[Cinderella]Chapter 18 – Finale

  Battalion commander Zhang Dajie and more than 100 team members were descending from the helicopter to the top roof.   I saw a woman in black standing on the rooftop, holding a bazooka. The corners of his mouth lined up, he smiled slightly, and pulled the trigger.   ”Boom!” With a loud bang, a helicopter was hit and… Continue reading [Cinderella]Chapter 18 – Finale

[Cinderella]Chapter 17 – Three captures of Aren

  Nini heard the sound of gunfire just now, and was shocked! Something big is about to happen! Hide under the bed now!   ”What are you doing here! It’s dangerous here!”, Xiao Su grabbed Brother Jie and shouted!   ”I’m here to help you.” Jie Ge said calmly.   ”Ah?!” Several people turned their heads and looked at the person… Continue reading [Cinderella]Chapter 17 – Three captures of Aren

[Cinderella]Chapter 14 – Bomb Disposal Expert

  In the luxurious office on the top floor of the Ori Building, the two were kissing passionately.   ”Lily, I love you. When this matter is over, we will hold a grand wedding.”   ”Well, Shijun, I love you too, since childhood.”   There was a knock on the door…   The two got up, straightened their clothes, and… Continue reading [Cinderella]Chapter 14 – Bomb Disposal Expert

[Cinderella]Chapter 12 – Terrorist Attack

  ”Who are you looking for?” asked Liu Bo, commander of the mercenary army on the first floor.   ”Is Maori Su here? I’m Xiaofu. Send me some servers.”   ”Someone! Move something.” Liu Bo turned his head and shouted.   Lao Jianliang and a few people came over immediately and helped move more than a dozen servers to… Continue reading [Cinderella]Chapter 12 – Terrorist Attack

[Cinderella]Chapter 11 – Giants grudge

  Xiao Su took out an envelope from her bag, threw it on Wang Baihe’s desk, and said simply, “Give it to Jay Chou!”   Wang Lily was manicuring her nails and squinting, “Resignation Letter”, three words.   ”Hmph.” There was a discriminatory sneer at the corner of his mouth, “Useless thing.”   Xiao Su couldn’t understand Wang Baihe’s… Continue reading [Cinderella]Chapter 11 – Giants grudge

[Cinderella]Chapter 5 – Shelter

  It’s another Monday morning, which doesn’t mean that Saturday and Sunday are days off, Oli Company, there are no days off.   The eight men in the network department are working hard. Suddenly two people appeared at the door! Xiao Su looked up and saw Zhou Junan and Nini.   Zhou Junan had a serious expression, holding a cup… Continue reading [Cinderella]Chapter 5 – Shelter

[Cinderella]Chapter 4 – Lianxiangxiyu

  Another busy morning, Xiao Su walked out of the elevator with breakfast in her mouth. After passing through the noisy marketing department, and then through a toilet, I arrived at my own small department, the network department.   Waiting for him is another pile of broken computers and product information to be entered. Everyone in the network department… Continue reading [Cinderella]Chapter 4 – Lianxiangxiyu

[Cinderella]Chapter 1 – Ori

  A huge office building stands in the bustling city, and the entire office building is owned by a group company, Oli. This is a large listed company with several thousand employees, and it is very powerful and is second to none in the business world.   As usual, Xiao Su walked into the office building with music… Continue reading [Cinderella]Chapter 1 – Ori