[Return – AI Campaign] Chapter 4, Self-Defense Counterattack

  Xiao Su, who was sleeping soundly, was awakened by the sound of the barracks alarm, got up quickly with other comrades, put on his uniform, and rushed out of the bedroom to line up on the playground.

  The sky is full of heavy transport planes, and a large number of comrades-in-arms have been airlifted out. Mecha troops and robots on the ground are lining up to set off!

  ”Comrades-in-arms, we have received instructions from our superiors and are dispatched urgently. The aliens are building a blue tower in a city ahead. We must destroy the aliens before the blue tower is completed.” shouted.

  ”Bring modern photonic weapons and traditional weapons, check the equipment, gather at the airport, and wait for the next batch of transport planes.”

  Xiao Su and other comrades in arms immediately turned around in an orderly manner, and went to the arsenal to ask for equipment. Carry modern photonic weapons and traditional weapons, put on body armor, put on a steel helmet, and run to the airport at a brisk pace.

  The open space of the airport is densely filled with soldiers, and the female medical soldiers are coming in an orderly manner with medical equipment. Xiaosu looked around and saw more than 100,000 people.

  The comrades in arms talked a lot, “What’s the situation? Aliens are all active in the blue cover! Why did the blue cover suddenly appear?”

  ”I heard that the aliens suddenly accelerated the pace of occupying the earth and built another blue tower directly outside the blue cover, arrogant and arrogant.”

  ”Xiao Su!”, a woman jumped on Xiao Su’s back, full of love and tenderness.

  Turning around, it turned out to be Wang Lily.

  ”I’m in charge of the medical rescue mission of your team of ten.” Wang Baihe shouted mischievously on Xiao Su’s back.

  ”Be serious, during the war! Don’t be flirtatious.” The commander’s stern scolding came on the side.

  Wang Lihe quickly got off Xiao Su’s back. The two smiled at each other and said nothing.

  The fighter jets roared past, deafening. Before the blue tower was activated, humans used all the most advanced weapons.

  A large number of transport planes appeared in the distance of the sky, and everyone was terrified. Most of them were cratered and filled with black smoke. One could imagine the tragic battle situation ahead.

  As soon as the transport plane landed, the soldiers quickly boarded the plane in an orderly manner, took off again immediately, and rushed to the front line.

  Xiao Su was sitting by the window, and as soon as he lifted off into the sky, he saw the fire shining in the distance. It seemed that the battlefield was not far from here.

  The fighter jets behind them continued to fly forward, where the sky was fiercely fighting, and the fire was flickering.

  The transport plane was getting closer and closer to the battlefield, and gradually everything was clearly visible. The fighter jets of human beings in the sky are in a fierce exchange of fire with alien aircraft.

  For the first time, Xiao Su saw an alien high-tech aircraft, each of which was like a saucer. Flexible and free in the air, spraying out a laser beam. Unlike human fighter jets, you also need to turn around and turn around.

  Nonetheless, the Air Force fought hard, winning by quantity, and by having more enemies than few.

  The transport plane, under the cover of fighter jets, was entering the skies over the battle. The sky is full of fire, smoke is everywhere, and explosions are constantly heard around. The plane hit by the alien laser exploded in an instant, with no chance of survival.

  A strong light brushed from the side, and a huge airflow caused the transport plane to float up and down in the air.

  Xiao Su probed and saw that the alien’s anti-aircraft photon weapons on the ground were constantly emitting laser beams to the sky.

  ”Hurry up and turn on the stealth device of the transport aircraft and enter the stealth mode!” Xiao Su shouted at the cab.

  ”It has already entered stealth mode. The aliens on the ground are shooting blindly at the sky, or they would have been shot down long ago!”, the transport plane driver turned his head and shouted.

  ”Boom!”, a loud noise came from the side, Xiao Su turned to look. A laser happened to hit a transport plane next to it, and it exploded instantly, and everyone was wiped out!

  With a strong shock wave, Xiao Su’s transport plane began to vibrate violently, and the fuselage was bumpy.

  ”Attention all units, we will land in one minute. Assemble immediately after landing, advance forward, and support the troops in front.” The commander-in-chief’s order came from Xiao Su’s helmet.

  The comrades check each other’s equipment. Photon weapons, conventional weapons, explosives, flares, etc., everything is ready.

  ”Long!”, a loud noise! A laser grazed Xiao Su’s transport plane, a large hole was pierced on the right side, thick smoke billowed, lost direction, and several comrades were thrown out.

  ”Ah!~~”, with the screams, the transport plane quickly fell, but fortunately it was not far from the ground.

  The transport plane fell to the ground, taxied a distance, and hit a large tree.

  ”Wake up! Xiao Su.” Wang Baihe shouted while banging on Xiao Su’s helmet.

  Xiao Su opened his eyes in a daze, and found that the transport plane was already crumbling, and the surviving comrades in arms had already rushed out of the transport plane.

  He shook his head, got up immediately, and jumped out of the transport plane with Wang Baihe.

  There were flames and explosions all around. A series of lasers were launched from all sides and flew overhead. It was not clear whether it was enemy or friendly.

  The two comrades around him were penetrated by the laser, and the smoke billowed into ashes!

  Xiao Su and Wang Baihe lay on the ground, unable to move.

  ”Warriors! Follow the mech troops and robots, kill! For the earth! For the human beings!” The commander’s general attack came from the helmet.

  Several tanks and robot troops passed by, Xiao Su, Wang Baihe and others quickly got up and followed behind the tanks.

  ”Be careful to the right!” Wang Baihe shouted.

  Xiao Su and the others turned their heads and saw more than a dozen alien creatures rushing towards them.

  Quickly raised the laser gun, locked the target, and pulled the trigger. Alien creatures responded the same way.

  ”biu biu biu biu ~~”

  Immediately, lasers on both sides shuttled, sparks flew, thick smoke rose, and many people fell to the ground and turned to ashes.

  After several alien creatures were shot and fell to the ground, red lights flashed on their bodies, and there were several loud noises! The strong shock wave pushed Xiao Su and others to the ground.

  Xiao Su was lying on the ground, groggy, with gold stars in her eyes, tinnitus and brain swelling.

  The mecha troop passed over him and continued to charge forward.

  ”Comrades! Speed ​​up! The aliens have built the blue tower, and it’s about to start.” The latest battle situation came from the helmet.

  Xiao Su, Wang Baihe and the others stood up tremblingly, patted the dust on their bodies, and rushed forward.

  The entire battlefield shook and was deafening. The surrounding area was filled with thick smoke and flames shot into the sky. Neon flashes ahead, lasers shoot everywhere.

  The earth’s victory is in sight, and the powerful firepower suppresses the aliens and pushes them back around the blue tower.

  Xiao Su took the photon weapon, turned on the automatic lock mode, kept pulling the trigger, and the hit rate was extremely high.

  It is about to approach the Blue Tower, just at this critical moment. A blue light appeared on the top of the tower, getting stronger and stronger, the light was dazzling, and everyone could not open their eyes. The earth trembled slightly, and a strong wind blew, and the surroundings were all silent.

  After a while of dizziness, Xiao Su opened her eyes slightly and looked up. The sky was already shrouded in a faint blue, and he knew in his heart that the alien blue tower had been activated.

  There was silence except for the smoke billowing around.

  Looking down, the photon weapon in his hand has failed. Turning around and looking around, all the robots and mecha units have fallen to the ground.

  ”Wang Lily!”, Xiao Su turned around and ran over, picked up Wang Lily who was lying on the ground, and found that she had no signs of life.

  What the hell is going on here? Xiao Su and the surviving comrades around him looked at each other, puzzled.

  ”Da-da-da, da-da-da!”

  Suddenly there were noises all around, the aliens used primitive weapons and started to fight back.

  The bullet came in the face and flew past Xiao Su. The two comrades beside him were unfortunately shot and fell to the ground. Suddenly, the smoke billowed, turned into ashes, and the bones became a pile of scorched iron.

  ”Call the headquarters, call the headquarters, we need support!” A comrade beside him was calling for help from the headquarters using the helmet radio. Unfortunately, there was no response at all. Everyone knew in their hearts that under the blue hood, they had now entered the original mode.

  ”Lie down!”, a comrade-in-arms shout came from behind Xiao Su.

  Quickly lie down on the ground and look around, what’s going on? Looking up, it turned out to be a lost fighter jet, smashing to the ground like a meteorite.

  Immediately, the surrounding ground shook, explosions spread, smoke billowed, and dust flew up.

  The strong shock wave pushed Xiao Su on the ground three times in a row.

  After the explosion, Xiao Su and other comrades stood up swayingly, looking up, the alien disc fighter also lost power. It’s just that they came prepared, opened a huge parachute, and slowly floated down.

  ”Da-da-da! Da-da-da!”

  Around the blue tower in front, the alien creatures began to fight back violently.

  ”Comrades in arms! Come with me! For Earth, for humanity! Destroy the alien blue tower!”

  Turning his head, a commander was throwing away the photon weapon in his hand, took out the traditional weapon prepared in advance, and loaded the magazine.

  Xiao Su quickly threw away the photon weapon that could not be used in his hands. Take out the traditional weapon on your back, the submachine gun! Gather with other comrades.

  ”Kill! For Earth! For Humanity!”

  With a shout, all the comrades got up and rushed forward quickly. Mighty and powerful, sweeping through thousands of troops.

  ”Da da da, da da da, da da da!”

  Although the aliens had intense firepower and the comrades around them kept falling down, they quickly rushed under the blue tower and started a close fight with the aliens.

  The alien who was shot several times flashed red and charged into the crowd with a loud bang. The huge shock wave blew Xiao Su away.

  The aliens rushed towards the crowd before they died, causing self-destruction and perishing together.

  Xiao Su got up from the dust pile and shook his head. Suddenly there was a flash in front of him, and an alien creature slashed at him with a saber.

  With a quick turn around, the saber passed by. Xiao Su turned his head and saw that this saber was extremely sharp, measuring more than one meter long.

  He quickly took out his pistol and pulled the trigger at the alien creature, “Clap clap, clap clap!”

  After finishing a clip, the alien creature was shot several times, took a few steps back, and emitted a red light. Seeing this, Xiao Su turned around and ran away.


  There was a loud noise of alien self-destruction from behind, and Xiao Su ran 50 meters in one breath! Unscathed.

  But when he turned his head, he found that the two comrades around him were scrambling with an alien creature on the ground. Seeing that the alien creature was about to be captured alive, it suddenly glowed red.

  Xiao Su hurriedly turned around and ran away!


  With a loud bang, the alien blew himself up and perished with several comrades.

  Out of breath, Xiao Su stood in the middle of the battlefield, looking around. Hand-to-hand combat, heroic and miserable, human warriors, fearless.

  A warrior stabbed the alien creature with a saber, propelling the red glowing alien creature into the blue tower. After a loud bang, they both perished, and the blue tower was crumbling.

  Seeing this, Xiao Su was moved to tears. Big coax! He took out his saber and rushed towards the alien.

  A heroic human warrior, carrying a pack of explosives, rushed into the blue tower. With a bang! It was deafening, the earthquake shook the mountain, and the Blue Tower was blown up.

  The blue tower fell to the ground, the dust was flying, and the faint blue light waves in the sky disappeared.

  The radio communication device in the helmet returned to normal.

  ”The blue tower has been destroyed, the blue tower has been destroyed! Mecha troops and robot warriors are coming to support, defend the position, great warriors!” The commander’s excited cry came from the helmet.

  ”biu biu biu biu ~~”, the battlefield suddenly shot up with laser beams, and the combat with modern weapons resumed.

  Seeing that the blue tower had been destroyed, the alien creatures retreated to the area covered by the blue tower behind them.

  Xiao Su looked around and found that the mecha troops and robot warriors who had fallen to the ground seemed unable to resume fighting again. It fell there motionless, seemingly completely damaged.

  The human fighter jets in the sky whizzed past, sending out lasers one after another, and the aliens fled everywhere.

  On the plain behind them, invisible transport planes began to appear, and the newly arrived soldiers disembarked one after another and came to support them, with a visual estimate of 50,000 or 60,000 people.

  ”Great warriors, let’s not give aliens any respite. The support force is in place, and we continue to move forward to the next blue tower target.” The commander’s inspiring new message came from the helmet. Order.

  Xiao Su and the newly arrived reinforcements have assembled and moved forward. Soon, they came to the edge covered by the next blue hood.

  Mecha troops and robot warriors were already on guard at the edge of the blue hood, waiting for the blue tower to be destroyed and swarming in.

  The air force has been hovering at the edge of the blue hood, waiting for the blue tower to be destroyed, to carry out a devastating blow to the remaining aliens.

  Xiao Su and the other human flesh warriors entered the blue hood as originally planned. The artillery lined up behind, waiting for the signal to attack.

  The moment he stepped into the blue hood, the surroundings were completely silent, no sound came from the helmet, and the electronic equipment had lost its function.

  ”Da-da-da, da-da-da!”

  Suddenly, the front was full of fire, bullets came like a torrential rain, and the comrades around him fell to the ground one after another.

  Xiao Su lay down on the ground, crawled forward, sneaked forward, and found all kinds of bunkers, bunkers, and hamburgers in front of him, and the fire was shining.

  According to the battle plan, he took out the red flare on his body and aimed it at the trigger pulled in the air above.

  ”Crack!”, a red signal flare rose into the air, and the distant artillery units were clearly visible.

  ”There is a red signal ahead! Measure the distance coordinates and prepare to fire!”, the commander of the artillery position shouted in front of his finger.

  A few seconds later, “Bang bang bang~~”, Xiao Su looked up, and more than a hundred shells whizzed past her head.

  ”Boom! Rumble! Rumble!”

  Ahead of the landslides and cracks, the ground shakes, the mountains are shaking, deafening, the fire is soaring, the dust is flying, and the smoke is billowing.

  After the explosion, everything was quiet. Xiao Su patted the dust on her body, quietly raised her head, and looked forward. I saw that the front had been blown up to nothing, a piece of scorched earth.

  ”Go forward! Warriors of the Earth!” With the commander behind him shouting, the warriors got up one after another and continued to move forward.

  But not long after, he encountered the tenacious resistance of alien creatures. The rain of bullets hit like a torrential rain, and the soldiers fell to the ground one after another, turned to ashes, and paid a painful price.

  ”Crack!” Another red signal flare rose into the air, followed by the rumbling sound of artillery, and thick smoke and scorched earth were again in front of us.

  The people of the earth moved forward step by step like this, and every time they pushed forward, they suffered heavy casualties. A steady stream of rear transport planes brought in support soldiers.

  In the face of war, human life has become extremely insignificant, and it cannot be ignored.

  Finally, after paying the cost of hundreds of thousands of lives, the blue tower entered the range of the artillery.

  ”Boom bang bang!~”

  The artillery fired a final round of shelling at the Blue Tower.

  Xiao Su looked at the sky around the blue tower, the fire was soaring into the sky, the smoke was everywhere, it was deafening, and the ground was shaking. Then the blue tower was destroyed, and the faint blue mask in the sky disappeared instantly.

  There were cheers all around, and the much-anticipated modern troops rushed in. Air Force, Mecha Troops, Robot Warriors, rush forward to chase and annihilate the fleeing alien creatures.

  Modern forces have been chasing the fleeing enemy to the next Blue Hood border. Reorganize and rest, waiting for the human flesh warriors to enter the blue hood again, advancing forward, followed by artillery.

  The exhausted Xiao Su, with the other comrades reaching the border of the next blue hood, prepared to attack again after a short rest.

  The beautiful medics danced on the edge of the blue hood to boost their morale.

  ”Why didn’t the medics enter the blue hood with us?” Xiao Su turned his head and asked curiously.

  Soldier A sneered, “What are they going to do? It’s useless at all. As long as we are hit by a bullet, the whole body will be covered with smoke and ashes will disappear. They can’t save us.”

  Xiao Su shook his head helplessly, got up and continued to advance towards the blue tower with the large army.

  In this way, human beings paid a painful price, and finally, one month later, they advanced to the blue cover of the alien battleship.

  This is a huge blue tower, and there are artillery support on the alien warship, whose range is far greater than that of human artillery. The human soldiers were difficult to advance and suffered heavy losses.

  In the explosion of smoke billowing, dust flying, and the ground shaking. Xiao Su hugged her head and fell to the ground.

  After a burst of bombardment, the surroundings were silent. Xiao Su raised his head and looked around, the scorched branches and the wall, few survivors, and the others have been wiped out.

  Looking forward, there are tens of thousands of alien creatures in white, coming in a mighty way!

  Xiao Su stood up swayingly, took out a green flare gun, pointed at the air in despair, and pulled the trigger.

  ”Pop!”, a flashing green flare shot into the air.

  The comrades in the artillery positions in the rear burst into tears when they saw the green signal. They knew in their hearts that the troops in front had been wiped out.

  Helplessly quickly turned the formation, pulled the giant artillery, evacuated back, and exited the blue hood.

  Xiao Su and several other surviving comrades-in-arms have been surrounded by alien creatures. Alien creatures don’t want to live on Earth at all, they just simply eliminate them.

  Xiao Su and other comrades in arms, carrying a lot of grenades. Holding a submachine gun, while firing, shouting and rushing into the alien biota. A final suicide attack was launched.

  With a few loud noises and a series of self-explosions, it turned into blue smoke and disappeared into the air.

  To be continued…

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