[Chasing Dreams] Chapter 1

It is not easy to move around the world during the epidemic. You must be isolated when entering and leaving. I will not talk about the delay. The boring isolation has driven countless people crazy. If there are important things that need to be urgently returned to China, I believe that many people, like me, are the best solution.
If all goes well, the total quarantine time from New Zealand to China will add up to a month. They are quarantined for two weeks after entering China and two weeks after returning to New Zealand. As for the rule that after two weeks of isolation in China, you have to go to the local province and city for a week of home isolation. The policies of each place are different, and I am not too sure. Let it be.
For me, isolation is not a frustrating and irritating thing. I usually like to be quiet and write something. In the isolation hotel, I feel like a duck to water, no one can disturb me anymore, I can devote myself to writing with peace of mind, as if I am in another space, isolated from the world, and concentrate on my practice.
An Indian taxi driver wearing a mask and driving calmly drove me into Auckland International Airport. I remember that the last time I returned to China was three years ago. The whole airport was full of traffic and flow, and it was a busy and orderly scene. But now looking around, there is no one, and the traffic light seems to be just a useless decoration. Coupled with the blue sky and white clouds of New Zealand as always, it seems to put me on another uninhabited planet.
Taxis stop directly at the main entrance of the airport hall. In the past, long queues were required to park and drop off passengers at the designated pick-up place. The epidemic has brought the whole world to a standstill, and the airport is the best witness.
Walking into the empty airport hall, I am really not used to it. But this is also of course, there is only one plane every week from Auckland, New Zealand, to Shanghai, China. There are very few other flights, and it is conceivable how empty the whole airport is, without people and silent.
The Air New Zealand boarding window was clear at a glance, dragged my suitcase and walked over quickly, and finally saw a few people there. Before he got close, he heard a shrill tone, as if there was some dispute.
When I walked in, I saw a beautiful black-haired woman who was complaining to the two foreigners in broken English. This woman is of medium stature, golden ratio, eyebrows and big eyes, ponytail and long braided hair. She wears simple clothes and looks excited. A look of eager to express and helpless, obviously not very good in English, the accent is definitely Chinese.
“Is there anything I can do to help?” I said to the woman.
She immediately turned her head and looked at me with a smile, as if she saw hope. Finally, a compatriot can help translate, but I was taken aback by her.
The other side of the woman’s face was covered with a long knife scar, from the corner of her eyes to the corner of her mouth, it was very obvious, it should be a knife wound. I paused for a second, this old scar seems to reveal a thrilling story. But I immediately came back to my senses and smiled reluctantly.
“Uncle, can you translate for me? These two foreigners must require me to wear a mask. I don’t have a mask, and I have been infected with the new coronavirus and have immunity.” The woman said to me anxiously.
“Okay, okay, don’t be impatient.” I comforted the woman’s excitement, and then started to help translate.
During the epidemic, airlines have regulations that passengers must wear masks at all times to avoid being infected or spreading the virus, even those who have recovered.
The woman seemed a little helpless after hearing this, but she finally accepted it, but she didn’t wear a mask, so she was a little overwhelmed. I handed her a spare n95 mask of mine and nodded with a smile.
A shy smile appeared on her face, and she was obviously very grateful. Although the long scar on her left face looked a little awkward, it didn’t affect her graceful demeanor and her once beautiful face.
She slowly reached out and took the mask, and politely said to me, “Thank you so much, I’m so sorry, thank you.”
I also politely replied, “You’re welcome, it’s fine.”
“That… I’m sorry, uncle, I also want to ask, where is gate G28?” Just as I was about to turn around, she asked shyly.
This girl gave me an unfamiliar feeling, as if I had just arrived in New Zealand or had never been on a plane, which made me very curious and asked, “Are you alone? Are you going home alone?”
“Yes, it’s my first time back to China, and I don’t quite understand it.” She gave me a silly smile.
This silly smile made me feel that she is not the kind of person who is very pretentious, but also very friendly. She should be the kind of girl who asks if she doesn’t understand, corrects if she is wrong, and seeks truth from facts.
At the same time, I realized that the g28 gate is also where I am going. After all, during the epidemic, there were very few flights. There was only one flight from New Zealand to China every week, and it was hard to get a ticket. passengers on the same plane.
“Let’s go, I’ll go with you, I’m also at gate G28.” I pointed to the front, turned my head and smiled at her.
She showed an excited smile, picked up her luggage and followed, “That’s great, thank you, uncle.”
“You’re welcome.” Although I replied politely to her, I always felt a little uncomfortable. One uncle, it seems that there is a huge age difference between me and her, and there is even a generation gap of several generations, but usually, people call me eldest brother. So I think this girl has no social experience, she speaks out loud and outspoken, usually such people are very kind at heart.
Along the way, I kept a certain distance from her, thinking in my heart, this girl has already contracted the new crown virus, and she has germs on her body. Shouldn’t she infect me? If I am infected with the new crown virus at my age, it will definitely fall into the root of the disease, and maybe die. So, without saying a word, she was brought to the boarding gate, and the two waved goodbye and found a place to sit down.
Most of the Chinese at the boarding gate were black-haired Chinese, who kept a distance of more than two meters from each other. Obviously, Chinese people prefer their lives. A few people even wore white protective suits, which looked very exaggerated. Obviously, they would prefer their lives. Usually, those people must be rich.
All the shops at the airport were closed, except for this boarding gate, the surrounding area was empty and empty, and the busy waiting hall was silent in the past.
It didn’t take long for the check-in to begin. This was a registration situation that I had never seen before. Everyone kept a distance of more than 2 meters, waited quietly, and entered one by one in an orderly manner.
I was at the front of the line with my carry-on luggage, I couldn’t help laughing secretly, what’s the use of keeping a distance of two meters? On the plane, everyone sat one by one, stuffed in the same enclosed space, for more than ten hours. Fortunately, I have already had two shots of the vaccine, and my heart has a little peace of mind.
The atmosphere did become a little tense when boarding the plane, mainly because the beautiful flight attendants in the past were all wearing white protective suits, just like the doomsday scene in a sci-fi film.
Found his place, put away his luggage, tucked the laptop under the seat, closed his eyes and rested. Since becoming a contract author, I feel that I have suddenly lost my inspiration for writing. In the past, I mainly wrote some stories and novels based on documentary, although I also tried to write some sci-fi content, but I was not very satisfied.
After all, I am not a young man with a rich imagination, an open mind, and an advanced idea. The only ones that have received positive feedback from readers are some documentary stories. After all, those stories are real. I just add fuel to it, I don’t need to make up, and I have no ability to make up.
In order to write some true stories from life, I became more and more gossip. Like to inquire about other people’s life privacy, extramarital affairs, cheating process. Sometimes I even want to be a priest. I think there must be many bizarre stories of those who come to pray and repent in the small dark room. Those real life stories are a valuable source of inspiration for my writing.
The novel “Chasing the Cloud” at hand has been suspended for more than a month, and the informant has suddenly disappeared. Perhaps it was the unscrupulous questioning of privacy, which made her feel a little ashamed and blocked my WeChat account. The story after that is also unpredictable, do you want me to make up the ending?
It doesn’t matter if you make up or write an open ending. Is there any story that isn’t made up of nonsense? But for me, a writer of real-life narratives, it’s not good. It’s okay to add oil and vinegar, and make up things that don’t talk about martial arts. Wrong, it is not about Wende.
Forget it, let’s wait a little longer, maybe when the epidemic passes, the informant will appear again. The authenticity of the story is the point, not a random ending and a quick delivery.
Actually, I really hate flying. Every time the plane takes off and descends, my eardrums will hurt unbearably. In desperation, I just put on my earplugs and pretend to sleep. It’s best to fall asleep. But during the epidemic, flying by plane is like going to the battlefield, people are panicked, how can I fall asleep?
I am wearing an n95 mask, which has a good airtightness and has no other odor except for the smell of my own bad breath. But I don’t know when I suddenly smelled a faint scent of jasmine flowers, this smell is very familiar, it seems familiar. I realized that a woman should be sitting next to me.
She opened her eyes and turned her head to see that it was her, the girl with the scar on her left face just now. She also turned her head subconsciously and found that it was me, her eyebrows bent, her eyes narrowed, and a half-smiley face appeared under the mask.
I also nodded politely to her, but she suddenly took off the mask, causing me to shrink to the side an inch in fright. My reaction was a bit exaggerated, and she clearly found out.
I saw that she took out a piece of chewing gum from her pocket and stuffed it into her mouth, then immediately put on a mask, smiled at me again, and said, “I’m sorry, uncle.”
“No, it doesn’t matter.” I replied with a forced smile.
“I hate flying the most. When I took off and landed last time, my eardrums couldn’t take it anymore, so I had to keep churning gum, which would make me feel better.” She explained to me.
I smiled and nodded to her, and said with a shudder, “Yes, me too.”
She immediately handed over a piece of chewing gum, “Do you want a piece of chewing gum? It works.”
“No, no, thank you, I have this.” I took out two earplugs, shook them in front of her, and put them in my ears.
Then there was silence around, and I couldn’t hear what she said to me. Except for the sound of her heartbeat, everything was at ease, just waiting for the plane to take off. It’s very strange, I feel that this little girl has a very strong affinity. This is definitely not because she is young and beautiful. After all, she has a long scar on her left face, which can be completely described by the word “shattering”.
Usually, if a woman has such a long scar on her face, she must be unhappy and frowning, not to mention a face that is as beautiful as flowers. But she didn’t take it into consideration, she was always filled with a youthful and sweet smile, perhaps because of this, she felt a unique affinity, and the courage and courage to face the adversity of life without fear.
As a person who observes meticulously and writes often, I began to ponder her long scar and guess what kind of story it would be. Looking at the appearance of the scar, it was obvious that it was a stab wound. It was slashed in the face with brutality and violence, and it was neat and clean. Could it be that this little girl had an emotional dispute with other men and was sought revenge? Judging from her appearance, she doesn’t look like a frivolous person. Could it be that the family got into the underworld? Or is it a domestic violence accident? No matter what the possibility is, I always feel that this little girl is quite pitiful.
The plane moved slowly and started to accelerate on the runway. After a bump, my body sank and I got off the ground. As the height continued to stretch, I could clearly feel the clicking sound of my eardrums. Turning her head, she saw the little girl beside her frowning and closing her eyes, chewing gum hard, as if she was on the battlefield.
After a period of continuous stretching, the plane finally began to fly smoothly, the toilet was opened for use, and the long flight of more than ten hours officially began. Some of the tourists around were watching movies and some listening to music, showing various bored and helpless gestures.
But these times are far from enough for me. I have to seize every minute and every second to finish the last novel as soon as possible, take out my laptop, and think about how to write a beautiful ending. Just as I was staring at the computer screen in a daze, unsure of the ending of the plot, I heard the voice of a little girl.
“Chasing the cloud? Uncle, are you a writer? Are you writing a novel or a script?” The little girl stared at my computer screen and asked curiously.
I smiled modestly, “It’s not a writer, it’s just an author. I write novels, some stories based on documentary themes.”
“There are a lot of writers and novels on the Internet now, either through travel or harem, or rebirth or immortality. The same outline model, the same business routine. But it seems to be very popular, and everyone likes to read it, so writing those contents must be very profitable.” , the little girl looked reproachful.
I can’t see that the little girl has a lot of research on literature. At least she knows how to pay attention to the trend of literature on the Internet. I have no choice but to complain to her, “Now literature has been polluted by business, it’s all messy things, serious and serious. There is very little content, and it is neither profitable nor popular.”
The little girl stared at a pair of big watery eyes, nodded understandingly, and asked implicitly, “So documentary stories must be of little benefit, right?”
“Yes, there is no profit. But I don’t write to make money, I just want more people to see the real stories of bizarre human experiences and joys and sorrows. Pure literature, not commercial.”, I was dismissive and awe-inspiring said to her.
Unexpectedly, the little girl’s big eyes showed a look of incomparable reverence, and her tone was a little moved, “There are very few authors like you who do not write for commercial interests, so reading what you write will definitely not be a waste of time. , and benefited greatly.”
“You won the prize. It’s purely a personal hobby. You spend a lot of time writing, and you don’t have many readers.” I said to her with a smirk.
“I’m very interested in reading it. Where can I read your articles? I like to read some real content, and making things up is a waste of time.” The little girl narrowed her eyes and said to me with a smile.
To be honest, I was excited for a while. After writing for so long, I have never met someone like this who sincerely wanted to read what I wrote. Immediately took out a notepad and wrote my name and web address on it.
“Xilan cat, xilanmao.com!” The little girl read it with her eyes wide open, she couldn’t help laughing, “Your pseudonym is so cute.”
After we looked at each other and smiled, we started doing our own thing and stopped disturbing each other. Inadvertently, I turned my head and glanced, and found that she was reading my article “Chasing the Cloud”, which was very gratifying, and it seemed that she had one more fan.
It is really convenient to be able to access the Internet on the plane. You can check information and receive emails at any time without delay. But the ending of the last novel is really annoying. Even if it is a random ending, it must be authentic. After checking many related cases on the Internet, I am still at a loss.
After being busy for most of the day, the ten-hour voyage will soon be over.

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