the jobs that were randomly assigned to them and took it easy.
I don’t know who I was assigned to, but I only know that I was assigned to the computer room on the fourth floor. My main job was to clean the computer room, and then I stood at the door of the computer room on the fourth floor to manage the order. It’s funny to think about it. The fourth floor of the computer room is the place with the fewest people. Is there any order that needs to be managed? Who would throw melon peels and husks at the entrance of the computer room on the fourth floor? In the computer room, you have to wear shoe covers when you enter and exit. They are usually clean. If someone dares to make trouble, they will be thrown out by the computer teacher long ago.
Some of the buddies are already so happy that they are assigned to the cafeteria. Not only can they be lazy in the cafeteria, but they can also steal food. It’s so fucking cool!
A few buddies were unlucky, and were assigned to the main road of the school. From now on, not only would the main road be swept clean every day, but also kept clean and tidy. When someone littered the garbage, they had to pick it up immediately. Like a dog.
However, the most comfortable jobs are actually those female classmates who are assigned to the library. I think the male strong must have moved his hands and feet. Why should they be assigned to the library? And those girls usually love to read books. It seems that for the next week, they will be able to read books and chat in the library every day.
After the assignment of tasks is completed, the job position is clearly explained, the meeting is over, school is dismissed, and I go home. The first day of school ended like this. The students were all eager to go home and play on the computer, and they didn’t stay in the school, except for the few sluts who stayed in the school and waited for others to talk about love and do bad things after they left. .
According to the work items arranged yesterday, after arriving at school early the next morning, I went straight to the computer room on the fourth floor to report to the teacher. Unexpectedly, I was the last one, and I was assigned with three other girls. No, there were still three female classmates at that time, namely Xiao Chen, Xiao Min and Xiao Liu. Xiao Liu, I won’t say more, she has a plain appearance. I am a member of the Appearance Association, and I have long ignored her.
And Xiao Chen and Xiaomin are different. Xiao Chen is tall, model-like, pure in appearance, sweet in appearance, and can be regarded as a flower in the class. Xiaomin is even hotter, Wu Mei is coquettish, slim and attractive, and her green school uniform can’t hide her sexy figure at all.
If I were to do it now, I would definitely be thankful that I was actually assigned to a group with three girls, the blessings I have cultivated in this life, but at the time I didn’t know it at all and didn’t notice it.
The computer room on the fourth floor is usually very quiet. There is only one management teacher in the computer room. She is a bookworm. She usually sits in the office and reads novels. The office is not big, so she is alone. In addition, the computer room is fully equipped with safety equipment, and it seems that she is isolated from the world. She came to the school just to sit and mess around. This is what I only know now when I look back on it. I didn’t know it at the time. I felt that as a teacher in the computer room, she should be very busy at ordinary times.
“You’re finally here, I’ve been waiting for you for a long time!” Xiaomin shouted at me softly.
I saw the three of them standing at the door of the teacher’s office, a little puzzled, “what’s the matter? I’m not late, right? Why are you here so early?”
“The teacher said, wait until everyone arrives before assigning work. We have been waiting for you for half an hour.” Xiao Chen looked at me and said helplessly.
“Ah? Just the four of us? So grand? Is it necessary? Isn’t it just a chore.” I scratched my head, looking impatient.
The four of them even adjusted their school uniforms, walked to the door of the teacher’s office seriously, and shouted, “Report!”
Looking back now, I feel so stupid. This sound resounded throughout the computer room on the fourth floor. It’s all my fault. I screamed so loudly, I was like a lunatic. The teacher in the computer room who was studying seriously was startled, and the books fell to the ground.
I saw that she quickly picked up the book that had fallen on the ground, straightened her glasses and walked towards me, saying, “Take it easy! Keep quiet in the computer room on the fourth floor.”
“Oh…”, I knew before that the teacher in the computer room on the fourth floor likes to be quiet and easy to read. Could this be the reason why the computer room on the fourth floor is quiet?
“Teacher, what are we going to do? Please instruct you to work.” Miss Liu asked impatiently as she rolled up the sleeves of her school uniform.
The teacher in the computer room didn’t seem to be looking forward to our arrival very much, but was rather annoyed. She walked out of the office and looked around, hesitated for a while and said to us, “Well, let’s wipe the computer in the computer room first, remember not to use a too wet rag.”
The four of us looked at each other, and we could see that we were secretly happy. The computer room on the fourth floor was just so big, and the 50 computers were finished in three or two times by four people. Is it just so much work?
“Oh, okay, where are the teacher’s tools?”, Miss Xiaomin asked.
The teacher stared and replied, “Didn’t you bring the tools? I am in the computer room, only computers, so what tools are there? Well, I will appoint you as the group leader, go to the school and ask, and put this matter solved.”
“Ah? Oh…” Miss Xiaomin was a little dazed, but she nodded immediately to indicate she understood, and turned around and went downstairs.
The three of us were left standing, a little overwhelmed. The teacher in the computer room went back to the office and sat down, continued to read, and looked up at us, feeling a little unsightly. So he said, “You guys wait outside, the tools come and start working, and let me know when you’re done.”
“Oh…” The three nodded and turned to leave the office, and came to the door of the classroom next to the computer room.
The classroom in the computer room is usually clean, and you have to wear shoe covers when entering and leaving. The inside is almost spotless. The teacher asked us to clean the computer room, which was a bit funny. Maybe she was just doing the tasks assigned by the school.
The three of them stood at the entrance of the computer room classroom for a long time, with different interests and nothing to talk about. I still don’t know what the full name of that little Liu girl is. Everyone has been in the same class for a year, and it’s just a no-brainer. Who told me to spend most of my time playing games instead of socializing in class? Now I can’t even pronounce my classmates’ names.
“It seems that the four of us can finish the work of cleaning the computer room in half an hour? What are you going to do for the rest of the day? Can you play games in the computer room?” I asked stupidly.
“You think beautifully, there must be other work after you finish it later.” Miss Chen muttered.
Yes, it makes sense when you think about it. The school knows to squeeze students and make them give up their study time to clean the school. It’s unreasonable. Do students clean in the school? Students come to school to learn.
Fortunately, I didn’t say it out loud, otherwise they would have been there laughing.
Not long after, Miss Xiaomin ran upstairs with two buckets and a few rags, climbed up to the fourth floor in one breath, sweating profusely, and panted, “I have brought the tools, and I will send it to the general room on the first floor. of.”
“Ah? I thought there would be a vacuum cleaner or something, just two buckets and a few rags, what to do?” I stared at the two buckets and asked helplessly.
“Haha, you think beautiful, hurry up and get water to clean the computer.” Miss Chen covered her mouth and smiled.
The three girls all stared at me, as if they wanted me to fetch water quickly. Think about it too, just me, a man, should I let these girls carry water? The school’s toilet design is also very brainless. There are men’s toilets on the first and third floors, and women’s toilets on the second and fourth floors. I have to go to the third floor with a bucket. It’s just crazy.
But when I lifted two buckets of water in one breath, the three girls all showed sweet smiles. Then the four of them did the dumbest cleaning job in the world, wetting a rag in a bucket and stirring it dry. Then smear it on each computer, and there is no dust. After the entire computer room is cleaned, the two buckets of water are still clean…
After looking at the watch for only half an hour, the four of them looked at each other, at a loss as to what to do. As the newly appointed team leader, Miss Xiaomin ran to the teacher’s office in the computer room, and the other three of us waited and listened.
“Teacher, we have already wiped the computers in the computer room, what do we do next?” Miss Xiaomin asked while standing at the door of the office.
“Oh, okay, then you rest for a while, then wipe the floor of the computer room classroom.” The teacher’s tone was somewhat casual, as if there was no detailed plan.
“Oh, I see.” Miss Xiaomin nodded politely, turned and walked towards us.
The grounds of the classrooms in the computer room on the fourth floor are all paved with floors, which are usually clean and shiny. The students wear shoe covers when going in and out. The windows of the classrooms have never been opened to prevent dust, and they are all air-conditioned. If you must clean it, it is reasonable to wipe it with a rag.
I fucking went to the men’s restroom on the third floor again, brought two buckets of water again, and everyone dried up the rags and lay down on the ground and started to wipe the floor. The classroom is such a big place, and the four people were lying there busy, and they were all wiped in less than half an hour. It was faster than cleaning the computer. After all, it was the ground, and it was even and neat. The two buckets of water are still clean…
This is really a fucking sin. The two buckets of water are so clean, it can only show that we are not serious about our work, but the environment of the computer room is special. Even if it is so clean, there is no way to do it.
As the leader of the group, Miss Xiaomin ran to the teacher’s office again and shouted at the door, “Teacher, we have finished cleaning the ground.”
The teacher was obviously a little impatient, and kept interrupting her reading the novel. With the sound of footsteps, she got up and walked out. Several of us were sitting on the floor and immediately got up for inspection.
She looked at us in a serious way, a little unnatural, and invited us all to sit down. Don’t be too serious. It can be seen that she is a good teacher who is very considerate of the students’ hard work.
Then she struggled for a while, with an unspeakable appearance, she organized the language and said to us, “Students, in fact, the workload of our computer room on the fourth floor is not large, so your work is the easiest among the students on duty in the school. .But don’t make it loud, so as not to be pulled by other groups to help temporarily. This is also a common thing. Next, you can take a break, review your homework, and learn about extracurricular development knowledge, but don’t gather in groups to chat. You They are divided into two groups, two-person groups, and they go to the front and rear of the computer room for management. The main thing is to manage hygiene. When entering the computer room, you must wear shoe covers and not litter. There is nothing else to do. You can go early during lunch time. Let’s eat in the cafeteria, and remember to bring some paper in the afternoon and wipe the window glass.”
The few of us looked at each other in dismay, and we couldn’t contain the joy in our hearts for a long time. The teacher is so gentle and gentle, and she is as understanding as her heart. I am really grateful for taking such care of us. The scholar is different. He can say so many words in one breath, and he is eloquent and reasonable.
After speaking, the teacher went back to his office, continued to pick up the novel, and read the book. But for us, how to group three women and one man was a bit nerve-racking, and finally solved the problem with a traditional solution, black and white.
The four of them stood together in a circle, shouting silly slogans, “Black and white match, black and white match…”
It doesn’t matter to me at all, as long as I don’t belong to the same group with Xiao Liu, the other two female classmates are very attractive. As a result, Miss Chen and I were in the same group, which was fine.
After we put the buckets and rags away, we each went to the end of the computer room to manage the order. It is said to be the management order, but it is actually just hanging out there to see if anyone violates the discipline, reminding me, that’s all. Usually only need to manage in the few minutes after class, the other time is class time, there is no one, and I just stand in a daze.
Miss Chen and I came to the rear of the computer room. This is a corner with a good view and a panoramic view of the entire campus. The two of them just stood there blankly against the wall, looking at each other, speechless.
The weather was nice, warm and comfortable, with blue sky and white clouds, and a gentle breeze. With a few shouts coming from downstairs, we looked down. There were some students who were assigned to work on the main road of the school. Their activities aroused both of us. Notice.
I used to hear that being assigned to work on the school’s main road is the hardest, but now I see it with my own eyes, it’s like a dog. I thought I just need to sweep the road, but I didn’t expect to use a mop to clean it. , and then arrange for people to come and sprinkle water every 15 minutes to keep the road clean, as if it had just been cleaned, I don’t know who it is for.
There are green belts on both sides of the road. Several students are pruning the branches and leaves there with big scissors. I don’t know when they learned the skills of pruning plants. Maybe they just cut randomly there. Anyway, they turned into a school. gardener.
“Haha, look, that’s a strong man.” I pointed to the classmates downstairs who were pushing tricycles across the road to the kitchen, and said to Miss Chen next to me.
“Yeah, the man must have done some tricks and assigned himself to the kitchen, where he can steal a lot of good dishes.” Miss Chen smiled smugly, turned her head and said to me.
“Yeah, look at his belly. When he first came in, he had six pack abs, but now it’s all a piece of rice cake.” I pointed to the man and joked.
“Haha, yes, when you guys run in gym class, his belly still lingers.

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