[Chasing the Cloud] Chapter 34

  Brother Jie and Xiao Su talked very speculatively along the way, and basically understood the whole story. Although it is very complicated, it is not difficult to understand, and it is understandable. After the two got off the train, they met with Chen Kai and began to collect information together to prepare for a lawsuit.   Soon… Continue reading [Chasing the Cloud] Chapter 34

[Chasing the Cloud] Chapter 25

  The efficiency of the Immigration Bureau is really not high. As always, the case is completed slowly after more than a month. According to the investigation by the Immigration Bureau, the company has a number of fresh graduates who have been recruited with high salaries without any work experience, and there is a serious problem of… Continue reading [Chasing the Cloud] Chapter 25

[Chasing the Cloud] Chapter 23

  Xiao Su’s car stopped beside Boss Liu’s house, without saying a word, looking at the falling snow outside the window, feeling very depressed and depressed. Whenever she sees Xiao Su’s expression, Zhang Nini can’t help shaking her principles. After a sigh, she hesitantly said, “Well then, I’ll go live there with you, but first, the rent… Continue reading [Chasing the Cloud] Chapter 23

[Chasing the Cloud] Chapter 21

  Two days later, Xu Huihui finally woke up, opened her eyes slightly, and saw the anxious Xiongjun at first glance, a bright smile suddenly appeared on her face, Xiongjun smiled and kissed her forehead with tears, and the two were affectionate. embrace.   After further inquiries and examinations, the doctor finally let her out of the… Continue reading [Chasing the Cloud] Chapter 21

[Chasing the Cloud] Chapter 17

  But no matter what, what should come will still come, and that day has finally come. Xiongjun went to the airport early in the morning, anxiously waiting for the exit for international arrivals. The plane arrived on the hour, and about an hour later, a tall, long-haired woman walked out with the crowd. Seeing Xiongjun standing and waiting,… Continue reading [Chasing the Cloud] Chapter 17