[Chasing Dreams] Chapter 2

In the school auditorium, the final of the third-year basketball league is fiercely going on. There are huge crowds on both sides of the venue, most of them are girls from the school. In fact, they don’t know the detailed basketball rules, they just pay attention to which athlete is valiant and handsome on the court.
In the entire auditorium, there were only the slaps of basketballs and the clamor of sneakers rubbing the ground. All the girls looked at the tall and handsome basketball players on the court with fascinated eyes, as quiet as a kitten.
Zhang Nini sat in the front row with her friend Wang Bingbing at the same table, staring intently at a few handsome seniors, not basketball. In fact, she had been paying attention to that handsome boy for a long time.
The boy’s surname is Su, he is a year older than her, he is about 1.8 meters tall, with an even build and a strong physique. Although his shooting percentage is not high, the appearance of the sunshine boy deeply attracted her. In addition, this boy surnamed Su usually doesn’t talk much nonsense and has a cold look, just like the protagonist Rukawa Feng in the cartoon “Slam Dunk”, which is deeply loved by many girls.
Zhang Nini has been watching the baking soda ball for almost a year, and now is approaching the graduation of the third year of junior high school. error. There were a few girls chatting with Xiao Su before. Zhang Nini looked down, grumpy and uncomfortable from a distance, but she never had the courage to summon the courage to say hello to him, typical of the crush mentality of a young girl.
Xiao Su’s performance on the basketball court was very active today. Every catch, pass, block and shot made the audience sigh, and Zhang Nini was even more passionate, she was like Jordan. Whenever he ran past Zhang Nini, he always brought a faint smell of Chinese, that’s right! The smell of sweat exudes a faint fragrance, and the lover’s eyes are full of Xi Shi, and He Nai’s sweat smells like a delicate fragrance.
Seeing that the game time is about to end, the score between the two sides is almost a draw. The opponent’s player suddenly made a long-range three-pointer in the midfield, and several players under the basket competed for the card position, standing in a favorable position to grab the ball.
As expected, the three-pointer was crooked, touched the edge of the basket, and bounced out! Several players under the basket rose into the air at almost the same time. After a fight in the air, the opposing player grabbed the ball, and immediately jumped up and tipped again after landing!
Seeing that he was about to score a goal, a tall figure suddenly blocked the sky in front of him. That was Xiao Su, who was a skilled hotpot and slammed the basketball out!
“Ah~!”, with a few screams, the girls in the first row outside the court avoided one after another. The basketball that was intercepted by Xiao Su Gai’s hot pot was flying towards them quickly. It smashed hard on a girl’s face, and she fell to the ground, covering her face with her hands, unable to shout for a while in pain.
That girl was Zhang Nini, the unlucky ghost sitting in the first row. The basketball was fast, and after hitting her face, it bounced on Wang Bingbing’s head next to her. Killing two birds with one stone, Xiao Su was stunned when he landed.
However, he reacted immediately and stepped forward immediately. This one covered the hot pot, he exerted his strength to eat milk, the strength was strong and the speed was fast, no matter who it hit, it would hurt a lot, not to mention the face.
Xiao Su wanted to apologize, but when she saw Zhang Nini’s nose bleeds and the pain was unbearable, she didn’t know what to do, she was in a hurry. Everyone else gathered around, and the game was suspended.
“Zhang Nini, are you alright! God, there’s a lot of blood!” Wang Bingbing stood up and shouted.
What? Blood! This time it was a disaster, Xiao Su panicked, and hurriedly stepped forward to check the female classmate’s injury. I saw her hands covering her face, her whole body twitching in pain, and blood was flowing from her mouth and nose.
“Spread out, don’t surround yourself!”, the referee shouted to the onlookers.
“Hurry up! Take it to the school infirmary!”, a teacher behind Xiao Su shouted.
A few other students murmured, “Such a ball, the bridge of the nose is broken! Hurry up and call an ambulance.”
“There are so many nosebleeds, it’s too late, hurry up and send it to the health center next to the school.” Wang Bingbing was very anxious.
Xiao Su immediately hugged her with a princess, and took Nini out of the school auditorium to the community health center next to her. Wang Bingbing and the head teacher followed closely, and the onlookers also rushed out.
Although the pain was unbearable, Nini didn’t cry, she just closed her eyes and endured the pain. She knew that these powerful arms belonged to the senior whom she had admired for a long time. Even if she was about to die, she could not lose her girlish innocence and restraint, let alone show the tragic death after being injured, and keep the original pure and sweet. Image is more important than death!
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, hold on! It’s coming soon!” Xiao Su held Nini and ran all the way, mumbling non-stop.
“Left, left! It says Emergency! Did you see it! Stupid?”, Wang Bingbing pulled Xiao Su’s jersey, pointed at the emergency room and shouted.
Xiao Su made a sudden stop, turned 180 degrees with Nini in her arms, and rushed into the emergency room of the hospital.
The doctor on duty in the emergency room was reading a newspaper, and was taken aback by this situation. Usually, the patients walked in by themselves. He immediately threw the newspaper, stood up and shouted, “Quick! Quick! Put on the bed! Then get out of the way!”
Xiao Su gently placed Nini on the bed in the emergency room, like a sinner who made a mistake, standing by the side silently. At this time, Nini has improved, at least her eyes can be opened slightly.
“Hey, the injury isn’t serious. Did you hit your face? Let me see if the bridge of the nose is broken.” The emergency doctor said to himself while examining.
“I was hit in the face by a basketball.” Wang Bingbing and the head teacher replied anxiously.
The emergency doctor immediately took out the first aid kit, first stopped the bleeding for Nini, and then checked it carefully, especially the delicate and tall bridge of the nose, and said calmly, “It’s okay, the bridge of the nose is not broken, although there are no teeth. The health center in the community has limited conditions, and there is no X-ray to take. If you are worried, you can go to the big hospital in the city to take an X-ray to confirm the condition of the bridge of the nose. I don’t think there is any problem. “Little girl, how are you feeling now?”
Xiao Su and the others were on the side, terrified in a cold sweat.
Nini covered her face with her hands, and said nothing, with a hint of shyness on her face. In front of the senior she had admired for a long time, she was so embarrassed that she wanted to die. She had imagined many times what the first time she should be in contact with Xiao Su should be and what to wear, but she never imagined that it was in the emergency room of the community health center, and she was still wearing a blood-stained school uniform, and her face was swollen. Let people see, for fear of leaving the impression of a pig’s head on him.
“Doctor, are you really all right? Then why is there so much blood?” Wang Bingbing asked anxiously from the side.
“I checked, the basketball should have hit her teeth, the left row of teeth were all loose, and they were all blood and saliva from the mouth, and some of them got on the nose, looking like a nosebleed , Actually not.”, the doctor replied with experience.
Hearing these words, Wang Bingbing and Xiao Su finally breathed a sigh of relief.
After the doctor cleaned up a pile of hemostatic cotton pads, he washed his blood-stained hands, returned to his desk, took a sip of tea, turned his head and asked, “How is it, little girl? Can you get up? Go first. Let’s take a look at your teeth at the dentist on the second floor, I guess you need to wear braces, otherwise the entire row of teeth will be deformed.”
“Thank you, thank you doctor.” Wang Bingbing thanked politely. Then he walked over to Nini and asked softly, “How are you feeling now? You scared me to death, but you said something.”
Nini turned to cover her face with her hands, her mouth was filled with hemostatic cotton, and she said to Wang Bingbing in a vague voice, “Let him go.”
“Ah? How can you let him go? He has to be held accountable to the end. What happened to you?” Wang Bingbing was puzzled and asked in a low voice in Nini’s ear.
“Oh, let him go, I don’t want him to see it.” Nini said vaguely to Wang Bingbing, turned to face the wall, and avoided her sight.
Bingxue’s smart Wang Bingbing immediately understood the mystery. She turned to Xiao Su who was stunned by the side and said, “Who’s that? Go ahead, it’s alright, it’s alright.”
“Ah? Is it really okay?” Xiao Su was very flustered, and stepped forward to visit.
Wang Bingbing stopped him and pushed him back, “Oh, why are you so ignorant? We are all girls here, it’s inconvenient! You go out!”
Xiao Su looked around and there were women all around him. He was a big man, and he really felt a little inconvenient, but he didn’t understand where it was inconvenient.
“Su Jili, you go back to school first.” The head teacher said to him in a commanding tone.
Xiao Su scratched her head helplessly and walked out, not forgetting to turn her head and say, “Uh, who is that, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I…”
“Okay, okay, I’ll find you later.” The head teacher pushed him out and immediately closed the door of the emergency room.
Xiao Su froze at the door, not knowing what to do, her mind went blank, and she felt uneasy. I vaguely heard a few words coming from inside, “Are you also physically injured? Quickly take off your clothes and check.”
It turned out to be undressing. It was really inconvenient. Xiao Su nodded, turned and left the community health center.
Nini saw that Xiao Su had already left, so she put her hands down. It turned out that one side of her face was swollen like a pig’s head, and Wang Bingbing almost couldn’t recognize it.
“My God, your face is so swollen, will it be okay?” Wang Bingbing shouted anxiously.
The doctor took out two ice packs from the refrigerator, put them on Nini’s face, and calmly comforted, “It’s alright, don’t be afraid, I’ve seen this a lot, the swelling will subside in two days, and you will be back to your original beauty. face.”
Nini nodded with tears in her eyes, and finally sighed, fortunately she didn’t let him see her embarrassed appearance, or she would die. Then, with the help of Wang Bingbing and the head teacher, he went down to the second floor, checked his teeth, and put on a steel brace. Nini excused her illness, took a week off, and stayed at home.
That day, Wang Bingbing sent her home. It was also the first time Wang Bingbing went to Nini’s house, which was a little far from the school. After walking for more than 30 minutes, I arrived after passing through several secluded abandoned construction sites.
The residential areas are all old-fashioned peasant rental houses. The houses are somewhat dilapidated, the roads are a bit muddy, and there are several public toilets around. However, at that time, most of the living conditions in the urban-rural junction were like this, which is not surprising.
It was dinner time, and the smell of vegetables wafted everywhere. The kitchen was usually outside the house, and several families took turns to cook. The two walked through the small alley, and the neighbors saw Nini putting an ice pack on her face, wearing steel sleeves on her teeth, and whispering.
As soon as the two arrived at the door, the neighbor’s aunt who was cooking exclaimed, “Isn’t this Nini? What’s wrong? Was bullied by a hooligan?”, and then immediately turned around and shouted to the next door, “Zhang Ting! An accident happened to your Nini. La!”
Nini shook her head again and again and said vaguely, “No, no, it’s okay.”
A woman next door rushed out of the door immediately, with a nervous expression. She was in her twenties, and her face and expression were seven points similar to Nini. I was stunned for a second, looked up and down, and became very anxious, “What’s wrong with you?”
Nini covered her face and said inarticulately, “It’s okay, sister, it’s okay.”
Zhang Ting was so anxious that he carefully checked the injuries on Nini’s face.
Wang Bingbing comforted, “I was hit in the face by a basketball, and I bleed some blood, but it has stopped now. The teeth are covered with steel sleeves and they will be fixed for a week.”
After hearing this, Zhang Ting felt a little calmer and asked, “Isn’t it hurt anywhere else? Who did it? Did you pay for the medical expenses?”
“It’s a boy in the upper grades of the school. I don’t know his name. I’ll go to school tomorrow…” Before Wang Bingbing could finish speaking, another man walked out of the room. He was in his thirties and shouted in a loud voice, “Oh! What’s the matter! Who did it? Brother-in-law, help you get revenge!”
The neighbors all stuck their heads out. Seeing this, Nini quickly dragged Wang Bingbing into the house. The gossip made her very embarrassed.
The house is not big. The entrance is the living room. It is about 20 square meters. There is a dilapidated sofa and an old-fashioned round table. Some of the paint on the wall has peeled off. The ceiling fan on the top looks very old.
A well-behaved boy with a red scarf was busy with his homework. Seeing Nini’s face with an ice pack on his face, he asked, “Second sister, what’s the matter with you?”
Nini smiled reluctantly, stroked his scalp, and said inarticulately, “Good, it’s fine.”
Zhang Nini’s sister and brother-in-law hurried in, and anxiously asked Wang Bingbing about the whole thing. Then the brother-in-law was furious, slammed the table, and shouted, “This kid is too much! Not only did he not send our Nini back, he didn’t even pay for the medical expenses, I will go to the school tomorrow to find him!”
Seeing this, Nini shook her head again and again, but helplessly put an ice pack on her face, wearing steel braces on her teeth, she couldn’t speak, and mumbled a few words vaguely.
“Then, take a good rest, I’ll go back first, and I’ll see you tomorrow.” Wang Bingbing smiled politely, turned around and prepared to leave.
Zhang Ting looked up and saw that it was 7 pm on the wall clock, so he kept Wang Bingbing and said, “Girl, I haven’t thanked you for sending our Nini back. It’s already so late, we are relatively remote here, so stay together. Have dinner and ask her brother-in-law to take you home.”
“Yes, how can you let a girl go home by herself so late? It’s too unsafe, just eat a little, and I’ll take you back when I’m done.” After saying that, the brother-in-law turned around and brought the cooked food.
Nini took Wang Bingbing’s hand and invited her to sit down. The two looked at each other and smiled slightly. After all, they are friends and best friends, so there is no need to be too restrictive. Poor Nini’s injuries have not healed, her teeth are covered with steel sleeves, and she cannot eat, so she can only accompany her and drink cold water.
Zhang Ting was busy with her rice bowl and was cooking porridge for Nini. Brother-in-law drank baijiu, gossips at home, and is very hospitable. Dinner is also very simple, two meat and two vegetarian, rough tea and light rice. It can be seen that this is an authentic ordinary family, but Wang Bingbing is a little strange in his heart because he has not seen his parents.
She has to go to school tomorrow. After dinner, Wang Bingbing didn’t stay for long, and her brother-in-law escorted her home on a bicycle. The two waved goodbye at the door, looking like sisters.
My brother-in-law took Wang Bingbing through the field road and through the alleys. The lights were dim at night, and the old roads were rugged. The roads in the urban-rural junction were really difficult to walk. There was no man to escort them, and it was quite dangerous. cigarette.
The two of them chatted about everyday things along the way, and only then did they realize that Zhang Nini’s family life was extremely difficult. Her mother had a difficult labor when she gave birth to her third child. The doctor had no choice but to keep the child. In the end, her mother died on the operating table. Her father believed that because the doctor did not receive the red envelope, he neglected his duty and acted deliberately. He rushed into the hospital with a knife and hacked the doctor to death.
Later, they were sentenced to life imprisonment, and the three siblings were taken care of by their grandmother. But last year, my grandmother passed away. So now all the burdens of life fall on the eldest sister Zhang Ting. Fortunately, there is a reliable brother-in-law to share it, otherwise, I really can’t live.
Zhang Nini’s sister and brother-in-law are not highly educated, social talents with high diplomas. Her sister is just an ordinary salesperson. Apart from work, her brother-in-law,

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