[Return – AI Campaign] Chapter 3, Primitive Weapons

  There was a man lying on the hospital bed, frowning, and the sweat on his forehead was clearly visible. It was obvious that he was having a nightmare.

  After a twitch all over his body, he calmed down, opened his eyes slightly, looked around, and in front of him stood a beautiful blonde nurse.

  The beauty smiled and asked, “Are you okay? Do you remember your name?”

  ”My name is Tom Sue.” The man patted his head and had a terrible headache.

  ”What did you say? I don’t understand, can you speak Common?”, the blonde beauty asked patiently with a slight smile.

  ”I, my name is Tom Sue.” The man rubbed his eyes, looked out the window, and woke up.

  ”Congratulations, Mr. Su, you are recovering very well. Do you remember how you came to the hospital?” The blond woman sat down beside him, took out a tablet, and started drawing on it.

  Xiao Su looked up at the ceiling, rolled her eyes a few times, and looked blank. I really can’t remember how I got into the hospital.

  ”I, I can’t remember.” Xiao Su replied in confusion.

  ”Very well, then do you remember anything else? Do you remember what you were doing at the end?” The blonde beauty asked a few ticks and crosses on the tablet, looking up.

  Xiao Su frowned, thinking hard. When his eyes lit up, he finally remembered and said, “I should have been training in the military camp. It seemed like there was an accident, and then there was a loud noise and I passed out.”

  ”Very good, your treatment is very successful, you can leave the hospital.” After the blonde beauty finished, she put away her tablet, and was ready to go out.

  ”Wait, wait a minute! Can you tell me what’s wrong with me?” Xiao Su got up anxiously and asked.

  The blonde beauty turned her head, looked at Xiao Su, and showed a puzzled smile, with a hint of curiosity in her smile, “This is the first time I have heard such a question from a patient.”

  Xiaosu stared at her intently, eagerly looking forward to an answer.

  She opened the contract book, read it carefully, raised her head and said with a smile, “According to the contract you signed before, you have the right to know what happened.”

  Xiao Su’s eyes widened. Sure enough, there is a mystery in all of this. What the hell happened?

  I saw that the blonde pressed a button on the watch, and what appeared in front of Xiao Su was a 3D projection video. In the video, it was Xiao Su himself, who was talking to the doctor.

  ”So, you’re going to erase your memory until you were training in the military camp a year ago, right?”, the doctor asked.

  In the video, Xiao Su burst into tears and was heartbroken, saying, “Yes, I confirm, that’s it.”

  I saw the doctor holding a pen and drafting a contract. He raised his head and asked, “What is the reason? Do you want to have the right to know after your treatment is completed?”

  ”I’ve lost my love, I’m in pain, so I want to erase this memory. Yes, I want to retain the right to know.” Xiao Su replied with tears and sobbing.

  I saw the doctor recorded Xiao Su’s condition in detail and asked, “After the treatment, do you need a new girlfriend? This will make you happy immediately.”

  Xiao Su nodded and replied solemnly, “Yes, I want one.”

  The doctor recorded the patient’s detailed requirements piece by piece, raised his head and asked, “Then what kind of new girlfriend do you need? Pure and cute? Hot? Coquettish? Or customized?”

  ”Pure and cute.” Xiao Su replied after pondering for a while.

  ”Then, do you want to implant a memory of a love story with her? A series of love for a long time, an affair series, a thrilling series or a customized series?” The doctor was typing on the keyboard and selecting various parameters.

  Xiao Su held his head, thought for a while, and replied, “Don’t implant any memory, everything starts from scratch.”

  ”Okay, Mr. Su, do you have any other requests?”

  ”No, no, let’s do this first, get treatment as soon as possible.”

  ”Okay, Mr. Su, according to your request, we will find another woman who has the same needs and matches in the medical database to become your girlfriend.” The doctor handed over a contract and let Xiao Su in Sign above.

  Xiao Su quickly signed the contract, turned her head to the camera and said, “This is my treatment video record. If I want to know the details later, please show it to me.”

  The video finishes playing and disappears into the 3D projector. The blonde beauty smiled slightly, “If you have no other requirements, then I will leave, you can be discharged from the hospital, and I wish you a beautiful day in your life.”

  ”Thank you, goodbye!”, Xiao Su waved goodbye to the blonde nurse, slowly got up and walked to the window.

  There is a lot of traffic outside the window, and there is a modern and prosperous atmosphere.

  ”It turns out that I was broken up, and the painful memory was erased. Who is my ex-girlfriend? Forget it, don’t think about it, since this memory has been erased, don’t go after it again. Start over and have fun Heart, be happy. This is a new way for human beings to get rid of pain by modern technology.” Xiao Su looked at the pedestrians coming and going outside the window, with mixed feelings.

  Turning his head to look at the big screen on the wall, important news was playing, “The vanguard of the alien race has arrived on Earth, and has launched a fierce battle with the Earth Defense Force. They use strange blue tower tactics, and we have nothing within range. I know. So far, many cities have been occupied. All Earth people unite to resist the alien invasion and fight to the end. Earth will win! Humanity will win!”

  Xiao Su suddenly recalled what his grandfather and father had said to him before, about the tenth planet in the solar system. It seems that everything is real, that humans and aliens will have a war after all.

  ”According to NASA’s astronomical telescope observations, there are a large number of signs of spacecraft activity on the back of the moon, and it can be concluded that aliens have established a military base behind the moon. The conflict between humans and aliens has just begun, and it will be a tough war. Combining advanced technology with ancient weapons of war, the Starlings occupy the earth step by step in the form of positional warfare. We are accelerating the development of effective countermeasure weapons and defense equipment.”

  With a knock on the door, a woman like flowers and jade came in. This person has fair hair, eyebrows and big eyes, a high nose bridge, a graceful figure, pure and lovely, with a smile on his face.

  Xiao Su turned to look at her in confusion, looked up and down, and asked curiously, “Who are you?”

  The woman smiled shyly and ran up quickly. He hugged tightly and kissed Xiao Su gently on the cheek, and said, “You don’t remember me? I’m your girlfriend Wang Baihe. The doctor said that your brain has been shaken and you will lose your memory. It seems true. Yes.”

  Xiao Su looked at her innocent and firm eyes. A trace of guilt suddenly appeared in my heart, it seems that this woman has implanted a memory of a love story with him.

  But Xiao Su did not choose to implant a love experience like her, so she was a little dazed about her behavior. But he knew in his heart that this woman must have had the same painful experience as him. And eliminate the sad memories, replaced by sweet memories.

  Despite this, Xiao Su still smiled reluctantly and hugged her tightly. Because of this woman’s expression, his instinct of pity and cherishing jade was aroused.

  The two walked out of the hospital hand in hand, Wang Baihe held Xiao Su’s arm affectionately, and strolled leisurely in the bustling street.

  Xiao Su turned her head to look at Wang Baihe with a happy and contented expression, and asked helplessly, “Have you tampered with your memory?”

  ”How is that possible, I am a realist. I never delete any memory.” Wang Baihe smiled triumphantly.

  Xiao Su shook her head in despair, and said in her heart, “Poor girl, I will take good care of you.”

  Traffic on the road is heavy, and all kinds of ultra-modern vehicles are constantly flowing.

  ”How old are you this year?” Xiao Su asked curiously.

  Wang Baihe stopped, widened her eyes, and looked at Xiao Su in confusion, “You are seriously injured. We had a birthday together yesterday. I am 24 years old, and you are 25 years old.”

  Xiao Su gave a silly smile. He really couldn’t remember his age, but now he knew that he was 25 years old. That’s right, it makes sense, because in his memory, it was training in the military camp at the end.

  ”What do you want to eat at night? I’ll make it for you.” Wang Lihe took Xiao Su into the supermarket.

  ”Whatever, whatever. Do you know how to cook?”, Xiao Su asked curiously.

  Wang Baihe sighed and turned helplessly to look at Xiao Su, “Have you lost your memory completely? Don’t you know me?”

  Xiao Su bowed her head in embarrassment and regretted it very much in her heart. She should have implanted a love memory with Wang Baihe, so as to live up to this infatuated girl.

  ”No, I remember it all, I was joking.” Xiao Su Qiang said with a smile.

  ”Humph!” Wang Lily turned around mischievously to select the ingredients, “In the evening, I will make you sweet and sour pork ribs, and make a tomato scrambled egg, both of which are your favorites.”

  ”Okay, fortunately for you.” Xiao Su said while holding Wang Baihe’s slender waist.

  The two walked out of the supermarket hand in hand. Xiao Su was always taken away by Wang Baihe, so his mind was blank and he didn’t think much about it.

  ”Hey! Where are you going?!” Wang Baihe grabbed Xiao Su and shouted, “It’s here!”

  Xiao Su looked confused and was dragged into a 100-story apartment building by Wang Baihe. The two walked into the elevator, Wang Baihe skillfully pressed the button on the 19th floor, turned to look at Xiao Su and smiled, “You don’t even know your family, do you?”

  ”How is that possible, of course we know each other.” Xiao Su pretended to be calm and forced a smile.

  When the elevator came to the 19th floor, Wang Lihe opened the door and went directly to the kitchen.

  Xiao Su walked in, the whole house was warm and romantic, but he felt very unfamiliar. After wandering around the house a few times, the room was full of happy photos of Wang Lihe and a man.

  He suddenly realized that this man should be him! And he seems to have forgotten what he looks like! How could this be? !

  Quickly walking to the bathroom, Xiao Su looked at herself in the mirror with doubtful eyes, with thin eyebrows, small eyes, high nose bridge, small mouth, long face and big ears, tall and tall, with a macho temperament. It is exactly the same as in the photo, yes, this is him, no doubt.

  But for some unknown reason, he felt that this was the first time he looked in the mirror, the first time he knew his own appearance, and he was very unfamiliar with himself. Moreover, in his memory, it was the memory removal project he did this morning. Why is the environment here as if he and Wang Baihe have known each other for many years?

  Could it be that something went wrong? Mistakenly deleted some other memory? Little Su Bai was puzzled.

  He was surprised to find that there were two towels, two toothbrushes, and two cups in the bathroom, all in pairs! Are they already living together?

  Quickly walked to the bedroom and found that there were also two pillows on the bed. Open the closet and take a look, men’s and women’s clothes are on one side, neat and tidy!

  Xiao Su smirked and nodded, showing a happy smile. He was very satisfied with his new life, and everything made sense.

  Go out of the bedroom and into the kitchen. Standing behind Wang Baihe, who was busy cooking, Xiao Su looked at her suspiciously. Feeling that all this is too happy, it seems a little fake.

  ”Baby, don’t stand in the kitchen, it will affect my cooking.” Xiao Su’s thoughts were interrupted by a sweet remark from Wang Baihe.

  Sitting down on the sofa in the living room, he thought deeply for a while, and finally came to a final conclusion.

  All this is because he didn’t choose to implant his love memory with Wang Baihe, so he was confused. I really regret it. The only way now is to try to cater to her and get the memories that I don’t have from her. Otherwise, I would be so sorry for this infatuated woman.

  Xiao Su nodded silently, accepted the reality, and got up to turn on the TV.

  ”…Our modern photonic weapons are completely incapable of attacking under the alien blue shield, and even if they are shot remotely from outside the shield, they are ineffective. All electronic equipment and electronic weapons have stopped working, our The mechanical legion was also unable to organize an attack. Attempts to attack directly from the outside for many times were ineffective. After the long-range missile entered the shield, it deviates from its orbit, falls out of control, and fails to detonate. The aliens also use ancient combat weapons, so it can be seen that they are also The same environment.”, the TV station is broadcasting an expert interview program.

  ”The way the aliens fight is really unexpected, but they still use the form of positional warfare in the end, occupying each city step by step, using the Blue Tower as a base. In the case of confrontation without electricity, we Earthlings are weak. The federal government is now Research and development is being accelerated to produce a large number of primitive weapons, separated from electronic equipment for combat. The use of nuclear weapons is not ruled out…”

  ”Baby, it’s time to eat!” Wang Lily’s gentle call came from the restaurant.

  Xiao Su quickly got up and walked into the restaurant.

  The hot meals have been placed on the table. A bowl of soup is placed in the center of the table, and the visual inspection is on the center of the circle. The four bowls of vegetables each occupy the top, bottom, left, and right corners, and they are all placed at right angles visually! The pair of cutlery in front of the seat are neatly placed, and the visual distance is exactly the same, with an error of no more than one millimeter!

  ”My God, the table setting is so exquisite! Was it placed after measuring it with a ruler?”, Xiao Su exclaimed in her heart!

  ”Try the taste of the dish, is the saltiness just right?” Wang Baihe looked at Xiao Su with anticipation.

  Xiao Su Liu showed a happy smile, picked up a chopstick and put it in his mouth, “Yeah! The saltiness is just right, it’s delicious!”

  ”Ha, then you eat more.” Wang Baihe was full of joy, “Although you have lost your memory and forgotten a lot of things, your appetite has not changed.”

  ”Hehe, I’m fine, I don’t have amnesia.” Xiao Su giggled.

  ”Look, people who are sick say they are not sick. Haha.” Wang Baihe laughed.

  The two sat facing each other, warm and sweet, like a couple in love.

  In the dead of night, Xiao Su opened her eyes and looked at the ceiling, her thoughts were confused. And Wang Lihe, who was beside him, was holding Xiao Su’s arm and falling asleep sweetly, dreaming again and again.

  The neon lights flickered outside the window, and Xiao Su, who couldn’t sleep, got up and came to the balcony.

  Colorful city at night. Looking up at the sky, the stars twinkling, two bright moons, high in the night sky.

  Lit a cigarette, took a deep breath, and exhaled a thick fog, feeling lonely.

  Suddenly the phone rang, Xiao Su turned to look. Videophone, a man in uniform appears on the screen.

  Wang Lihe also woke up from her sleep and rubbed her eyes.

  ”Important notice, important notice, Army Eighth Army Corps, Fifth Division, all combatants, medical personnel, please gather at the barracks immediately. Holidays are temporarily canceled! This is not a drill, this is not a drill.” The man on the screen said sternly.

  Wang Lihe got up quickly, took out a set of uniforms from the closet and started changing.

  Xiao Su was stunned, looked at Wang Baihe curiously, and asked, “What are you doing?”

  ”Didn’t you hear the barracks gathering? Hurry up!” Wang Baihe said solemnly, throwing a uniform to Xiao Su.

  Xiao Su held the military uniform with a blank look on his face. Although he knew that he was a soldier, he had no idea that Wang Baihe was too.

  He didn’t have time to ask more, so he quickly put on his uniform and rushed downstairs with Wang Baihe.

  It turned out that all the soldiers of the army lived in the apartment building. Everyone got into the car and was transported to the military camp.

  On the military vehicle, Xiao Su and Wang Baihe sat side by side and hugged each other, as did the others.

  Xiao Su was puzzled, why they were all in pairs, one male and one female, as if there were countless pairs of Xiao Su and Wang Baihe, and their expressions were still very similar.

  ”What’s the situation with the aliens now?” Xiao Su turned to the surrounding comrades and asked.

  Everyone was confused, talked a lot, and kept shaking their heads. As if no one knew what was going on.

  Soon, the convoy arrived at the barracks, and everyone got off. Wang Lihe ran to the nurse station with the other female comrades in arms.

  Following the guidance, Xiao Su and other comrades-in-arms poured into a large auditorium. A string of large characters flashed on the display, Battle Guidance Center.

  According to his number, he found the door in the auditorium, opened it and walked in.

  Inside is like a movie theater, a commander is standing on the podium solemnly, and a 3D battle live video is playing behind him.

  Xiao Su and other comrades sat down in order, looked around, and saw that there were around ten thousand people. The audience was quiet and the atmosphere was serious.

  ”Comrades-in-arms, due to the emergency of the battle, I called everyone overnight to guide the battle. I am the instructor He Dan.”

  Like other comrades around, Xiao Su’s heartbeat was fierce and her expression panicked.

  ”We’ve been at war with the aliens for a week, and during this week, the aliens have been expanding with their blue tower tactics.”

  ”Because it is within the range of the Blue Tower, all the electronic weapons have lost their function. It is difficult for us to resist, and we are losing ground.”

  ”Finally, we now have a brand new combat plan, and now I will explain it to you in detail.”

  The instructor took a sip of water, pressed the button, and started a 3D projection.

  ”This is the blue tower of the aliens. The structural material of the building is unknown, but the top of the blue tower will emit blue light. The surrounding 500 kilometers will be enveloped by blue electromagnetic waves. All electronic weapons within the range will fail and lose power. Everything is in its original state.”

  ”Under such circumstances, our photon weapons, iron armored troops, and robot troops cannot be used. Therefore, we can only rely on manpower to fight, and we cannot rely on technology.”

  A mechanical crawler appeared in the 3D image, and there was a burst of black smoke behind it.

  ”According to what we currently know about the combat equipment of aliens. This thing, let’s call it a tank for the time being, is a road-line armored weapon for aliens to fight on earth. Fuel-driven devices, crawling and moving on all fours. There are more than ten inside this behemoth. Alien creatures. It can be seen that this is an armored army made by the aliens in order to fight on Earth.”

  Xiao Su looked up and down at this oddly shaped armored tank with a bewildered look on her face. He had never seen this thing before, and the imagination of aliens is rich enough, why should they crawl on four feet? To adapt to the rough roads and mountains of the earth?

  A large mechanical bird appeared in the 3D image, with black smoke rising from its tail.

  ”This is the aircraft that aliens are currently appearing, and it is also fuel-driven. We currently conclude that aliens use fuel-driven devices to fight without electricity.”

  A comrade beside him raised his hand to apply for a question, and the instructor nodded to him.

  ”Why do aliens have to fight without electricity?”

  ”According to the information we have at the moment, the technological strength of the aliens is not under ours. And they use no electricity to fight, mainly to cut off the supply of our electronic equipment. So in the absence of electricity, our optical weapons, robots, robots Modern weapons such as legion and precision guidance are all unusable. We have been using electronic information technology for a long time, and it was difficult for us to adapt.”

  Everyone below nodded in understanding, it seems that the aliens are using an anti-modern electronic strategy.

  ”Without electricity, everything goes back to primitive times. That’s why aliens’ main attack weapons today are the firearms that humans used more than a thousand years ago. It’s the explosion of gunpowder to attack. This kind of attack The weapon doesn’t rely on any electronics. It’s not very accurate, but it’s very effective.”

  A long bar-shaped device appeared in the 3D image, and there was a raised object below the device, like a small tail.

  ”This is the weapon currently used by aliens. It is very similar to the firearms used by humans 1,500 years ago. We will collectively call them guns for the time being! The protrusions below are magazines, which contain bullets and are driven by gunpowder explosions. The bullet is fired. According to our analysis, the composition of the warhead is very special, an element that is not found on earth. So once it is hit, our organic part, which is the flesh, will smoke and turn into blue smoke, and the other components will be transformed A cloud of charred metal. What exactly is the chemical reaction, we don’t know yet, but what is clear is that it takes one shot and it’s over.”

  The audience was completely silent, and everyone was shocked by the power and peculiarity of the alien weapons.

  In the 3D image, a strangely-shaped standing creature appeared, with two hands and two feet, a strangely shaped head without teeth, a long tentacle on top of its head, and a burly and tall figure.

  ”This is the shape of aliens that we know so far, but we haven’t captured any aliens alive. They have a characteristic that they will explode with red light when they die, or they will explode and die when they are captured. They move fast. , is agile, and can move quickly in land and sea. Preliminary analysis shows that they are alien biochemical warriors. They have no emotions, no thoughts, and can only kill, so never show mercy to them, and stay away from them after killing them.”

  This is the first time Xiao Su has seen an alien, and its shape is not terrible, and it does not exceed his imagination. It is also a creature standing on both hands and feet.

  The surrounding comrades-in-arms talked a lot and whispered. Fighting with primitive weapons under advanced technology is completely incomprehensible.

  But there is one thing that everyone understands in their hearts, the aliens are preparing for life-for-life, fighting with the people of the earth, not fighting the robot army of the earth.

  ”Now let me explain the combat weapons we use in the absence of electricity. These are conventional weapons used by humans 1,500 years ago. I didn’t expect that they will be used again in future wars.”

  A bunch of ancient weapons appeared in the 3D image, including submachine guns, cannons, grenades, bazookas, and so on.

  The instructor patiently explained the use of these ancient conventional weapons.

  Xiao Su and other comrades shook their heads one after another. None of these ancient weapons could be precisely guided, and they all relied on manpower to aim and shoot, and the accuracy was unimaginable.

  A three-dimensional combat map appears in the 3D image.

  ”In summary, now let me introduce our latest combat plan.” The instructor pointed to the blue masks on the map.

  ”Because of the limited range of the artillery, the infantry is in front, holding the original weapon and entering the blue mask, and the artillery is close behind. Once the enemy target is found, it will launch a red flare at the target, and the artillery behind will launch a round of artillery fire to the red flare area, destroying the target. Alien military structures. Then keep advancing until the blue tower comes into artillery range and destroys the tower.”

  A comrade in arms raised his hand to ask questions, and the instructor nodded in agreement.

  ”Without any electricity, everything is as pristine, so how do we communicate?”

  The instructor sighed and said helplessly, “There is no detailed contact method. The only contact method is the red and green flares on your body. The red flares are used to command artillery and destroy targets. If you lose your position, send a green flare to let the rear. The artillery shall withdraw immediately.”

  The instructor turned off the 3D projection, “Now is free question time, if there is anything unclear, feel free to ask questions.”

  ”Don’t we have armored units? All infantry?”

  ”We are currently accelerating the development and production of non-electric armored equipment. It will be put into the battlefield soon, using oil or coal-fired power units.”

  ”Will aliens engage us in hand-to-hand combat or bite?”


  ”What? It’s terrible!” Xiao Su’s eyes widened, terrified.

  ”How to defeat aliens in the end?”

  ”We’re going in a straight line, destroying the blue towers along the way, down to the alien warships. Heavy artillery fire will destroy them.”

  ”I heard that this is just the vanguard of the aliens. A large number of aliens have established military bases behind the moon, and the planet where the aliens live, Huoxing, is rapidly approaching the earth. Is this true?”

  ”Yes, this is the vanguard of the aliens. We have to prepare for a long-term resistance war. I believe that once we find the weakness of the aliens, we can easily defeat them.”

  ”Why don’t we use the air force to attack over the blue hood and destroy the blue tower?”

  ”We’ve already tried it, the air force is over the blue dome, all the instruments are messed up and can’t attack.”

  The audience was quiet, and every soldier looked nervous and serious. The same is true for Xiao Su, who is nervous and flustered inside, and pretends to be calm on the outside.

  Seeing that no one else asked any questions, the instructor gave a military salute with a serious expression, “The warriors of the earth, the future of the earth depends on you. The earth will win, and humanity will win!”

  ”Earth will win, mankind will win!” All the comrades in arms stood up, solemnly returned a military salute, and shouted slogans.

  Early the next morning, Xiao Su took the original weapon, the gun. Participated in a week-long short-term assault training in the military camp.

  A group of female soldiers was running slowly in the distance, and the one who took the lead was Wang Baihe. He gave Xiao Su a military salute, and the two smiled at each other.

  These female soldiers are all field medical staff, wearing traditional red cross armbands, carrying 50 kilograms of sandbags, and doing endurance training for long-distance running.

  ”Da da da, da da da!”, Xiao Su and other comrades are shooting at the target with their guns, experiencing the use and lethal effects of various traditional weapons.

  ”Boom, Rumble!”, grenades, explosive packs, mortars, bazookas, and various primitive traditional weapons have moved back to the modern battlefield.

  To be continued…

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