[Return – AI Campaign] Chapter 2, Alien Invasion

  Xiao Su walked out of the classroom with other teachers and students and came to the playground. Look up at the sky and observe this massive alien battleship.

  In addition, the star warship, visually looks like a city, quietly suspended in the air. It was looming in the clouds, and there was no sign of a threat. Perhaps it is because its shape is not fearful, and it is not beyond the scope of human imagination.

  There was a lot of discussion around, some people were terrified, some people were overjoyed.

  ”It’s over, it’s over, humanity is going to perish!”

  ”I love aliens, aliens take me away! I LOVE YOU!!”

  ”I want an alien boyfriend…, I’m currently single…”

  ”Aliens shouldn’t eat human flesh, right?”

  ”The end of the world has begun, hurry home and spend the last time with your family.”


  It is said that it is a warship because its shape resembles an aircraft carrier on the earth, not a large round flying saucer in a sci-fi film.

  There was a loud noise behind, Xiao Su and the other students turned to look. More than a hundred fighter jets whizzed past their heads and flew towards the alien battleship.

  This terrified the classmates and teachers on the playground, and everyone fled and hid in the teaching building. Following the crowd, Xiao Su was squeezed into the teaching building, “Don’t be crowded, classmates! Calm down! Calm down! I’ll wipe, squeeze!”

  All the screens in the teaching building broadcast the same news, live broadcast of the invasion of alien warships.

  Everyone was staring at the screen and talking about it.

  ”The alien planet is much smaller than us, so the population must not be as large as us, and it can’t beat us.”

  ”Nonsense, aliens use high technology, and they don’t care about population in war.”

  At the live broadcast, the host was incoherent with excitement, pointing to the alien battleship in the sky and the Earth Federation Air Force, and Barabara was talking a lot of nonsense.

  Media from all over the world broadcast it one after another, and suddenly the whole world knew that the earth was invaded by aliens. But the war has not yet broken out and is still in a stalemate.

  More than a hundred fighter jets finally flew not far from the alien battleship. From a distance, it looks small like a fly, and it can be seen that the alien battleship is huge.

  The planes were lined up in battle formation, waiting for the final order.

  ”The first contact between human beings and alien civilization has officially started. Will war break out? Will there be peaceful coexistence with alien civilization? Now is the critical moment.” Report live with a microphone.

  Finally, after waiting for more than an hour, the alien warship moved, it was slowly descending, and directly below it was the ocean.

  As the battleship slowly descended, the entire spaceship appeared in everyone’s field of vision, God! It turned out to be a moving castle.

  There was a sudden screeching noise outside the window, a mechanical roar, Xiao Su ran to the window and probed. The dense army is the army! The army is passing quickly through the city streets, galloping away in the direction of the alien warship. It is estimated that there are more than 10,000 people, and it is mighty. Robot army, neat and tidy.

  ”I am the commander-in-chief of the Earth Defense Command, Zhou Shijun. According to the preliminary analysis of the alien warships, the technological strength of the aliens is not much ahead of humans. We are organizing a negotiation, hoping to avoid war. But if war cannot be avoided, we Humans also have hope of confrontation, and the final victory!”, the live broadcast was inserted into the announcement of the Earth Defense Command.

  After more than an hour of slow descent, the alien battleship touched the ocean, and the entire moving castle floated steadily on the sea and stood on the sea.

  ”The alien warship has landed on the sea, and there is no sign of aggression at present. The 10 aircraft carriers of the Earth Defense Force are rushing to the landing site to complete the battle deployment.” The host was on the sea, and the alien warship that landed in the distance shouted loudly. ,live.

  ”Xiao Su, Xiao Su!”, Wang Baihe’s shout came from behind.

  Turning his head to look, Wang Baihe was running over with tears in his eyes. He hugged Xiao Su and shouted excitedly, “Are you alright? Are you okay? What happened? Did aliens invade?”

  ”Why are you here?”, Xiao Su turned to look at Wang Baihe suspiciously, and asked curiously.

  ”I’m studying here, we are from the same school.” Wang Baihe answered eagerly with innocent eyes.

  It turned out that, although Xiao Su was at a loss, he nodded calmly.

  ”I’m a diplomat of the Earth Defense Forces, and now I’m officially issuing an ultimatum to you. Please indicate your intentions.” In the live video, a soldier in uniform is standing on the bow of the ship, facing this behemoth, through a loudspeaker call out.

  The audience was silent, and there was no sound in the video. Everyone eagerly waited for a reply, but this behemoth didn’t respond at all.

  This is a matter of course, how can alien civilizations understand the common language of the earth? Anyone who has watched a lot of sci-fi movies knows that most alien civilizations communicate with their minds without opening their mouths. Civilizations that need to communicate with their mouths are backward civilizations.

  The diplomat stood at the bow of the boat for half an hour, feeling humiliated in front of the world’s live broadcast. Directly declared that the negotiation failed, turned around and left.

  ”It is very regrettable that the alien civilization refuses to negotiate with us. But illegal entry into the earth is against the federal constitution. According to the law, we have to expel the illegal intruders.”, the commander-in-chief of the Earth Defense Command, Zhou Shijun said sternly in the live broadcast .

  At this moment, the alien battleship made a movement. In the middle of the battleship, a huge warehouse door was opened, and an iron tower was slowly raised.

  From the live video, the tower is 100 meters high, with a solid structure, and the top of the tower is a huge sphere.

  ”The aliens are moving! Is this about to start an attack? Or is it a symbol of peace?”

  ”The Earth Defense Command has unanimously approved that the first military strike against aliens has been achieved, and a strategic advantage has been achieved. Citizens are requested to gather at the nearest air defense facilities as soon as possible, and you can ensure personal safety.” Commander-in-chief Zhou Shijun issued the final order.

  There was a commotion in the classroom, and everyone ran out of the teaching building in a panic. Wang Baihe grabbed Xiao Su’s hand tightly and ran to the nearest air-raid shelter.

  While running, Xiao Su turned his head and saw that the Air Force had launched an attack. The photon weapon emitted a dazzling light, shooting at the huge alien warship.

  ”Boom!”, a huge explosion sounded in the distance, and the alien battleship suddenly burst into smoke and the flames shot into the sky.

  The army soldiers also quickened their pace, holding weapons and running in the direction of the alien battleship. He shouted the slogan, “For the earth, for the mankind.”

  Looking at the thick smoke billowing in the distance, everyone stopped, feeling that the aliens did not seem to be the opponents of human beings, and were immediately destroyed.

  Behind Xiao Su, cheers came, “Long live the earth, human beings are invincible.”

  But he silently looked at the distant firelight, puzzled, “Since aliens have the technological strength to reach the earth, they can’t be so weak.”

  Suddenly there was a flash ahead, and the tower that had just risen in the center of the alien battleship emitted a blue light.

  The blue light is getting stronger and stronger, so dazzling, it is hard to open your eyes. The deafening sound of electric current followed, making people dizzy.

  Xiao Su held her head in her hands and closed her eyes. She had a terrible headache. Her ears could no longer hear anything, only the buzzing of her ears.

  The earth was shaking slightly, and the hairs on the whole body had stood up.

  A strong wind blew head-on, and the surroundings were all quiet, and the headache disappeared. Xiao Su opened her eyes slightly, and was surprised to find that the entire sky was shrouded in a faint blue.

  The fighter jets in the distance all lost their power, went into free fall, and fell to the ground.

  ”Boom!”, there were bursts of explosions in the distance. Looking up and looking into the distance, it turns out that these fighter jets have all crashed to the ground, with fire and smoke billowing.

  All the army and robot troops that were on the move fell to the ground, unable to move, and seemed to be wiped out in an instant.

  The aliens finally began to show their technological prowess, and Xiao Su was so frightened that he took three steps back, terrified.

  ”Everyone, run!”, Xiao Su turned her head and shouted. But he was surprised to find that most of the people around him had fallen to the ground. Only a few stood shivering and bewildered like him.

  ”Wang Baihe! What’s wrong with you?!” Xiao Su shouted as she picked up Wang Baihe, who had fainted beside her.

  And Wang Lily not only stopped breathing, but also stopped her heartbeat. The whole body is cold and there is no sign of life.

  ”What the hell is going on here?” Xiao Su panicked and looked around to find that all the electrical equipment was out of function, and even the electronic watch on his hand was pitch black.

  Several other survivors around hurriedly took out their mobile phones to call the emergency number, but found that the mobile phones had lost their functions and could not be used at all.

  Looking up at the pale blue sky, I can see that it has been covered within a hundred miles. And this thing is derived from the launch tower on the alien warship.

  ”Everyone, run! Get out of the blue mask.” Xiao Su shouted, leading the other survivors to the parking lot.

  But the vehicles that were originally suspended in mid-air had fallen to the ground, unable to move and lost power. It appears that all electrical equipment has lost its function.

  Only a few poor students left the school quickly on bicycles. Everything is back to the primitive stage, the era of no electricity.

  When everyone was confused and at a loss, there were bursts of noise from the silent sky.

  Looking up and looking into the distance, I don’t know when, more than a hundred aircrafts were raised above the alien warship and slowly came towards them.

  Everyone was shocked, the alien technology is really powerful, our air force has fallen to the ground and destroyed, and they have air force to gain air supremacy.

  The aircraft was getting closer and closer, Xiao Su frowned and observed curiously.

  The craft made a loud noise and smoke billows from the tail, shaped like a bird.

  Everyone was dumbfounded, this kind of aircraft looks like an ancient flying device on the earth.

  Xiao Su recalled the historical stories the teacher told in history class. Fifteen hundred years ago, human beings used this fuel flight device to fly in the sky. At that time, World War II, the anti-fascist war, was breaking out on the earth.

  Everyone is puzzled, is alien technology more advanced or backward than Earth technology? Why is there such an ancient aircraft?

  Just when everyone was puzzled and in a daze, these aircraft made a strange sound, “Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da units”

  One after another bright light shot towards Xiao Su.

  Immediately! Landslides and fissures, the earth shakes. I don’t know what it was, but it hit like a torrential rain. Wherever it went, there were potholes and ashes.

  The crowd panicked and fled. With a few screams, Xiao Su looked back. Several students were hit and fell to the ground.

  After the students fell to the ground, thick smoke suddenly ignited and turned into ashes, leaving only a black residue.

  ”My God, alien technology directly evaporates human beings!” When Xiao Su saw this scene, she panicked and fled into the teaching building with her head covered.

  ”Boom!”, a loud explosion came from outside. The shock wave shattered all the windows, and the whole ground trembled violently. When Xiao Su probed into the air, it turned out that it was these aircraft that dropped huge balls. After landing, the fire burst into the sky, and the building collapsed. That should be called a bomb, and it is also an ancient weapon.

  There was a scream from behind, Xiao Su turned his head and saw that it was an aircraft that came towards them and threw a huge ball.

  The ball hit their building, Xiao Su’s eyes widened and she was terrified.

  There was a sudden flash in front of his eyes, and the dazzling light could not open his eyes. A strong shock wave came, blowing Xiao Su away, and the entire building was in ash.

  The scene was chaotic, survivors fled, and aliens hunted everywhere.

  A pair of weak hands stretched out from the ruins of the building and used all of their strength to push the gravel away. It was Xiao Su, who was covered in dust and his face was ashy, and he was crawling out of the ruins tenaciously.

  He patted the dust on his body, rubbed his blurred eyes, turned his head and looked forward, there was a black mass.

  A group of mechanical monsters was crawling towards him. Visually, these mechanical monsters were more than three meters high, the size of a car, crawling and moving on all fours, and black smoke was still coming from their tails.

  Xiao Su hurriedly turned around, limping and struggling to escape.

  ”Da da da, da da da!”, with the sound from behind, the attack came like a torrential rain, the dust around Xiao Su was flying, and the rocks splashed!

  A missile flew towards Xiao Su, “Boom!”

  The huge shock wave pushed Xiao Su to the ground, rolling three times in a row, unable to move. In a daze, he got up and looked at himself, there were several holes in his body.

  Before he could panic, smoke started billowing from his body. In an instant, he turned into steam, disappeared into the air, and his bones became a lump of debris.

  To be continued…

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