[Chasing the Cloud] Chapter 15

  Two days later, Xiong Jun finally woke up, opened his eyes and saw Wang Bingbing’s first words, “Is that Zhou Shijun dead?”   With hot tears in her eyes, Wang Bingbing stroked Xiongjun’s cheek, sobbing and said, “I don’t want you to die.”   ”Tell me! Which dog day Zhou Shijun died?!” Xiongjun used all his strength… Continue reading [Chasing the Cloud] Chapter 15

[Chasing the Cloud] Chapter 11

  The three came to the storefront that Chen Kai had just renovated. The facade is simple and modest, the interior is stylish and leisurely, and the style is elegant and gorgeous. Chen Kai was busy commanding the porters, placing counters and other decorations, and seeing the three men of Xiongjun coming, he greeted them with a… Continue reading [Chasing the Cloud] Chapter 11

[Chasing the Cloud] Chapter 7

  Jin Feicui Chinese Restaurant in the Central District is famous for its high quality and low price. It is less than a five-minute drive from Yishushan Park. When Xiongjun helped Wang Bingbing into the restaurant, Chen Kai’s family was already waiting inside.   Seeing that the girl was leaning on a cane, Chen Kai quickly got… Continue reading [Chasing the Cloud] Chapter 7

[Chasing the Cloud] Chapter 6

  After Wang Baihe got his driver’s license, he disappeared even more. He used to go home late at night, but now he is either traveling abroad or helping Lao Yang’s drunken descendants to drive. Leaving my sister Wang Bingbing alone in the student dormitory, fortunately, Xiao Su and Xiongjun take care of her. Morning jog is Xiao… Continue reading [Chasing the Cloud] Chapter 6

[Chasing the Cloud] Chapter 5

  Chen Kai is loading a suitcase into his car, preparing to leave early tomorrow morning. But the child suddenly developed a high fever, 39.5 degrees, for no apparent reason, it was already ten o’clock in the evening. With an idea, I quickly opened Google Maps, searched for the nearest hospital, and rushed over with the child.   This… Continue reading [Chasing the Cloud] Chapter 5

[Chasing the Cloud] Chapter 4

  In the Auckland student apartment, Wang Bingbing, who had just been discharged from the hospital, was sitting on the sofa watching TV programs bored. Her legs in plaster casts made her mobility inconvenient, and she didn’t even bother to move a bottle of water for herself. Looking at the crutches beside him, I couldn’t help feeling a… Continue reading [Chasing the Cloud] Chapter 4

[Chasing the Cloud] Chapter 2

  In this part of New Zealand, it is absolutely impossible to live without a car. The bus lines are few and slow, and the rough roads up and down are not suitable for bicycle travel. Mrs. Chen also doubted it many times. She couldn’t believe that this was the developed country, New Zealand, as bragged in immigration… Continue reading [Chasing the Cloud] Chapter 2